Compact Elliptical Machine Buyers Guide

Contains  compact elliptical machine buyers guide. Use this compact elliptical machine buyers guide along with compact elliptical machine frequently asked questions to get more insight into these machines.

Body Weight

First, one of the things to consider, when selecting a compact elliptical, is ensuring the maximum weight it can support works for you.


Second, look at the console features. Most compact ellipticals provide basic features like estimated calories burned, revolutions per minute, distance, time, and others. Also, some provide a media shelf for your mobile, tablet, and others. In addition, some also have a place holder for your water bottle.


Third, since these elliptical machines are used when physical space is at a premium, it is important to look at the dimensions of each machine to ensure it will fit wherever you plan to use it.


Fourth, the flywheel is a heavy metal wheel, usually steel, that stores energy from rotation. Also, this revolving wheel provides momentum and stability. In addition, its weight determines the smoothness and quietness of the machine during use. Indeed, the heavier the flywheel, the quieter and smoother the elliptical machine will be, and vice versa.

Heart Rate Monitor

Fifth, if monitoring your heart rate is important to you, look for an elliptical machine that provides this feature. Incidentally, monitoring your heart rate is a good way to visualize the effort your body is putting into the workout. Also, its a good way to ensure you are putting in the right amount of effort.


Next, check out the elliptical machine's stride length. Now, the stride length is the distance a pedal travels in one direction. People who are under 5 feet 3 inches can easily handle an elliptical machine with a stride length of 16 to18 inches. Incidentally, the shorter the stride, the quicker you can move your feet back and forth, which in turn increases your cardio load.


Finally, a warranty helps you with peace of mind once you’ve invested in the compact elliptical machine. In fact, in general, warranties cover the frame, parts, and labor. Also, the longer the warranty, the more confidence you can have on the elliptical machine.