Long Lasting Love – Secrets According to Relationship Experts

long-lasting healthy love

Secrets to Long Lasting Healthy Love, According to Relationship Experts

Being in love and being married are two different things. Falling in love really feels exciting no matter where you met – at a party or through dating sites. You’ll daydream about your partner; have sex, sex, and more sex that makes your bond even stronger. First 18 months or even 3 years, you don’t ask yourself if long lasting love exists. You simply don’t care about that.

But sooner or later, you’ll find yourself in a situation where your satisfaction from the partnership goes down, and the boredom settles in. Lots of surveys show that the married couple still feels happier than unmarried ones. So how to stay on the married side and reawaken the excitement of the intense romantic love?

Take Your Love Goggles Off

Hormones and affection of your love story's first months can hold you from pinpointing some differences between you and your partner. And it’s a normal thing. But that can be critical for long lasting love.

It’s easy to love someone who is very similar to you and has the same way of life or values and the same tastes. But what if you’ll differ? How do you go about it? Experts offer to be conscious about similar and different traits between you and your loved one. Understanding and accepting that someone can prefer a quiet evening instead of a noisy party will deepen the intimacy you have. The ability to be heard and acknowledged is critical for a secure and happy partnership.

Healthy love

Manage a Conflict Like a PRO

Sustaining long lasting love means you'll face conflicts. Shift your perception of a conflict; use it as a way to find out how to love each other better. More often than not, quarrels arise during challenging times – accumulated distress, small kids you care of, or problems at work can become a trigger.

A piece of advice from Bianca Acevedo, PhD, a researcher from the University of California, is to find a peaceful time to discuss your fight's underlying reasons. These may be a sense of loneliness, feeling of being uncared or exhausted either in you or your partner. Find them and take steps to deal with them.

Save Space for the Spark

According to psychologist Esther Perel, too much neediness can take away the eroticism from your sexual life in a long-term couple-hood. Take a step from your partner to create some space between you to bring the spark back. Balancing dependency and indecency in a relationship will help sustain passion. And you’ll have a chance to experience what long lasting love feels like if you add novelty to your marriage.

Married or not, dating or just met – you’ll still need to invest your time and effort to make it work. Good thing that love and relationships are well-researched. So, you may use the advice from this post or apply your own ideas that help you and your partner feel satisfied and carry on.

What helps you to sustain long lasting love? How long are you in a relationship? Please share with us in the comments.

Guest Author Bio: Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Family Doctor: 5 Reasons You Should Have One

family doctor

5 Reasons You Should Have a Family Doctor

You might have heard people advocating that "family doctors are good for your health". But, have you ever thought why else do you need to have a family doctor? The family doctor gives the best medical advice to their patients. This is because, they know the history and current situation better than the other doctors.

In this article today, we would try to shed light on the 5 major reasons why having a family doctor is important. Without further ado, you need a family doctor.

To have a reliable person to contact in medical need

You need to have a family doctor to have someone on your back in medical need. These doctors have lived almost all medical situations with you. Consequently, they know the condition much better than any other doctor out there. By having a family doctor, you will be relieved that the best medical advice is just a call away.

To not be treated as a regular patient

Doctors are cold-hearted as they usually have to live almost all kinds of mild to the worse medical situations every day. On average, doctors have to prescribe a treatment to hundreds of patients daily. So, they can not take each patient as "special". Family physicians, no matter how tired or exhausted they are, try to give the best medical aid to their loyal patients.

To get medical help from someone who knows the history

A lot of you might have seen the patients complaining that their disease got worsened because it's hasn't been treated well or it got mistaken by less-attention seeking disease. This alarming medical situation mostly arrives when you look for a doctor, who doesn't know your medical history, for assistance. One giant advantage of having a family doctor is that they know the family's medical history quite well. As a result, there would be no chance that the doctor will not get the signs.

family doctor

To get a discount

Medical treatments are expensive whether it's for flu, fever, or typhoid. Moreover, doctors rarely don't care what your financial condition is. They are used to charging the same from middle-class and wealthy people. Since the family doctors know you personally, you can avail a discount without even requesting it.

To discuss your medical issue openly

We often get nervous about communicating our medical issues with a doctor. Another big-fat advantage of having a family doctor is that you are already comfortable around them so it's not that hard to discuss your condition openly.

So, after going through all the reasons you are convinced that your family also needs a reliable family physician to consult in medical need. You can search primary care physicians katy tx or family doctor katy tx to find the best physician for your long-term medical needs.


