The Truth about Practicing Couple Yoga for Weight Loss

couple yoga

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

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What is Couple Yoga?

Couple yoga is the practice of yoga with your partner. While the definition sounds so plain and shallow, it is essential to understand better what yoga is to understand couple yoga better. So yoga is a blend of physical and mental fitness that incorporates different forms of exercise. Perhaps it is famous because of the stretches and postures, but with the inclusion of meditation and self-discipline, the practice becomes more significant.

Since couple yoga involves a more intimate partner than your coach or trainer, the poses are somewhat different. There are various types of couples yoga distinguished by the level of flexibility, trust, and strength and Dating Mentor encourages that you try them out to see which is the perfect fit for you. The postures and stretches, in this case, are somewhat dependent on your partner since a lot of support is required for proper execution. So how does it help in your relationship?

couple yoga - Let go of all your worries

Benefits of Yoga in a Relationship

The first thing that draws people into googling on how to do couple yoga poses is the benefits you can enjoy. Individually, yoga helps one who practices it in multiple ways. But for partners, get to enjoy several unique couple yoga benefits. Some of the rewards of practicing it includes:

  1. 1
    Increased relationship satisfaction – Practicing yoga with your partner helps build the element of romance, and each achievement gives a particular joy. Doing things together brings a stronger connection which is satisfactory.
  2. 2
    Builds on trust – The different postures that you do together build on your trust because you will rely on each other's strength and ability. Doing the stretches makes you feel safe in your partner's presence.
  3. 3
    Facilitate easy communication – From the simple communication of saying where you feel uncomfortable expressing how you felt the session was, couple yoga improves communication in a relationship.
  4. 4
    Improves sex life and intimacy – Intimacy majors in the level of connection you have with each other. This builds up from the trust, connection, amount of physical contact you get during the session, and flexibility that helps a couple explore more on the positions.
  5. 5
    Reduces stress and anxiety – It drives away any stress and anxiety in a relationship. You not only spend time together, but you also do things that you both like and enjoy.
I'm at my happy place

How Yoga Helps with Weight Loss

All workout programs are subject to an alteration to your weight. You might either gain or lose depending on the selection of exercises, frequency, and, most importantly, your diet. It is like any other workout routine with a variety of exercises and practices that you can follow. That qualifies it among the ways of making changes to your scale reading.

Apart from the benefits, there is another factor that a couple yoga challenges will address. If you and your partner practice couple yoga effectively, you can, in turn, lose some extra pounds. However, it will not work if you don't include other contributors, such as the intensity of the exercises and your diet. The factors that contribute to weight loss from practicing couple yoga includes:

  1. 1
    Reduces stress which discourages overeating.
  2. 2
    Burns calories and tones your muscles which cut on pounds.
  3. 3
    Includes aerobic exercises which help in weight loss.
  4. 4
    Involves discipline, so once reduced, and you can easily maintain the new weight.
  5. 5
    Works on different muscles, ensuring you burn calories in multiple body parts.


We can never exhaust the benefits of yoga and more so if you practice it with your partner. It helps build your relationship, but it also assists in ensuring that you can deal with your weight issues. Moreover, couple yoga creates a connection with your partner. You also get to share a common hobby.

Have you tried a couple yoga? How was your experience? Leave a comment.

Author’s bio:

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Lose Belly Fat in Two Weeks

lose belly fat

Lose Belly Fat in Two Weeks

Let’s face a hard fact. It is probably impractical to lose belly fat in 2 weeks. It’s quite disappointing but before you leave the page to find the same information on some other, let me tell you a few important things. You cannot lose belly fat in two weeks DOES NOT mean you cannot lose it.

Following a diet is really hard. Isn’t it? The weight you lose will come back again once you stop.

Instead of following an impractical diet plan or crunching your bones in the gym, why not to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This article is still focused on how to lose belly fat. You can make considerable changes in your diet and avoid a few things to achieve your desired goal. You can use LumaSlim to lose weight perfectly.

Keep reading!

Abs are built in the kitchen. How much we weigh, very much depends on what we eat.


Human body burns more energy processing proteins than it does processing carbs and fat. That’s why diets high in protein work great at burning your belly fat. You can add lean meat, fish, poultry and nuts such as almonds in your daily routine to take the whole benefit of this important nutrient to lose weight.

Vegetables & Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients. They make us feel fuller and reduce our food cravings. They help a lot in bowel movements. Try to take vegetables and fruits unprocessed most of the time. Canned food can have additives in them which can cause weight gain unknowingly.


Stay away from trans-fatty fats present in products like margarine. You can adopt olive oil or fish oil which is lot lighter and healthier. You can go for low fat versions of dairy products such as skimmed milk and cottage cheese to reduce extra fat from your body.


Avoid potatoes, pasta, white bread and rice. You can always adopt their unprocessed healthier versions such Brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta, quinoa. This way you can keep can not only reduce fat but also keep it fat at a distance in the future too.


