Elderly Walkers Buyers Guide

Elderly walkers buyers guide helps you understand features of walkers for seniors that have been reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use this elderly walkers buyers guide with elderly walkers frequently asked questions to find the best.

Fixed or Swivel Front Wheels?

By the way, front wheels that don't swivel have advantages. For example, walkers with fixed front wheels provide stability if they are used to go up or down staircases. Similarly, they provide stability when getting up or sitting down from a chair or couch. On, the other hand, walkers with swivel front wheels make it easy to turn the walker.


Also, walkers need to be easily foldable. And, if they are, they can be easily stored in a closet, in a car, or even in the overhead bin of an airplane.

Remember: Maintenance Will Be Required

Finally, all parts of a walker should be checked at least weekly for damage or wear. If anything seems to be wrong, fix it before the walker is used again. Examine the frame, handles and joints. In fact, walker wheels or handles may need replacing after about a year. So be sure that replacement parts are readily available.