It's such a relief to have someone on your back in the hour need. Don't you agree?  Also, it is widely accepted that doctors, who know you, bring a healthier change to your lifestyle with their constant guidance. The top five reasons why should you have a family doctor are; to have a reliable person to contact in medical need, to not be treated like a regular patient, to get medical help from someone who knows the history, to get a discount, to discuss your medical issue openly.

Best Bodybuilding Workout Plan

bodybuilding workout

Best Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Bodybuilding workouts coupled with matching diet form the basis of a well-honed and well-shaped body. Bodybuilding workout plan is the master plan that lays out the number of training sessions per week, the number and duration of rest periods per week, the type of exercises performed etc.

What is a good bodybuilding workout about?

A good bodybuilding workout is a well-rounded program that uniformly distributes sufficient resistance over the various body areas. As a result, this program affects all the muscle groups. It is made up of exercises rich in variety with emphasis on weight training and cardiovascular rotation.

It is obvious that there is no one magical bodybuilding workout solution that suits all the different human body types. Hence It is vitally important to find out the right bodybuilding program that fits your body type, more information stronglover.com.

Devising a bodybuilding workout that suits you

Every human body is unique in its physical and mental makeup. So it is extremely important to take your current state of health into consideration to devise a body building workout that is absolutely right for you. The key parameters to determining your health condition are your body’s ability to recover from injuries, how injury prone your body can be and the physical limitations of your body.

If you are a beginner to bodybuilding, then you should choose a bodybuilding workout that is slow to start. Especially, in terms of intensity that your body can cope with. You can then gradually work your way through to higher levels of intense workouts.

Knowledge of human anatomy

Another important factor is a working knowledge of human anatomy. Indeed, its important to know the location of the different muscle groups in the human body. When you are aware of the muscle group you are targeting during a workout, you will be streets ahead of the rest. Especially, when it comes to working those muscles to their maximum capacity.

This knowledge will help you choose the right weights to target specific muscle groups to help tone and sculpt them to finer levels of perfection.

Planning an effective bodybuilding routine

Planning your bodybuilding routine in advance is the key to a successful bodybuilding program. To start with, you can embark on a workout that will be spread over four days of a week, namely Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Take a break on Wednesday and the weekend. At the beginning, it is important to have good periods of rest in between workouts to reduce injury problems.

An effective bodybuilding workout is one that focuses on various muscle groups in each part of the body. In addition, the workout should be strictly limited to one muscle group at a time. To this end, the workout can be summarized as follows:

Day-1: Monday – Back, Traps

Day-2: Tuesday – Legs, Forearms

Day-3: Wednesday – Rest

Day-4: Thursday – Deltoids, Triceps

Day-5: Friday – Biceps, Chest

Day-6: Saturday – Rest

Day-7: Sunday – Rest

The above routine ensures that only one muscle group in the body will be exercised on a given day ensuring adequate recovery time and better focus on growth of the muscle group subjected to resistance.

The good breaks in between intense workouts during the week allow the activity prone muscles to heal and relax. This is a crucial factor in any good bodybuilding workout plan.

Being methodical

It always pays off to be methodical in your approach to bodybuilding by noting down the exercises you are doing and keeping track of your progress on a day-to-day basis. This is very important as it makes you aware of your strength potential and helps you make changes (if necessary) along the way to achieving your desired goal with which you started off in the first place.

Although bodybuilding workouts vary from one individual to another, they are made up of the same building blocks to achieve the common end result of growing muscles and toning of bodies. The only variable here is the personal goal of each individual, which needs to be kept in mind by a person when framing his/her bodybuilding workout.

Build a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

healthy weight

10 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Most people know that the most important factors in weight loss are diet and exercise, but those words carry many negative connotations. By reframing the way you think about these things, you can develop a more positive outlook on health to maintain a healthy weight.

Build a healthy weight loss plan

Your weight loss plan begins with an attitude adjustment. Set realistic goals and be patient. Beware of self-destructive behaviors and don't let small mistakes derail your goals. Avoid fads and take a commonsense approach to your weight loss plan. If it is too complex, you probably won't.

1) Focus on health, not the pounds

Instead of using a diet program that focuses solely on weight, make real changes to your eating lifestyle. If you view food as a reward, you will always feel like you are restricted. It is much healthier to view food as fuel, fueling your body. If you put sugar in a gas tank, the car will not work properly. The same goes for your body!

