Choosing Shoe Insoles for Overweight People


Being heavy or overweight exerts a lot of pressure on your feet. The high pressure from your weight can lead to pain in the ankles, heels and even at the ball of the feet. This pain will, in turn, lead to difficulties when exercising resulting in more weight gain. The excess pressure on the feet can also lead to long-term effects like arthritis.

Insoles can be the best and most effective treatment for all these predicaments. Insoles will usually help reduce the foot pain caused by excess weight. However, the excess pressure on the insole from an overweight person makes the insoles uncomfortable and ineffective. This is why when looking for shoe insert for shoes that are too big you need to be careful and at the same time keep some factors in mind.

More than any person, overweight people benefit a lot from well-made shoe insoles. Good insoles can neutralize the high pressure that causes pain in the feet and lower legs assisting with alleviating pain and preventing long-term effects. A special reward is that by mitigating the pain it is simpler to practice and get more fit. However, when purchasing insoles for overweight people you need to consider the following.

What to Check in Insoles for Big Guys?

There are a number of shoe insoles for overweight people in the market however, you need to choose the best. As the competition is high, you need to settle for the best insole that meets all your requirements. Before buying check if the insole you are buying has the following features.

These features will help you choose the best.

  • Because of the high pressure from the body, they should be firm enough to counter extra pressure.
  • To evenly spread the pressure over a large surface area, the insoles should be wide enough
  • The insoles are supposed to be as wide as your foot and shoes. This will prevent the inside edge of the insole from digging into your foot.
  • In order to prevent arch collapse, the insoles should closely conform to the foot’s arch. The arch of the insole should be airtight with the foot’s arch.
  • There is also an important need for additional shock absorption to cushion excess pressure on the cartilage in joints. This simply implies that even though the insole will be relatively stable enough itself, there must be a softly-cushioned cover on top.
  • All insoles, be it ones for overweight or any other group of people, must always be a hundred percent comfortable.

There are also some other things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Foot Type

To establish the foot type, you can finish a wet test. There are commonly 3 sorts of feet that incorporates typical foot, level foot, and high curve foot. After you establish foot type, you can without much struggle select the best insoles for overweight folks that are agreeable and perfect for you.

2. Material

Shoe inserts for shoes that are too big are made of various materials including gel, leather and cork. Every material is different and provides various preferences just as imperfections. You should pick one that is appropriate and steady to you and your ailment.

3. Type of Insole

Various kinds of shoe insoles are accessible with various highlights and advantages. Before purchasing, ensure you have an idea on the different types of shoe insoles.

Arch Support Insoles

If you run or walk for long periods, you are likely to experience discomfort in your arch. If this is the case for you, arch support shoe insoles are the best option for you. This shoe insole offers amazing arch support with exceptional cushion.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic shoe insoles provide arch, metatarsal and heel support at the same time. These insoles will guarantee you premium foot alignment plus a comfy control when walking and running. There are two types of these insoles; thick and thin.

Gel Insoles

Gel shoe insoles are created from gel materials which provide excellent comfort. They are additionally thick and very soft. They are the best choice if you have joint pain or feet pain.

Trainer Insoles

Consider trainer shoe inserts if you are an athlete and want to go to the next level in your career. They are designed in a way that they guarantee you maximum support to the foot. Also, they have a built-in heel, arch design and toe. They are best for intense activities.

Heel Support Insoles

There are two types of heel support shoe insoles; entire sole and partial heel cup. Go for this types of insole if you want extra heel support. These insoles are great for overweight folks because the heel gives important support to them.

4. Insole Size

The shoe insole you pick should not be smaller or larger than your shoes. Choose the right size of insole that offers you expected to support and one that suits your shoes.

5. Footbed

Contingent upon curve type, you have to pick footbed. Ensure the footbed is perfect for your foot. Footbeds come in 4 distinct sorts, for example, semi-rigid, padding with no arch support, rigid, and cushioned arch support.

Insole with these highlights are suitable for heavy and overweight folks. If you are an overweight person, you ought to think about these realities to give your feet good comfort. At times all these probably won’t be available in any insole. If that is the case, opt for the one that lessens your pain and distress.


Feet related issues are not the equivalent for all and this article is going to give each peruser the correct insole portrayal. My guidance for overweight folks is to treat the feet issues first, later pick the insoles. Incidentally, to treat feet issues look at foot massagers, foot circulation machines, and foot spa massagers.

Even though insole isn’t noticeable from outside it is very essential to utilize because it protects significant pieces of your body. Presently, you can choose the best insoles for overweight folks and get flawless, just as comfortable fitting that you have consistently longed for.