No article on weight loss would be complete without water being mentioned. Water helps to take away the toxins from the body. It increases the metabolism rate of your body which boosts fat loss from belly and other parts as well. Drink as much as you can as it contains 0 calories.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid using alcohol and smoking. Beer drinkers always have belly fat. Alcohol also stresses your liver which has to overwork to clear the toxins. This can get in the way of building muscles and reducing fat content from the body.

Avoid Junk food

Exclude all the junk food from your list of eatables. Pizzas, burgers, ice creams, cold drinks, they can be had for a change of taste but stop living on them. If you are able to do so you can reduce thousands of extra calories from your diet that was to make you fat.

Avoid Sluggishness

Instead of couching and dreaming about getting slimmer, start Walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. Exercise increases your metabolism rate and burns extra fat. It should be an essential NOT TO BE MISSED point if you seriously want to lose belly fat or reduce weight overall.


You may not be able to reduce belly fat in TWO WEEKS but you can really jump start the process in this duration. Last but not the least. Stay motivated. Believe me it works by supporting all the other weight loss endeavors you are making.

When should you take BCAA?


When should you take BCAA?

BCAAs, which are found in protein-rich foods like eggs, poultry, and dairy products, have a "branched-chain" chemical structure.

They're also a powdered dietary supplement that's very popular. Nine of the twenty amino acids were needed, which means they can't be produced by your body and must be obtained by food. The BCAA leucine induces muscle protein synthesis, which is the mechanism of building muscle. Unlike stimulant-heavy drinks that trigger jitters and crashes, amino acids actually help you stay at your peak performance for longer periods of time without the negative side effects of caffeine.

What would you expect if you decide to take BCAA supplements?

It's simpler to gain lean muscle mass. It's a fast and easy way to get the essential amino acids into your diet. Increased stamina and improved concentration will help you feel less tired. Also, BCAA xplode is very helpful in increasing the efficiency with which metabolic waste is eliminated. Finally, improved recovery time.

How BCAA supplements will help you achieve your fitness goals

During exercise, reduce fatigue. BCAAs help to limit the amount of tryptophan that enters your brain. Tryptophan is converted to serotonin in your body, which may lead to exercise fatigue. Muscle injury and soreness may be reduced. BCAAs can help alleviate soreness created by physical activity pain and inflammation. Dietary protein-containing BCAAs activate exercise performance while suppressing muscle breakdown. Boost your immunity. Strenuous exercise will lower immunity, which could be due to the decline in glutamine, an amino acid that serves as a fuel for immune cells. In muscles, BCAAs can be converted to glutamine.

What is the best time to take BCAAs?

Use before, during, and after your workouts. BCAAs are used to rapidly increase amino acid levels in the bloodstream, facilitate protein synthesis, and avoid muscle protein breakdown before, during, and after workouts. They can also be taken somewhere between meals if you don't get enough BCAAs through meat, dairy, fish, eggs, or other sources of total protein intake. Supplemental BCAAs are available encapsulated (like our OCTANE BCAA Capsules) or as a powder that can be blended into the oil. Pure (unflavored) BCAA powders, on the other hand, aren't for all, and they may have a bitter taste.

Do you need to take BCAAS Subsequent to workouts?

One of the most significant benefits of taking an amino acid supplement is the pace at which they work. Users obtain full components in a typical protein shake, which must then be broken down into their amino acid components; this procedure works, but it takes time for your body to completely digest the proteins. When users take an amino acid supplement, though, you get amino acids in a free-form state, which means you don't have to break them down into smaller pieces. As a result of this distinction, the BCAAs you consume are almost instantly available for use in your body, whether you need them to fuel your muscles or to help in recovery. BCAA supplements are an ideal pre-workout drink mix due to their rapid bioavailability.


In the race for the strongest and fastest body, every little bit counts. Every amount of strength, every ounce of speed. Amino acids are an excellent alternative for both pre-and post-workout supplements because they work quickly and effectively. They can also play a role in blood sugar regulation by maintaining liver and muscle sugar stores and stimulating cells to absorb sugar from the bloodstream. BCAAs help your body develop muscle protein and generate energy. They can also have an anti-fatigue effect on your brain.

Diabetes Treatment: Regulating High Blood Sugar

diabetes treatment

Diabetes Treatment: Regulating High Blood Sugar

Blood Glucose test strips are used to measure blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes treatment usually focuses on regular blood sugar testing and closely following a diabetic diet. While type 1 diabetes indicates the body is producing no insulin, type 2 diabetics usually have some natural insulin production.

Because of this, type 2 diabetes treatment doesn't usually involve insulin injections. However, if insulin levels are extremely low, insulin injections become necessary. More often, medication is prescribed to improve the body's ability to use its existing insulin. Controlling insulin levels is a vital part of diabetes control. Find out more at Regulating Insulin.

Keeping Informed: Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels

Monitoring for high blood sugar or low blood sugar levels usually involves blood glucose test strips (small pieces of specially treated paper) or electronic monitoring devices. A drop of blood, usually taken from a finger, is placed on a strip. The strip is then plugged into an electronic monitor. Or the strip reacts to the amount of glucose in the blood and changes color. The color can then be interpreted.

