Chi Machine Buyers Guide for Passive Aerobic Workouts

Chi machine buyers guide provides insight into chi machines reviewed elsewhere on this site. Incidentally, chi machine buyers guide along with chi machine FAQ helps you find the best chi machine for your needs.


First, a handle offers a convenient way to move the machine from the closet or another storage location to wherever on the floor it will be used. In fact, without the handle, both hands are likely to be needed to transport the machine. While this is not a problem for most, the elderly or others in similar state may find it hard to do.


Next, the motor helps swing the cradles side to side with the weight of the legs on the cradle. Consequently, the motor needs enough power for the heaviest person to use the machine. Generally, a 40-watt motor is more than adequate. On the other hand, a motor rated less than 25-watts may not provide enough juice for heavier users.

Power Supply Cable

Next, a chi machine with a long power supply cord enables its use away from the wall and furniture. On the other hand, a short cord will restrict the machine’s use closer to the wall where the furniture doesn’t get in the way.

Remote Controller

Incidentally, nearly all chi machines come with a tethered remote controller. As a result, the machine can be conveniently controlled while lying down on the floor. Also, the longer the tether the more convenient it is for you to use the remote.


Most of all, the speed of a chi machine is the rate at which the cradles swing side-to-side. For the most part, speeds of chi machines range from a low of 80 swings or beats per minute to a high of 160 swings per minute. Furthermore, the consensus is to start with a slower speed. Also, the slower speed helps many relax. While the fastest speeds can be invigorating. Meanwhile, the range of speeds allows the user to find the speed that’s most comfortable.


Next, if the machine is going to used frequently over months or years, a warranty covering parts and labor provides good insurance. Moreover, a return policy is always a benefit, especially if the machine doesn’t work out as expected.


Finally, the weight of the machine will, along with its physical dimensions, determine whether the machine will stay stable as you use it. For example, a lighter machine may wobble at high speeds, especially with a heavier user.