2) It's a balancing act

Proper health and weight management require a bit of balance. It is never a good idea to go for the extremes. Eating too little and exercising too much can lead to as many problems as eating too much and not exercising. Find a balance that you can live with.

3) Lifetime habits are better than fad diets

There are countless diets that will help you lose weight quickly, but the moment you start eating normally again, you will gain weight again.

4) A healthy diet is key

Counting calories and carbohydrates is simply not sustainable. Choosing healthy and commonsense options is. Sticking to a smaller portion diet, with lots of vegetables, will go a long way. Don't be fooled by processed foods that claim to be sugar and carbohydrate free.

5) Regular exercise

When you imagine exercising, you probably think of running hard or lifting heavy weights. However, exercise is any physical activity that improves and maintains health and well-being. It can be a light walk in the morning or a yoga class twice a week. Pick something that you like to do so that you are more likely to stick with it. And remember, if you have any pre-existing conditions, talk to your family doctor before starting any exercise regimen. You can easily get gym equipment in your home with amazon discount codes at affordable cost.

6) Get enough sleep

Chronic sleep loss can contribute to health problems like weight gain, high blood pressure, and a lowered immune system. Getting enough sleep helps you wake up with a clear mind, able to think clearly.

7) Don't skip breakfast!

Eating breakfast is essential. When you sleep, your body is resting and essentially fasting. Skipping breakfast can cause intense hunger later in the day, which can lead to overeating. Get your day off to a good start with a reasonable, protein-rich breakfast to fuel your morning.

8) Healthy snack

Eating healthy snacks between meals can help curb hunger so you don't overindulge at dinner. Snacks can also help you get all the nutrients you need. One cup of blueberries contains only 85 calories, but it contains 25% of your daily vitamin C.

9) Limit your weekly intake of sweets

Sweets are fine in moderation, but too much sugar can lead to serious problems. There are no proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, or minerals in sugar. It's pure energy, and if you don't use that energy, it turns into fat.

10) Drink lots of fluids

You have probably heard conflicting advice on how much water to drink. A good rule of thumb is 9 glasses of water for women and 13 for men. It is perfectly acceptable to replace a few glasses of water with healthy liquids, such as low-sugar tea or juice.

A weight loss plan that works

Trying new things to stay active will help you avoid feeling stuck or bored. Starting the day with exercise is one of the best ways to make sure it gets done. Set goals and stick to them. If you slip, do not give up. Start again stronger tomorrow.

Choose your health!

Prioritizing health is the only way to guarantee a long-lasting weight loss plan. Beyond weight loss is weight management, which means that the efforts you made to lose weight do not stop there. Make sure you have chosen a healthy method of losing weight that is easy to maintain for years to come. You can also make a habit of running on a treadmill that keeps you fit and healthy.

Guest Author - Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.

Top 10 Workout Hacks to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Year

fitness goals

Top 10 Workout Hacks to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Year

Home workouts are a great way to achieve your fitness goals. If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals this year, it’s time to gear up! Buy fitness equipment online and create an exciting home-gym experience to motivate yourself. But if you find yourself slacking or face setbacks in your home workout, here are some top workout hacks to keep you on track.


1.   Choose the Right Time for Your Workout
Working out at the wrong time can not only demotivate you; it can also cause injuries and health problems for you in the long run. Pick a time to work out when you are feeling energetic and motivated to exercise.
2.   Plan and Follow Through

Plan for your workouts the previous day. Scan your schedule and set aside some time for a workout. Stick to your plan as much as possible by making fitness a priority in your daily life.

3.   Find a Workout Buddy!

This is a simple home workout hack for motivation and discipline. Find a buddy, who can work out with you and hold you accountable when you miss your daily workout.

4.   Pre-Workout Meals

Your diet is essential to your overall fitness. It can help to keep you feeling energetic during your workout. If you want to build muscles, eat a protein-rich meal a half hour before your workout.

5.   Post-Workout Meals

Eating small, frequent meals is a great way to stay fit. Eating a nutritious meal within 4 hours post-workout can help you replenish the energy you spent working out and preventing fatigue.

6.   Set up a Home-Gym

Create a zone at home where you can focus on your fitness without distractions. Choose from a wide range of gym products and home-gym equipment in the market to buy for setting up a home-gym.

7.   Drink Lots of Water

Drinking at least nine glasses of water daily can help improve your metabolism and raise your energy levels during a workout. Drinking sufficient water also helps avoid muscle cramps and fatigue.

8.   Start with a Warm-Up

Start your workout right with a ten to fifteen-minute warm-up session. This is a crucial home workout hack that can help you perform to your highest potential and avoid injuries.