Playing it Safe

Emergencies happen, despite all attempts at diabetic control. You may find yourself in a situation where people need to know that you have diabetes, but you can't tell them. A medic-alert bracelet could save your life in such circumstances. Even a note in your wallet explaining that you’re diabetic, along with a list of any medications you're taking or are allergic to, could save your life in an emergency.

Compared to a blood sugar chart to determine whether low or high blood sugar levels are present. The blood sugar monitoring instruments, also known as meters, are considered more accurate and convenient than the older blood sugar charts. Choosing the right meter is an important decision.

The Diabetic Diet and the Nutritionist

Getting used to following a diabetic diet is difficult. Suddenly you're trying to count carbohydrates, calculate the effect on your blood sugar, and wondering if you can ever eat anything tasty again. The answer to the last concern is, "Yes, you can." Take the time to consult with a qualified nutritionist, and let the nutritionist design your diabetic diet. If you don't have access to a nutritionist, your doctor or clinic can supply brochures with dietary guidelines. Read the food labels on products you buy at the grocery store to determine the calorie, fat and carbohydrate contents of the foods you eat. Invest in a good diabetes cook book that helps you monitor food exchanges.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

chronic pain

What Causes Chronic Pain?

The pain never comes by natural means but when traced, its cause will always be determined. These causes can be due to injuries, the way we walk, the way we sleep and other life practices. According to research, carried out by the American Academy of Pain Medicine, over 1.5 billion people around the globe experience chronic pain. In our discussion below we shall see several chronic pains and their causes. Also, how to relieve pain by heal n soothe.

Causes of chronic pain

Different common types of pain are caused by different kinds of life practices, given below are kinds of chronic pain and their causes.

1. Inflammation

By general definition, inflammation can be described as the body's natural immune system response. Therefore, if affected it can lead to heat stress as well as pain. Lingering of inflammation, as a result of maybe injuries or diseases, then this condition can cause chronic soreness in your spine.

2. Osteoporosis

This is a disease that causes the bone mass to reduce normally it occurs at the back spine and the hip wrist. As a result of the reduced mass, then the bones are weakened which leads to painful fractures making you experience excessive pain referred to as chronic pain.

3. Injury Related Chronic pain

Pain caused by an injury issue remains after a certain projected period is over, due to this problem then you may choose to go for surgery in the area where you are feeling pain, or you can go for physical therapy. If the problem persists for over another period of three months, then you will have to go for a medical specialist to give you the appropriate advice.

4. Nociceptive pain

Through either the body’s soft tissue i.e. muscles and skin or pain by specialized sensory nerves generally termed as nociceptors which locate the pain stimuli and sends the information to the spinal cord and the brain to interpreted and respond. Some examples of nociceptive pain include headaches, arthritis, pelvic pain, and fibromyalgia.

5. Bad Posture

Depending on the way, you stand or walk, then as years go by, and as a result of slumming then it will lead to fasten the wearing out of your spine. As a result of wear, then you will progressively experience chronic pain. This kind of cause may not be controlled because you never know which kind of body posture is safe from chronic pain.

6. Obesity

Brought up by lack of daily exercise, and poor hygiene, or excessive intake of meals, then it will lead to uncontrolled excessive increase of weight generally known as obesity. If you experience this condition, then automatically this level of weight will cause stress on the spine leading to chronic pain.

7. Pulled muscles or tendon

Lifting very heavy objects, normally exceeding the amount that you can your muscles can manage, can cause chronic pain problems. This means that while you carried your cargo, you must have strained one of your tendons and muscles at your spine valley hence leading to back pain, back pain sometimes can cause spasms and tightness as a result of pulled muscles or ligaments.

8. Stress

For your body to be upright, then your spine as to be healthy, Excessive stress to your spine can lead to poor posture, and then as a result of this, your muscles will be forced to do an extra job to support you which leads to discomfort and pain in your body.

9. Fibromyalgia

Although many people don’t tend to understand this it also causes chronic pain including back pain. As per the research, most scientists agree that most of this kind of pain is caused by abnormalities in the nervous system.

10. Bad sleeping habits

Many people never care how they sleep at night, and again most people never take the advice on how they are supposed to sleep seriously, but the truth of the matter is bad sleeping habits can lead to chronic pain.

11. Arthritis

As per the research, it's confirmed that over 52 million people suffer from stiffness and arthritis pain, Arthritis being a type of chronic inflammation, which can affect the joints at the back of your spinal cord. Then this condition can be classified as well being a cause of chronic pain. Arthritis is normally associated with swelling and stiffness.

Treatment for chronic pain

Even though chronic pain can be relieved, scientifically several medications have been discovered to help treat chronic pain, they include:

  • Acetaminophen, anti-inflammatory drugs, and ibuprofen are some of the over-the-counter medications available for chronic pain. It is believed that if you take any of the above-stated medications then your pain will equally disappear.
  • Morphine (MS Contin), Codeine, and hydrocodone (Tussigon) are categorized under opioid pain relievers, this medication is costly proffered because it releases chronic pain within a very few minutes after taking the medicine.
  • Antidepressants and anticonvulsants, grouped under adjuvant analgesics help a lot in treating chronic pain.

