Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

The 14-cup Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor’s speeds all cooking--from quick, weeknight meals to weekend celebrations. Also, it comes with ready to use recipes.

By the way, this food processor is compared with others, to help you find the best one for your needs.

Key Cuisinart Features

  1. 1
    First, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor has 14-cups work bowl for family sized and entertaining meals. Meanwhile, other recommended capacities include the following.

Chopped and pureed fruits and vegetables – 3 cups
Chopped and pureed meat, poultry, fish or seafood – 2.25 pounds
Bread Dough – 5 cups flour
Nuts for nut butter – 3 cups
Sliced or shredded fruits, cheese, or vegetables – 14 cups
Cake batter – 4 pounds
Cookie dough – 3.5 pounds for 90 cookies

  1. 2
    Second, this food processor has an “on” and an “off/pulse” buttons.
  2. 3
    Third, it comes with an extra-large feed tube that accommodates whole fruits and vegetables. Consequently, it cuts down on pre-cutting activities. In addition, it comes with small and large food pushers.
  3. 4
    Fourth, the processor comes with the following attachments.

Firstly, a stainless-steel standard 4 mm slicing disc.
Secondly, a stainless-steel medium shredding disc.
Thirdly, a stainless-steel chopping/mixing blade.

  1. 5
    Next, the processor comes with a spatula
  2. 6
    Finally, the Cuisinart has a detachable disc stem.

Other Cuisinart Features

  1. 1
    First, this food processor is 11” long, 7.9” wide, and 14.8” high.
  2. 2
    Second, it weighs 18 pounds.
  3. 3
    Third, it has dishwasher safe parts.
  4. 4
    Also, it has a heavy-duty 720 watts motor.
  5. 5
    Finally, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Cuisinart Capabilities

Most of all, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor can be used for any of the following.

Mixing dough

Recipes for the Cuisinart


Fresh tomato salsa
Blue cheese and pecan spread
Chicken Liver Pate
Cheese Coins

Using the Cuisinart for Making Soup

Chunky Gazpacho
Leek and potato soup
Creamy roasted red pepper soup
Split pea soup


Ragu Bolognese
Chicken and vegetable stir-fry
Caramelized onion and gruyere quiche
Spinach-stuffed portobellos

Side Dishes

Broccoli puree
Cauliflower puree
Potatoes au gratin
Zucchini, tomato & basil gratin
Stir-fried green beans with red peppers


Creamy cole slaw
Shredded carrot salad
No-cook cranberry-orange relish
Basic mayonnaise

Making Breads with the Cuisinart Food Processor

White bread
Basic pizza dough
Pizza in a hurry
Tomato pizza sauce
Easy focaccia


Fudgy Brownies
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
Chocolate sauce
Raspberry sauce
Basic pastry dough
Apple crumb pie
Carrot cake
Cream cheese frosting
Sherbets and frozen yogurts


  1. 1
    First, the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor has a bowl with 14 cups capacity.
  2. 2
    Second, this processor has two switches: one for low speed and the other for pulse for turning off.
  3. 3
    Third, the processor comes with a slicing and a shredding disc.
  4. 4
    Fourth, it comes with a stainless steel “S” shaped blade for chopping and mixing.
  5. 5
    Next, this processor comes with a large feed chute for feeding large chunks of food.
  6. 6
    Meanwhile, this food processor can be used for chopping, slicing, mixing, shredding, kneading, emulsifying, pureeing, and mixing dough.
  7. 7
    Also, the Cuisinart processor has dishwasher safe parts.
  8. 8
    In addition, it comes with 40 recipes so you can start using the processor right away.
  9. 9
    Finally, this processor comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  1. 1
    However, this Cuisinart food processor requires use of spatula to scrape ingredients from the sides.