9.   End with Stretching

Cool down exercises such as stretching bring your heart rate back to normal after an intensive workout and realign your muscles. Whether you choose to do cardio, yoga, or Pilates in your home-gym, finish up with a few minutes of stretching.

10. Choose Functional Exercises for Strength

One of the most well-known workout hacks is to include strength exercises into your routine to improve muscle strength. Functional exercises need minimal home-gym equipment and are a great way to get strong.

Experiment with different workout methods and exercise hacks to stay motivated when working out at home. These workout hacks at home can do wonders for your exercise routine and help you achieve your fitness goals this year.

Guest Author Bio: SF HealthTech with a single goal in mind – to bring high quality, international standard exercise equipment to help fitness enthusiasts and athletes reach the next level of fitness. When he is not working on new equipment ideas and designs, he loves to create educational content about health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. He also writes to help budding entrepreneurs on running and growing a business, based on his experience.

Cardio Exercises You Can Practice at Home Without Equipment

cardio exercises

Cardio Exercises You Can Practice at Home Without Equipment

The heart is a powerhouse in our body. A healthy heart will most likely translate to a healthy life. It is therefore imperative that we do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy heart. Eating low fat meals is one way to do that, another way is to engage in cardio exercises.

Cardio, in short, are simply exercises that increase your heart rate, and it has a plethora of advantages. From improving blood circulation, to controlling cholesterol levels, cardio basically keeps you alive and healthy. In this article, we will explore some cardio exercises that you can do right in the comfort of your home.

Squat Jump

Squat is a cardio exercise, and so is jumping. When you combine both, it becomes a pretty effective cardio exercise. This requires a minimal amount of space because you will be almost stationary.

To do this, first you stand erect with your hands stretched out. Bend your knees and get in a squatting position. Jump from the squatting position, squat on your way down, jump again, and repeat. Performing a jump squat for 15 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.

Jump Rope

Tiffany Haddish, an American comedian once said, "Nobody messes with a girl that skips". I think that's quite a good incentive to skip.

Though more common among women, jump rope, or skipping is used by professional athletes to keep fit. Skipping can be done anywhere, with a simple rope that can be purchased anywhere.

To practice this, hold the rope at both ends with each hand, flip it over your head and below your feet, jumping up just before the rope makes contact with your feet. Doing this for just 20 minutes can burn as much as 220 calories.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, much like jump rope is a familiar childhood playground activity. This is a very simple exercise that can be done right in your home, with very little space and absolutely no equipment necessary. If you wanted to have a 30-minute workout session, you could do a little bit of jumping jacks, and a little bit of jump rope and jump squats to spice it up.

To perform this, simply stand with your feet together and your arms placed straight on your sides. A little jump and spread your legs and your arms slightly above your head. Come back to the initial position with your feet together and arms on your side. Repeat in a quick succession. Doing this for only 10 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.

Jogging in Place

An outdoor run is definitely a lot of fun, but what if it was raining, or snowing heavily? There would be no satisfaction of coming back home all sweaty. The good news is that you can still jog in your home, and you can do so without a treadmill.

This doesn't involve a lot of activity. All you need to do is jog in a stationary position, but it definitely gets your heart pumping (you should invest in good shoes, though). That, after all, is the purpose of any cardio exercise.

If this sounds a little boring, and you happen to have some change, you can check out this link for very affordable treadmills with pretty impressive features including a multi-function LCD screen that provides you real-time data about your workout.


An opportunity to exercise your cardiovascular muscles and your soul at the same time has got to be the ideal workout experience. Jogging in place sounds a little too boring for you? crank up the music then and get dancing.

This can absolutely be fun, perhaps the ultimate experience for an indoor cardio. Dancing gets up the rate of your heartbeat, and as a bonus can also help build your muscles.

You really don't need instructions as to how to move your body to a song. But if you want to learn some new moves, or get a structured lesson, there are a lot of videos online to help you do that. Dancing for 30 minutes can burn as much as 150 calories.


If you are athletic, and you want to really feel the adrenaline rush that comes with cardio exercises, then kickboxing is just the thing for you.

Kickboxing has an exhaustive list of pros, and that includes therapeutic advantages in getting rid of anger and stress. You can do this at the comfort of your home, a punching bag is all you need for a kickboxing session.

Kickboxing, as the name implies involves a mixture of boxing and karate. Doing this for just 10 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.