Like anybody, everyone can ask more to inquire about chronic pain, below are some of the questions that most people tend to ask:

Why is my pain worse some days than others?

Sometimes you can be noticing that you are in more pain than on other days, the most common reason for this happening is due to the ways you treat your pain on different occasions, or sometimes the activities to you carry on certain days and some days not.

Will someone be addicted if he or she starts taking pain medication

The most common mistake that most people make is by confusing the difference between physical dependence and addiction. The main difference is that addiction includes psychological medication cravings which lead to self-destructive behaviour. Therefore by taking pain-relieving medication you can’t be addicted.

What is meant by pain management?

This is a comprehensive approach to treatment, diagnosis, and pain controlling procedures. This process needs a well-structured plan to be a success. Some pain management ways include psychological counselling, social support, medication, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Does the brain feel pain?

Although the brain is an organ that enables us to detect pain in various parts of our body, the brain itself doesn't feel pain at all.

Chronic pain can give you hard time doing your daily routines, as discussed in our paper, then to avoid this problem we have to consider all the causes that lead to chronic pain and avoid them because they are surely avoidable although some not we can minimize the rate of suffering from chronic pain.

What is Fitness Boxing and How It Is Different from Traditional Boxing

fitness boxing

What is Fitness Boxing and How It Is Different from Traditional Boxing

Wanting to reap the benefits of boxing (stronger muscles, fitter physique, endurance, etc.) minus the bruises and broken nose? Consider fitness boxing!

This popular form of exercise has taken gyms by storm, with so many people (young and old) curious about how it works and how it’s going to make them fit.

In this guide, understand what fitness boxing is, how it’s different from its cousin boxing, and how it can benefit your health.

What is Fitness Boxing?

Fitness boxing is an exercise class based on the training workouts that boxers use to stay fit.

Classes can take in a variety of formats and usually include different exercises such as cardio, strength and resistance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and bodyweight training.

During a fitness boxing class, you will be taught basic boxing moves, starting from jabs (punches) and uppercuts to more advanced moves like right and left hooks, and ducks (squats).

Fitness boxing will make you feel like you are a real boxer. However, since you’re not really fighting and your goals are simply to stay fit, the training sessions are much lighter and suitable for your fitness level.

How is it Different from Boxing?

By now, you have a clearer idea of how fitness boxing differs from traditional boxing and whether or not it fits you.

Let’s take a closer look at the significant differences between the two.


Fitness boxing and traditional boxing are both effective ways to get in shape.

Warm-ups are virtually the same for both disciplines. Although warm-up routines vary by instructor, they normally include a combination of stretching, calisthenics, and jumping ropes. These are core exercises for boxing and are designed to prepare your body for strenuous training sessions and build endurance.

Fitness boxing involves a lot of cardio workouts. These are exercises consisting of vigorous movements. While fine-tuning your boxing skills (blows, kicks, and punches), is great, in fitness boxing, you’d have more exercises that focus on working those muscles, trimming excess fats, and strengthening your body.


Fitness boxing can include sparring. But it’s not as intense and technical as traditional boxing. Usually, sparring is in the form of a mitts workout where the coach tests the student’s offensive skills (punching and hooks), as well as his stance.

Mitts workouts are fun and challenging, ranging from 5-10 minutes. It’s short but explosive and will leave you feeling breathless.

In traditional boxing, sparring is more like an actual fight where two boxers punch each other with gloved fists. The coach can also spar with his trainee.

Sparring is essential to boxing because it’s the best way to assess the fighter’s skills and techniques before he gets inside the actual ring.

Heavy Bag Training

Working on boxing heavy bags is a major component of fitness boxing, just like the traditional sport.

Heavy bag workouts are critical to improving techniques, strength, punching power, balance, and coordination.

While your punches need not be as powerful as that of real fighters, working on your strength and power will benefit you big time. Specifically, it will make you stronger, fitter, leaner, and healthier.

Nonetheless, heavy bag training is less technical in fitness classes. Drills are more like cardio boxing workouts, which means you have to focus on your punches, speed, and body movements. It also often includes sport-specific strength training and plyometrics.

Whereas in boxing, fighters pay equal attention to their strikes, bodily movement, form, and techniques.

Benefits of Fitness Boxing

What makes fitness boxing so appealing to many people is that it offers the health benefits of boxing without the fear of getting head trauma or a broken nose.

It’s a generally safe fitness program that can be adjusted according to your fitness level.

Below are the major benefits of fitness boxing:

● Cardiovascular health

Fitness boxing incorporates different forms of cardiovascular workouts. These exercises will leave you gasping for air most of the time. But you will be repaid with better heart health and a lower risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

● Stronger physique

Boxing is intense. Drills and workouts focus on different parts of your body, from your shoulders down to your calves. Just like real fighters, you’ll develop stronger muscles and more strength.

● Cognitive skills

Fitness boxing engages your mind as it engages your body. Training sessions will require you to focus on your form or challenge yourself to finish an exhausting workout.

