Chi Machine FAQ

Chi machine FAQ or frequently asked questions about chi machines, reviewed elsewhere on this site, provide insight into these machines. Also, use with chi machine buyers guide to find best one for your needs.

Question. What do you get from the chi exerciser?

Answer. Chi exercisers can help you in the following ways.

Better Circulation
First, low speeds improve blood flow through the lower half of the body, while higher speeds improve blood flow through the upper half.

Consequently, oxygen levels increase, which helps to oxygenate the spinal column and body.

Also, it helps decrease blood pressure.

In addition, oxygen intake by the cells increases to promote cell repair.

Better Lymphatic System
Next, the chi exerciser stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for clearing excess fluids from the body. Indeed, research has shown that chi swing devices are an effective at-home adjunct therapy for patients who have experienced a decline in their lymphatic system (condition referred to as lymphoedema). Furthermore, this condition can develop alongside other health problems and cause a buildup of fluids, usually in the legs and feet.

In addition, low speed increases elimination of toxins from the lower half of the body, while high speeds eliminate them from the upper half.

Also, the improved lymphatic flow is beneficial to the immune system, thereby increasing the body’s ability to fight off infection and repair damaged cells.

Moreover, you get better, more restful sleep.

Also, it rejuvenates and increases your energy.

And, the chi exerciser restores energy lost from fibromyalgia or lyme’s disease.

Furthermore, it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, spinal column, and vertebrae to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, muscle pain, and neuralgia.

Next, it passively exercises and stretches back muscles.
In addition, it realigns the spine.

And, it relaxes muscles, including back muscles, by giving them a soothing massage.

Also, it relieves stress by relaxing the spine and nervous system.

Furthermore, it improves overall health and physiological function.

Next, by increasing your metabolism it helps you lose weight.

And, used before a workout, it loosens muscles making it easier for you to exercise.

Also, it improves and maximizes your athletic performance.

Next, it loosens tight hips and spine.

In addition, it reduces leg swelling and swollen ankles.

Also, it provides a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

And, it helps achieve a state of deep relaxation and overall revitalization.

Most of all, the agitation helps constipation and improves the ability to digest food.

Finally, people with disabling injuries, chronic pain, or inability to exercise can use the machine as a substitute for exercise.

Question. What do studies show about benefits from chi machines?

Answer. In a study, 145 yoga teachers and other health workers used the Surge of Chi Exerciser for 30 days.

At the end of the study, 76 percent reported:
First, a decrease in tension.
Also, improvements in back, neck, and shoulders.
Next, an increase in your energy.
Also, improved relaxation.
In addition, an increase in general mobility and flexibility.
Also, a reduction in pain and discomfort.
Finally, improvements in sleep patterns.

Next, 70 percent reported the following mental health benefits:
First, an increased clarity of thought and alertness.
Next, an improved ability to cope with stress.
Also, improved focus and concentration.
In addition, a calmer mind.
And, a more positive outlook.

Lastly, 50 percent reported the following emotional benefits:
First, an improved emotional balance and stability.
Next, an increased sense of well-being.
Finally, feeling calmer and less stressed.

Question. What do studies show about a chi machine’s speed?

Answer. While the available speed of the machine ranged from 80 to 160 swings per minute, the average top speed used was 135 swings per minute. Also, most participants preferred the slower speeds when they used the machine in manual mode. In addition, most reported it’s important to start at a slower speed. Furthermore, they reported slower speeds were better to get relaxed while the higher speeds were good for getting energized.

Question. How effective is the chi machine?

Answer. Now, it is reported that research shows using the machine for five minutes gives you, in terms of calories burned, the same benefits as walking one mile.

Meanwhile, a 2015 study compared the effectiveness of passive and active motion exercise among elderly nursing home residents. Indeed, the study found both passive and active exercise are similarly effective in improving functional fitness of these residents.

Furthermore, another study found that passive leg movements have the capacity to induce muscular activity in the lower limbs. Incidentally, this electrical activity was measured using electromyographic techniques. In addition, the study found passive leg movements enhance oxygen metabolism in the lower limb muscles.

Next, a study appeared on page 1,821 in the September 2016 edition of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.  And, this study reported that passive exercise, such as using the motor driven pedal helps. In fact, passive exercise helps by burning extra calories, lowering blood sugar, and insulin levels in inactive people. Consequently, by simply having their legs moved by motorized exercisers, the insulin sensitivity of inactive people increased after eating. In fact, this occurred because blood sugar rises were reduced after eating.

Question. When should you use a chi machine?

Answer. You may be able to use the chi machine for the following situations.

Use it to Treat Lymphedema
Now, a significant proportion of those who survive lower torso cancer treatments end up developing lymphedema in the lower legs. By the way, lymphedema is fluid retention in the lower legs. Moreover, studies have shown that a three-week treatment with a chi machine, resulted in statistically significant reductions in total leg volume, leg fluids, whole body extracellular fluids, weight and subjective leg symptoms. Consequently, using chi machines allows you to reduce fluid retention in the home instead of having to go to outpatient clinics or hospitals.

Use it for Fluid Retention and Poor Blood Circulation
Meanwhile, others with a tendency to accumulate fluids in the legs, or have poor blood circulation in the legs, can get similar benefits from chi machines.

Use it for Losing Weight
Next, manufacturers claim that using chi machines for 15 minutes is equivalent to a brisk walk for 90 minutes. Moreover, you don’t have to sweat, and do in 15 minutes what it would otherwise take 90 minutes.

Use it for Back Pain
Also, manufacturers claim chi machines can bring relief to back pain and improve spinal alignment because vibrating the spine relieves pressure and reduces misalignment.

Use it for Getting Good Sleep
In addition, chi machines can be used to get good sleep. In fact, using it for 20 minutes just before bed, may help you fall asleep. However, to get the most success using this machine, you should have a good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding caffeine after 2 in the afternoon.

Other Uses
Finally, chi machines may help with stress, bad posture, and headaches.

Question. When shouldn’t you use chi machines?

Answer. You shouldn’t use chi machines in the following situations.

First, during pregnancy.

Second, less than 3 months after major surgery or bone fracture.

Third, if you have serious heart disease.

Fourth, you have serious infection.

Fifth, if you have bleeding injuries.

Also, if you have epilepsy.

In addition, chi machines should not be used within 30 minutes of eating – longer for large meals.
Furthermore, if severe pain occurs during its use, this should be properly investigated before continuing.

Meanwhile, temporary tiredness and headaches can result from the release of toxins from the tissues. Consequently, should these symptoms occur, reduce the time and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Finally, if you experience mild discomfort, nausea or dizziness during use, simply reduce the time to one or two minutes only and then increase again slowly. Also, for dizziness, a small pillow can be placed under the head until the problem resolves.

Question. How often and how long should you use a chi machine?

Answer. First, start by using the chi exerciser for 30 seconds. And, you can use it four to six times day. Then, after every week of use increase the duration by 30 seconds. Meanwhile, listening to soothing music improves its effectiveness.

Question. How do you use a chi machine?

Answer. See the video and the illustration below to see how to use this machine.

Click here to see how to use chi machine.