There are quite a number of other cardio exercises ranging from simple to difficult that you can do at home with zero equipment: Touch toes, speed skaters, crab walk, lateral shuffles, butt kicks, high knees, running the stairs and even burpees.

You can try whatever works for you, a combination of two or three exercises for a few minutes every day is sufficient.

Recent study has shown that drinking coffee before workout has a number of advantages both during and post workout.

Caffeine makes you more alert, reduces muscle pain during exercise and even helps consume less cholesterol post workout. Be sure to get a coffee maker that makes an espresso with cafe quality macrofoam here, and have yourself a cup of coffee before you workout.

Why You Need to be a Certified Personal Trainer to Help Clients?

certified personal trainer

Why You Need to be a Certified Personal Trainer to Help Clients?

If you are a personal trainer, you need to be a certified personal trainer to help your clients attain their fitness goals. Why certification in personal training is important for you?

Well, a lot of fitness professionals in the industry think as to why the certification matters so much for personal trainers. There are many reasons for the same.


Well, there is a lot to learn about human anatomy and psychology, but with personal training certification, you can streamline the entire process. The certification offers concise and relevant information about the human body and physiology needed in the fitness industry.

It is important to have in-depth knowledge while helping your clients with lifestyle changes and exercises. With extensive knowledge about mobility and proper strategies, you can help people avoid injuries or fall off as a personal trainer.

Certifications not just help you learn about the body but also offer practical information and techniques to be implemented into workout sessions while training your clients.


After gaining certification, it proves that you have passed the test. It indicates that you are serious about your job. Also, when your dedication and sincerity reflect through your commitment towards fitness, your clients are led by example.

Gain confidence

Yes, with certification from Carinbagh fitness centre you feel confident and this also helps your client to build confidence in you. You get relevant education for the client to be confident in your skill and knowledge.

You get the confidence to create fitness programs for your clients without any worries about missing out on any fitness element.


The certification offered by professional gyms in Caringbah Sydney portrays you as professionally trained. It shows that you possess the education to keep your clients safe.

Being certified help to demonstrate that you are aware of the training concepts needed to be a personal trainer.

Depicts Professionalism

Just like any other industry, professionalism is what is discussed in the fitness industry too. So, the fitness professionals want you to be certified. Without proper certifications, none of the industries would work better. When you gain certifications from the Carinbagh fitness centre it allows you to convert your hobby into a successful career. At an employer level, you would be asked for proof of certification.

Why opt for Master functional trainer courses?

If you are looking for one certification program that helps you implement your skills, master the functional training and bring in a change, then certainly becoming a Master functional trainer would help you sustain in this highly competitive industry. If you are thinking about growing in the industry, then undoubtedly the Master Functional Trainer course is for you. It is one of the most elaborated programs that help you become the industry leader in fitness training and help bring change.

The MFT certification course allows you to emerge as a functional training expert and get more clients. You will get a completion certificate that helps you gain recognition as a certified master functional trainer in the fitness industry.

Fun learning

You can learn various master personal trainer courses in a fun way.

Expert Assistance

You get complete assistance from the expert team and also face different challenges assigned by the team.

Learn to teach

Also, you learn to teach the most complex movements in an easy way for your clients.

Learn to implement

Gain confidence to implement your skills practically.

Also, you learn from a team of professional coaches/trainers about functional training. They also help you understand the ways to utilize course content in your business.

What does the Master functional training program/certification course comprise of?

The Master Functional Trainer certification comprises a three stage process that helps the trainer/coach gain recognition as a functional training expert.

The MFT certification course gives you access to

  1. 1
    Online materials
  2. 2
    Reference tools
  3. 3

You get professional training during the certification that helps you create a perfect training model for the clients you train and with proven training standards you can help your business grow.


Stage 1

Functional trainer (online) – Level 1

The two modules covered in this level are:

  • Functional Anatomy
  • Functional Assessment

The next step is about completing the 5 pillars of functional training:

  • Functional Mobility
  • Functional Bags
  • Suspended fitness level 1 & 2
  • Fundamentals of Kettlebells – level 1
  • Fundamentals of Kettlebells – level 2
  • Lastly, fundamentals of Battling

Stage 2

Functional Trainer – Level 2 - Personal training

At this stage, you get to learn through practical sessions where you get to learn about:

  • Mobility
  • Kettlebells 1 & 2
  • Suspended Fitness
  • Battling Ropes
  • Functional Bags

You get hands-on practice and learn about the latest methodologies and different aspects of fitness program.