● Healthy weight

A lot of people looking to lose weight see results quicker in fitness boxing than in other kinds of fitness classes. That’s because fitness boxing incorporates high-intensity interval training, along with strength and weight training that is proven to help the body burn more fats.

Other benefits of fitness boxing are better posture, stress relief, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and improved mood.

What to do Before Signing Up for a Fitness Boxing Class?

  1. 1
    Be clear about your health goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Build muscles? Tone your body? Write down your reasons for joining a fitness boxing class. Explain to your coach so he or she can devise a suitable program for you.
  2. 2
    Talk to your doctor. Fitness boxing is not for everyone. Check with your physician before starting.
  3. 3
    Gear up. Your coach will most likely require you to have your own boxing gloves and hand wraps. Also, don’t forget to invest in comfortable workout clothes and training shoes.

Fitness boxing is a great workout for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy. It can be as intense as traditional boxing but a safer choice if you’re up for a challenging, fun, and effective program.

fitness boxing author

Guest Author Bio: I am a fitness addict who is always ready to help others learn through my experiences and encourage them to get on the right path and never give up!

I share my thoughts and knowledge on NazoBoxing and other sports blogs. Remember that putting in the time and energy will always lead to results.

What Makes Liquid Kratom Different than Kratom Powder

liquid kratom

What Makes Liquid Kratom Different than Kratom Powder

Liquid kratom is even more potent than the powdered form. It has a higher percentage of alkaloids and offers better results. If you haven’t tried it, you can buy liquid kratom online and see what experience it can bring to you.

Liquid kratom has gained a huge popularity in less time. Kratom powder is the most common method of consumption. If you are wondering whether you should switch to liquid kratom, comparing the benefits of the two forms can help you make an informed decision. You can even make liquid kratom at home using the powder, but it is going to be a tedious job. And, if you are not an expert, DIY will not provide a satisfactory result. Which is why getting liquid kratom online is a much easier option.

Here is everything you need to know about liquid kratom.

What is kratom?

This for people who are not already aware of what kratom is. Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is a type of tropical evergreen tree belonging to the coffee plant family. It is primarily found in the Southeast Asia region in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.

Its leaves are dried and powdered to be sold in packets. In the native country, the leaves are used in raw form as herbal medicine. It is sipped as herbal tea and taken to relieve pain, constipation, fatigued, cold and other types of symptoms.

When it comes to kratom products, kratom powder is very popular. It is used in many different ways depending on the preference of the users. You can use it with your favorite beverage like coffee or with food. Or you simply take it with water. It has a slightly bitter taste, which is why it is taken with drink or food.

What is Liquid Kratom?

Kratom powder has been around for a long time. In fact, it is the most common method of consumption in North America. But, the arrival of liquid kratom has changed the way people are now using kratom. While powder is good too, liquid form of kratom offers a different type of experience.

The reason why people don’t use kratom liquid that often is because of its availability. Despite its popularity, there are not many sellers who can provide high-quality kratom liquid.

So, what is liquid kratom?

Liquid kratom, also known as the kratom tincture, is the liquid form of kratom extracted from the powered or raw leaves. Kratom extract is the concentrate form that has a higher percentage of alkaloids. It is the alkaloids that make kratom so special. Liquid kratom is diluted form or the kratom extract that makes it easy for consumption.

There are many types of kratom tinctures, but the most popular one is the full-spectrum liquid kratom. It means it has all the important compounds in it in a higher percentage than a powder. Some liquid tinctures are prepared specifically and have the only two alkaloids mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These two alkaloids are the reason why kratom is so popular. They are basically responsible for making people more alert, sleepy, energized or calmed depending on the doses.

What makes Liquid Kratom Better than Powder?

If you are happy with kratom powder, why should you switch to the liquid form of kratom? Because, liquid kratom offers a wide range of benefits that are far better than the powder form. For advanced users, the liquid form offers enhanced experience and various other perks.

Here it is:

1. More Effective

Liquid kratom as you know is a concentrated form of alkaloids and is more powerful and effective than the powder. You will get faster results with liquid form than the powder kratom. A few drops of the liquid kratom is enough to get the results you want to see.

2. Less is more

When it comes to liquid kratom, less is more. a few drops are enough in comparison to multiple spoons of powder. Since they come in small bottles, you can easily use them. Depending on the product you are using, you can either take it directly or mix it with food or drinks. Either way, just a few drops are enough to show the results you want to see.

3. Easy to use

Unlike powder, the liquid form of kratom is easier to use. You don’t need scales or measure them in spoons to use them. You can easily use them directly. Depending on the results you want to see, decide the number of drops you want to use. The bottle is easy to use and store. Measuring the drops is easier than anything else.

4. Last Longer

Unlike powder, the liquid kratom can last longer. You don’t need a huge amount to see the results. You just need a few drops. Even a single drop is enough to make you feel alert and energized. It all depends on how much your body is used to the product. People who are using it for a long will need more doses.

5. Cost-effective

Since you only need a few drops of liquid kratom of the effects, it will save you money. You don’t have to buy the bottles as frequently as the powder. Additionally, the liquid kratom is not going to dry, or get damaged from moisture exposure like powder. Sunlight and moisture can affect the liquid too, but the bottles are designed to keep the liquid safe unlike the powder.

Where can you Get Liquid Kratom?

Thanks to online stores, you can now buy liquid kratom online with ease and convenience. The huge popularity of kratom has given rise to the huge number of online kratom stores. You can easily buy them online and get it delivered at your doorstep in no time. Buying liquid kratom online is one of the best ways to get them. It is easy, cost-effective and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Majority of kratom users like to buy their kratom online. Ease of shopping and affordable prices are some of the reasons why most of them like to buy them online.

The Bottomline

Liquid kratom is one of the best forms of kratom and they are better than powder form. It doesn’t mean kratom powder isn’t any good. Kratom liquid is more convenient and faster is perfect for users who want something instant and powerful. You can start with powder and gradually move to liquid kratom.

How to Remove Skin Tags and Moles Permanently

skin tags

How to Remove Skin Tags and Moles Permanently

If you look at someone’s skin or even at your skin and you see something like an inflated balloon or hardcore like pump then we say that is an outlook. In case you develop a skin tag, this should not be an issue of too much concern, If the skin tags bother you not and you are sure of the treatment, then you will not have to have any fear over them.

Tags and moles tend to glow on different parts of the skin, and below is a discussion on various parts where you can see a mole or tag.

1. Genital skin tags

Fibromas soft tissues flesh-colored or small growths on the skin are what are termed as genital tags. In most cases they appear to develop on the stalks your skin when they are pressed, they feel soft and they bend more easily.

Although skin tags are small some may grow to a size as big as a grape, fig, or even as big as an eraser of the pencil. Genital tags commonly develop under the armpits, on the beckon even in-between other folds of your skin.


Genital tags can often be treated using genital medications and through the use of antihistamines.

How to prevent Genital tags and moles

If at all you will identify the cause, then it’s up to you to avoid and prevent yourself before it gets you. Some of the preventions include:

  • Avoid too much touching of pimples.
  • Let go scented soaps and bubbled bath.
  • Avoid very hot water when bathing avoid tight-fitting clothing that can cause friction
  • Choose cotton-made underwear instead of synthetic materials.
  • Using safe menstrual products.
  • 2. Anal skin tag

    These are most common benign skin tags that normally appear near the areas around the anal. They may usually feel like skin bumps. It is also common to have several tags at ago.

    Various causes of anal tags

    Since the skin is loose than any part in the body, i.e. the skin around the area requires to keep expanding during the movements of bowel to allow stool to pass. Therefore, if the blood vessels close to the anus swell or enlarge, then they can lead to skin tags. Bulging and swelling of the areas around the anus are due to diarrhea, heavy lift, blood clothing among other causes.

    Removing anal tags

    Although the anal tags benign, but they can even still be given enough concern to eliminate them. Therefore, to remove the tags you should:

    To make the diagnosis, you should allow your doctor to conduct the physical examination by allowing him to do a visual examination for the signs of skin tag. Both endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy help to rule any concerns. Also, Cryotherapy may be used to eliminate the anal tags. In the case of many tags then the doctor recommends the removal of one tag at a time, to give each area time to heal.

    Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

    This is a skin tag that is normally caused due to latently affected nerve cells in a spinal cord or even the brain. With time the shingles turns red rash distributed on the skin which is supplied with the sensory nerve.

    Medical treatment to change the skin outlook

    Medical Approach

    If you visit a hospital or invite your doctor, then he/she will remove your moles or tags in the following ways:

    1. Electrosurgery

    Passing an electrical current with high frequency through the wire to come hot and then, using it to burn layers on the upper part of the skin is what is termed electrosurgery. Though you may need more than one treatment to remove the moles from your skin surface, skin cell advanced serum tags can be removed through burning the stem that attach themselves to the skin. The main purpose of heat in this case is to prevent breeding.

    2. Surgical Removal

    Using a pair of scissors or a scalpel then you will manage to snip off the tags from your skin. In some cases, some moles may be shaved off or flushed with the skin. In others, some doctor s might make deeper cuts, in situations where the moles have cells that go underneath the skin. They do this purposely to prevent them from growing back. The cuts may also require stitches.

    3. Cryotherapy

    The process of swapping or spraying a small amount of super-cold liquid nitrogen on the mole or skin tag is known as Cryotherapy. At some points, you may experience small blisters where the mole or tag was, but with time it will heal only by its own.

    4. Ligation

    Ligation is a situation where the doctor removes skin tag by the means of tying the mole off using a surgical thread. This approach is used to cut out the blood flow through into the mole or tag to suppress its growth.

    When should one see the doctor?

    Some skin conditions like moles and warts appears like skin tags. Since moles can be very cancerous. It, therefore, advised that you let the doctor examine the tags that are in your skin. They can normally do this exercise through visual examination. In case they have doubts about the real diagnosis, then it’s necessary to perform the biopsy.