Stage 3

MFT (master functional trainer) – Level 3 – online

This is the final stage of the course and you get access to theoretical information

After completion of stage 3, you will be evaluated by a team of experts and when you pass the test you will gain:

  • MFT certificate
  • Access to an online forum
  • Six courses with the latest information on functional training program and best practice

The course includes different modules and mobility courses for personal trainers to improve their skills. With the certifications, you can also avail a kettlebell trainer course which is the most trending fitness training in the industry.

Job opportunities

Most of the job opportunities in the fitness industry would be available often and most of them need you to be certified from any professional fitness center in your area. The certification prepares you to apply for any job opportunity in the fitness industry that comes your way.

You can also start your business as a functional trainer when you are certified as it is the base of your fitness career or startup. You can unleash plenty of opportunities after gaining certification. The hard work you put in to get certified payback in the long run.

You are well equipped with the latest techniques and tools to train your clients to get desired results.

How to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy?

stay hydrated

How to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most valuable time of a woman’s life. In this time, a woman along with her family eagerly waits for the upcoming baby. So, excitement and joy both play their part during this time.

However, it is also time for extra care and precautions that a woman needs to take regularly. Some, much needed precautions, and care during pregnancy are:

  • Taking nutritious food regularly,
  • To stay hydrated all the time,
  • Sleeping properly, and
  • Visiting a doctor regularly. 

All of those are, very, important for a woman at the time of pregnancy. But, among all these, we will talk about staying hydrated and the importance of hydration during pregnancy in this article.

3 Tips to Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

Here, I will talk about 5 tips which will help you stay hydrated at the time of pregnancy.

1. Drinking Enough Water Daily

Yes, there is no doubt that drinking water is the best way to be hydrated. And everybody knows that too, but how much. According to report, a woman needs to drink about 1.6 liters of water every day during the pregnancy. But, you have to drink water at regular intervals and most of us tend to forget this. So, how can we fix this?

Here, I will mention two tips that will help in you in this case.

A. You need to arrange your daily routine in a way that there is always a time for drinking water. It can start in the morning. After waking up, just go and grab your water bottle and fill it with water. Also, another thing to mention is that you use a measure scale leveled water bottle to know the exact amount of water you are drinking.

B. You can set an alarm or note in your mobile device. It will notify you that you need to drink a certain amount of water at this time. Beside this, your husband or family can help you with this schedule. They can also notify you about the need to drink water. Moreover, fresh water is a must for a woman carrying a baby. However, the water needs to be 100% pure and safe. You can boil the water, but we will not recommend that. A water filter can be a better option rather than boiling. You can find quality water filters in the market which will make your job very easy.

2. Taking Nutritious Fluid or Electrolyte Solution Time to Time

Nutritious fluid is another option to take seriously at the time of pregnancy. Drinking water is not enough for a pregnant woman. That is why she should take nutritious fluid full of mineral, sodium, sugar, and nutrition. Electrolyte solution can be the best option to get hydrated nutritiously and make your immune system strong. There are several types of electrolyte solutions woman can take without hesitation.

Water, Soda, Honey, Salt Based Electrolyte Solution

This is a homemade natural electrolyte solution. You need water (4 cups), baking soda (1 to 1.5 teaspoons), honey (3 tablespoons), salt (1 pinch) to make this.

Recipe: First, you need to pour water in the jar and mix the soda, honey and salt to this. Then stir it with spoon to mix it completely. Then, it will be ready to drink.

Powder Based Electrolyte Solution

You can find different powder-based electrolyte solutions in market. These contain different flavors, color to make them tasty and attractive to drink. Besides this, it contains different nutritious items which will make the mother healthy and hydrated at the same time.

Often people suggest pedialyte as an electrolyte solution, but it is not safe for the mother hoping for a baby. That is why you should find some pedialyte alternatives for you. Please be sure about the medical grade and health organization approved product to be risk free.

Fruit and Spice Based Electrolyte Solution

You can make different fruit and spice mixed electrolyte solutions at home. Coconut salt water, vanilla cream soda, turmeric-lime based electrolyte, honey-based electrolyte solutions are the most common form of electrolyte solutions. They are very easy to make and can keep you hydrated all day long. Moreover, you will get the benefits of fruits and spices too.

3. Hydration Through Diet

Our research on this article gives us different options to help a woman hydrated during pregnancy. However, this is the best option we have so far. Actually, your body can get hydrated by eating watery fruits, vegetables etc. So, let us talk more about it.