    Ways you can identify the presence of a skin tag

    The peduncle is one of the main ways that one can identify the skin tag. Skin tags usually hangs off the skin unlike the moles and other small growth by the small stalk. In most cases, tags are very tiny and smaller in size than 2mm, but some may grow as big as many centimeters. They are often round, soft and smooth or at times they can be asymmetrical and wrinkly. They also may be fleshy-colored and too dark than the nearest skin.


    Having seen the various skin tags concerning the places that they tend to grow, then it will be better to take the possible actions as earlier before the case worsens, but in the areas where they cannot bring any effect to the outlook of your body then it’s okay to let them stay.

    Finally, you should plan to visit the doctor when necessary and you should be able to identify skin tags as easily as possible and take the required actions. Also for more information, you should learn more on HPV both in men and women and much more information over HPV.

    What’s a Good Price for a Ping Pong Paddle?

    ping pong paddle

    What's a Good Price for a Ping Pong Paddle?

    The best price for a ping pong paddle depends on why you are buying it. Somehow, it may not be ideal to get an expensive ping pong paddle if you want to play at home for fun. However, if you can afford it, why not?

    Generally, a lot of ping pong players would want to get quality for their money. Therefore, it is better to get a ping pong paddle that will fit the purpose. In other words, let your level of playing and budget determine the kind of table tennis paddle you buy.

    Meanwhile, do you know the basic qualities of top ping pong paddles? You would learn about how to pick your favorite paddles at an affordable price too. Let’s take a look!

    How Paddles are Priced

    Many players put paddles into 3 categories of quality. The first is your run-of-the-mill paddle that you can pick up at a general store like Walmart. These will cost you anywhere from $2 - $15. Most feel fairly cheap but do well for family games and players with minimal skill (especially kids who are just learning).

    Your second tier are the high quality premade paddles. These are usually purchased from a specialty sports store and can range from $50 - $200 or more. Their quality ranges much more than their cheaper cousins because of the large price range. But, overall the playing experience is much better, and you can make these last for years if you’re careful with them and get accessories like a case.

    The final tier are custom paddles. The blade (bat) and rubber are purchased separately, and you can customize according to your playing style and needs. These can range anywhere from $150 up to $2,500 or more, depending on your budget. The highest priced aren’t necessarily the best, it’s more about matching the equipment to your specific playing style.

    Qualities of a Good Ping Pong Paddle

    Like every ping pong equipment, a good paddle makes playing fun and exciting. As they say a good working tool makes the difference. More so, you don't have to be worried about the handle of the paddle flying off while you're playing. If you must know, a quality paddle also improves your performance while playing a table tennis game.

    A ping pong paddle without these qualities listed below is not worth spending a dime on.

    • Control: If you can't control the ping pong ball with your paddle effectively, then opt for another one. The ability to control the ball is key and very important. Imagine if all your serves fall short because the paddle doesn't offer the required control.
    • Speed and Spin: The quality of your paddle also affects the swiftness of your serves. No matter how fast your hand moves, a bad paddle will not generate the expected spin and speed to win your opponent.
    • Firm: If the paddle is wobbly, then reject it immediately. It may fly off your hand when you serve the ball.
    • Thickness: One of the materials used to produce the ping pong paddle is rubber. A thick rubber makes the ball bounce well on a ping pong table.

    Components of a Ping Pong Paddle

    The most noticeable components of a ping pong paddle are the rubber surface and handle. In case you don’t know, their other components that make a good ping pong paddle what it’s worth.

    • The Blade: Depending on the brand, a ping pong blade is usually made up of five to six layers of plywood. The blade consists of a mixture of soft and hardwood. Aside from a wooden blade, some manufactures also use carbon materials to manufacture a ping pong blade.
      Although carbon blades are good too, wooden blades are largely preferred because of their durability and offer much more control.
    • Rubber: Most often, the rubber used to cover the blade is pimpled. Sometimes synthetic or natural rubbers are used to cover the blade. The density of the rubber surface is often ten to thirty per square centimeter. A very thick rubber surface generates more speed and spin.
      More so, some paddles have a different rubber coating on both sides. Whichever the case, ensure that the rubber is very thick.
    • Handle: A firm handle ping pong makes the difference. Depending on your preference, you can opt for flared, straight, or an anatomic handle. Usually, your grip style and pattern should determine the kind of handle you go for. 

    Top-notch Ping Pong Paddles

    Instead of reading reviews and opinions why not opt for these ping pong paddles. A few have been chosen to meet any level of playing. Let’s take a sneak peek!

    • Butterfly 401

    If you are a beginner at ping pong, you can opt for Butterfly 401. It offers speed and spin. Therefore, if you are running low on budget, you can opt for this paddle. Most pros often started with Butterfly 401.

    • DHS-Hurricane-II

    This paddle is the best option for pros. Because of its amazing features, DHS-Hurricane is widely used by professional ping pong players around the world. If you are attack-minded, then opt for this ping pong paddle. To move a little step upwards from Butter 401, DHS-Hurricane-II is a great option.

    • Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL

    Apart from being the most expensive paddle here, Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL offers incredible speed, spin, and firm control. It’s perfect for looping and offensive ping pong players. It is also designed with Tenergy 80 FX features.