Hydration through Vegetables

Eating any vegetable during the pregnancy is good for future mother and baby. But for dehydration issue, you need to eat watery vegetables like gourd, cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, etc. They will give you enough liquid and nutrition which will make the mother healthy.

Hydration through Fruits

Most fruits contain water which can make the pregnant mother hydrated and healthy at the same time. But, if you only think about hydration, then fruits like watermelon, papaya, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, pineapples, and plums contain over 70% water to make up the liquid of the mother body. You can make juice with juicer using these fruits and can drink time to time every day.

Final Words

Pregnancy needs extra attention, and a mother must take care about her health in this time. Here in this article, we talked about hydration process, tips, and their importance for a pregnant mother. Hope after reading this, every mother will take care of their health perfectly.

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

rowing machine mistakes

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

The efficiency and effectiveness of providing a low-impact cardio workout make the rowing machine popular in gyms and fitness clubs. This equipment can build your endurance, power, and strength. It is much beneficial for pumping the heart and calorie-torching benefits.

People of all ages and body sizes can use it to get full-body exercise. But, if you work out with all the wrong techniques, you will gain nothing. Rather you will hurt or injure yourself. Thus, we are presenting 6 common rowing machine mistakes along with the fixing tips.

How to Row With a Great Form

First, you should know how to properly row using a rowing machine. Profitnessgears comes with a huge rowing machine collection. You can select the best one as per your consideration. Now, let’s learn how to row with a great form.

The Catch

Start with a proper set-up and body position to start rowing. Keep the arms straight; neutrally positioned the head, and shoulders should be leveled. Lean forward the upper body from the hips, engage the core, and expand the legs fully. Shins should be placed vertically, and lift the heels as needed. This position will help you to push the machine with full power and initiate the drive phase to start the stroke.

The Drive

Once your back is vertical, and your legs are fully expanded, pull the handle towards your torso. Apply force through the legs, push the machine and hinge the hip backward about 45°. Look out for the proper order of body movements like legs, arms, shoulders, hips, and core.

The Finish

It is the resetting position that is the converse of the catch position. Don’t rest here for too long. Keep your legs expanded, leaning away the back and shoulders from the legs. Your hands should be gripping the handle, and elbows are tucked toward the torso.

The Recovery

At this stage, do the drive movements in reverse order so that you can return to the catch position. To bring the torso over the legs, just extend the arms and hinge forward the hips. After that, bend your knees.

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

rowing machine mistakes

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Here, we will provide 6 common mistakes of the rowing machine and their fixes.

1. Forgetting to Check the Damper Setting

Many people sit down without adjusting the damper setting of the rowing machine, which is the lever. The lever is placed on the air resistant flywheel’s side. With a higher-setting level, the machine will become more like a rowboat. That can exhaust your body muscle even before getting in a solid cardio workout.

The Fix: Before setting the sights higher, do practice your form. A higher damper setting will make it heavier on your body. If you are new to rowing, it will be best to start between three or five.

2. Rowing with Only Using Arms

Rowing using only the arms puts too much pressure on the arms, back, and shoulder. That can cause serious body injury.

The Fix: With a rowing machine, 60% power should be generated by pushing the legs. Another 40% comes from engaging the core and pulling the handle with your arms. So, you have to use the leg power for pushing the foot stretcher for each stroke.

3. Mixing up the Operation Order

Firing the legs and arms simultaneously may feel like the right process while rowing. But, by doing this, you will put unnecessary stress or strain on the upper body.

The Fix: for rowing stroke, follow these three processes. Push the foot stretcher with your leg first. Then, lean slightly back at the hips and pull the arms toward your chest. The accurate place to target your hands is below the ribs. Once pulling the handle, reverse back to the starting position. Repeat this every single time.

4. Hunching Your Back During the Stroke

During the stroke, many people bend or hunch their back rather than sitting up straight or tall.

The Fix: You should focus on sitting tall with a stacked posture. To do that, engage your core or turn on the abdominal muscles. Relax your shoulder and make a neutral position of the spine.

5. Banging the Butt Into Your Heels

If you take too fast strokes, your body will jerk forward uncontrollably. As the seat keeps slamming into the rower’s front side, the body starts jerking.

The Fix: Pay attention to the stroke timing to regain control. The ratio of the stroke should be a 1:2 count. At the time of the stroke’s second-half, your body should be relaxed and controlled. With a calm and collected recovery, you can easily prevent the seat from smashing.

6. Shooting the Butt Out and Jerk the Upper Body Back

When your legs push quickly and cause shoot out the rear ahead, your upper body will awkwardly catch up. If extra work leads your top half jerking, then the stroke will be less effective. Also, it can increase the risk of injury.

The Fix: Engage your abs and keep the hands or feet connected. The engaged core can smoothly connect the upper and lower body movement. For efficient rowing, your body should have a controlled and deliberate posture with activated muscles.

Final Verdict

With a rowing machine, you can effectively increase your strength and endurance and have a full-body workout. This machine utilizes not only your lower muscle but also all major muscle groups. By using this amazing equipment, you can maintain an active and fit lifestyle.

A rowing machine will be the ideal choice to burn the extra fat and have good cardio with low-impact. Having a proper form while rowing will decrease the risk of injury and fasten up your fitness journey.


cbd for anxiety


Overview of Disease Condition 

Anxiety has moved from a harmless feeling to one of the major health challenges of the 21st century thanks to its role in mental conditions. Even though most cases of anxiety go undiagnosed yearly, information from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America shows that about 40 million American adults (aged 18 and above) suffer with one form of anxiety-related condition or the other. In 2017 alone, up to 7% of the world was diagnosed with anxiety related disorders.

Although several factors may be responsible for anxiety-related disorders, information from research shows that the primary cause of anxiety may arise from brain chemistry, genetics, and life events.

Based on the findings of the World Health Organization, anxiety is one of the leading cause of disabilities and illnesses among adolescents and teenagers in the world. The severity of cases range from mild to chronic. Severe cases of anxiety and depression can lead to suicide or mental breakdown. There is a strong correlation between anxiety and disease conditions like chronic inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), mental health, chronic pain, and arthritis. While anxiety and depression are different conditions, they often occur together and are treated like an inseparable duo.

The onset of anxiety comes with side effects like reduced immune activity, depleted brain function, and chronic pain. In most cases, the highly recommended treatment measure is to focus on the use of over-the-counter prescription drugs, antidepressants, painkillers, and natural remedies like CBD.

How can CBD assist with anxiety?

The interaction between CBD and the ECS receptors is great at eliciting several therapeutic benefits including antioxidant, antidepressant, anxiolytic, analgesic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. These properties are great at assisting people suffering from anxiety-related causes. The mechanism of these reactions and activities are explained below.

a. Improve sleep quality

Anxiety and depression can deal a great blow to the quality of sleep. In most of the cases, people find it hard to fall or remain asleep whenever they are anxious. Research work on the roles of CBD for anxiety and sleep has shown that CBD can assist people to fall or remain asleep by interacting with serotonin, melatonin, and GABA receptors.

The researchers noticed a decreased anxiety score after the first month of administering 25 mg/dose of CBD. The sleep scores of patients were also observed to have increased within the first month of treatment with CBD.  This suggested a high potential in using CBD to promote sleep and relaxation. CBD also produces a sedative effect on the body, thus improving sleep quality and focus when the need arises.

b. Antioxidant activity

The antioxidant activity of CBD is great at neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals. There are also reports on how CBD can produce neuroprotective activities in lab models. Researchers have reported how CBD produced a better antioxidant activity when compared to Vitamin C. CBD can also trigger internal balance and delay the signs of aging or the establishment of skin-related conditions.

c. Pain and inflammation control

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors found in the immune system. Indeed, this interaction modulates how immune cells respond to the presence of diseases. As a result, this modulatory activity of CBD serves to protect the body from microbial invasion. Also, this modulatory activity boosts the production of immune cells to fight against diseases.

CBD can also play active roles in the prevention and management of osteoarthritis in seniors. Information from research has reported how CBD can produce therapeutic activities on clinical conditions like pain relief, inflammation, epilepsy, and sleep disorders. A growing body of research has shown how it can help people suffering from multiple sclerosis, anorexia, and schizophrenia.

Are there any possible side effects?

Now, CBD is safe for use regardless of your disease condition and age. However, there are factors that should be put into due consideration before using it. Take note that CBD does not get you high but can interact negatively with painkillers like aspirin. This activity may lead to drug overdose and further harm. Please make sure you consult your physician for guidelines on how to use CBD for anxiety.

Bottom line

The use of CBD for anxiety is gaining more popularity since it produces little to no side effects that are common with antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs. The activity of CBD is largely affected by the availability of receptors, body chemistry, concentration of CBD ingested and the level of pain experienced.

Don’t forget to contact us if you have questions about CBD and how it can assist people with anxiety related disorders. We will love to hear from you soon.