    Final Say

    Don’t get carried away with the price of the ping pong paddle. Simply ensure that it offers you the features you need to better your game. As a beginner, what matters is your ability to develop your ping pong skills.

    Go for lesser grades of ping pong paddle to train. That way you will appreciate a high-quality paddle more. Starting small is always the best.

    How Arthritis Foot Massager Can Help Manage Pain Better – Foot Log

    Arthritis foot massager

    How Arthritis Foot Massager Helps Manage Pain Better

    Foot pain is quite common in people who have arthritis. The condition affects the joints in the body, including the smaller joints in the ankle and feet. This leads to chronic foot pain. Living with chronic foot pain is not an easy job. It can make even small things like walking to the fridge difficult. Muscle stiffness can make walking, standing, and sitting for long time difficult. Which is why people use Arthritis foot massager to address the issue. Along with medical treatment, medicines, and workout, an Arthritis foot massager can help in easy pain management.

    It is important to understand the requirements of an Arthritis foot pain so that you and can address the issue for effectively.

    What is Arthritis Foot Pain?

    Arthritis is a group of joint condition. It can cause inflammation in the joints and nearby tissue and make things difficult for people. There are many types of arthritis, but the one that can cause pain in the foot and ankle are:

    • Osteoarthritis – The most common type of arthritis that affects areas like the heel bone, inner mid-foot bone, outer mid-foot bone, joint of big toe and foot bone and the joint where the ankle and shinbone meet.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis – It is a type of autoimmune disease where the immune system of a person attacks the joint and usually affects the same joint on both sides of the body.
    • Gout- It happens due to presence of excess amount of uric acid in the body and usually affects the big toe.
    • Psoriatic arthritis – It usually affects multiple joints at a time like the ankles, and toes.
    • Post-traumatic arthritis – It happens due to injury. 

    These conditions can lead to arthritis foot pain. But is quite common in older people as the bones get weak and suffer wear and tear.

    What Happens in Arthritis Foot Pain?

    Arthritis foot pain can cause a wide range of things like swelling, tenderness, muscles stiffness and warmth in the affected area. These things can make life difficult, especially if your job includes standing most of the time. Cops with arthritis have difficult time.

    Foot pain is one of the most common types of issues you will get to see in a person suffering from arthritis. The tenderness in the joint can make things worse. You will feel pain when you move your feet. Most of the people have trouble moving around. Walking is very difficult especially if you have excess weight. Since people with arthritis cannot move freely, it too leads to weight gain.

    But the most difficult part is when you have to move after resting for a long time. When you wake up, and start to move, you will feel sharp pain in the foot. This can also happen when you sit for a long time and have to move again. This happens due to stiffness in the muscles.

    Can Massage Help in Arthritis Foot Pain Management?

    Arthritis cannot be treated, which means it will stay for life long. There are medicines that can help with the pain. Apart from that, regular exercise, keeping a healthy weight and being active can help too.

    Massage has been used for various things including muscles relaxation and pain management. While body massage can help in relaxation and mood improvement, foot massage can help in reducing pain due to arthritis. It is an alternate treatment that helps people easily manage their pain while enjoying the relaxation.

    Here is how foot massage can help in case of arthritis:

    • Foot massage can relax the muscles in foot and ankle. Arthritis can cause muscle stiffness, which can lead to sharp pain in the foot. A relaxing massage is helpful for reducing the stiffness and improving muscles movement.
    • Massage can also help in improving blood circulation. Sitting or standing for too long can affect the circulation of blood. Walking and moving is already difficult, but poor blood circulation can add to the agony, which is why a massage is a great way to address the issue.
    • Improve your Mood – Massage can help relieve all the stress due to the condition. Arthritis foot pain can take a toll on your mental health. A relaxing massage can help calm your mind and body so that you can feel better. When you are in good mood, you will be able to deal with the situation better.
    • Massage can also help relax the tired muscles. When you have arthritis and have to do a lot of physical work, your muscles will tire down. A massage can help you relax those tired muscles with the help of an arthritis foot massager. 

    These are some of the ways, foot massage can help reduce foot pain due to arthritis.

    Using an Arthritis Foot Massager

    Of course, you cannot go to the professional massage every day. It is not possible for various reasons – lack of time, costly, and not practical for every day use. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have massage every day. With an Arthritis foot massager, you can easily massage your foot everyday and reduce the pain and discomfort that comes with it.

    A foot massager tool is an easy to use tool that you can buy online. It is important to buy something that is less complicated. You will find all sorts of foot massager online like Arthritis foot massager, neuropathy foot massager, and circulation foot massager. They come in all sizes and features. The best foot massager is the one that is easy to use and can be carried around.

    Look for simple foot massager tool like a log-shaped Arthritis foot massager. It is compact, and comes with small blunt spike like structures. That are easy to use too. All you have to do is put your foot on it and roll. The small projections will press on the muscles to relieve pain and discomfort from the foot. And, you can carry them around with you and use it whenever you feel like it.

    The Bottom Line 

    Arthritis foot massager, neuropathy foot massager, and circulation foot massager can help you reduce foot pain. It can help relax the muscles, reduce stiffness and improve circulation.