Hair and Skin – Ultimate Nutritional Guide

hair and skin

Ultimate Nutritional Guide for Healthy Hair and Skin

Glossy hair and clear skin are some of the attributes of beauty. While you can associate the nice features with a consistent beauty regimen, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a proper diet. Food has plenty of beauty nutrients that you can harness. There is no miracle food that you can eat for beautiful hair and skin. The key is to follow the right diet and put on a great attitude!

1. Seafood

Your body requires fat, but not the greasy kind you get from pancakes. Essential fats like omega-3 and omega-6 are vital for several body functions, such as a healthy scalp. If your scalp is ever itchy, there is a chance that you have essential oils deficiency. The body cannot make these essential fats, yet you require them. These essential fats, available in seafood, produce chemicals that are used to control inflammation and boost immunity. Therefore, they are essential in ensuring flawless skin and reducing allergic reactions.

2. Yoghurt

A cup of low-fat, healthy yoghurt has more calcium than a cup of fat-free milk. Calcium is good for your nails, teeth, hair, and posture. Greek yoghurt is mainly filled with protein and calcium content that gives you a lovely smile. If you combine regular yoghurt intake with a good hair regimen, your mane will be looking exceptional.

3. Protein

Hair and skin are chiefly made of proteins, such as collagen, elastin, and keratin. These proteins keep wrinkles at bay, as well as increasing strength and elasticity. Most of the proteins we eat are found in chicken, dairy foods, fish, eggs, meat, and legumes. Since protein is the primary building block of the body, being low on these nutrients will result in an ill-looking skin and hair. While at it, make sure you don’t consume more than you need. Any extra protein is converted to fat that’s stored in the body, which you wouldn’t fancy.

4. Dark Chocolate

Unlike the widespread belief that warns against eating dark chocolate with the proposition that it causes acne, chocolate is right for your skin. It helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. Cacao contains anti-ageing antioxidants known as flavonoids that prevents skin discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. Chocolate also makes you feel happy because upon eating it, the brain releases feel-good hormones.

5. Sweet Potatoes

If you are hoping to have a glowing skin, you should consider consuming this superfood more regularly than during thanksgiving only. Sweet potatoes help to improve immunity and result in healthy-looking, beautiful skin. The orange color of the veggies is because of its busting vitamins A, E, and C content. You can eat potatoes in any way, such as roasted, steamed, sautéed, and baked.

6. Walnuts

Walnuts are healthy, delicious, and great for your skin. The nuts are rich in Vitamins E and H, which are vital in the formation of nails, hair, and skin. The deficiency of vitamin H (biotin) may result in hair loss and skin disorders. The body requires about 50 micrograms of the nutrient in a day. When you combine it with other nutrients, you will undoubtedly meet your daily needs.

7. Liver

Do you feel tired all the time? If yes, there is a chance that you have an iron deficiency. Skin, nails, and hair might also suffer if you don’t have enough iron in your body. Your skin might become itchy and pale. Some people even experience cracking at the side of the mouth because of low iron levels. Your hair might look brittle, dull, and dry. The liver is a leading source of iron that you should consider consuming regularly.

8. Water

Water may not be classified as “food,” but it is crucial for great skin. Humans are made up of 60 percent water, which reduces to 45 percent as you age. That is why the older one is, the drier the skin. Water is necessary for transporting nutrients to body cells and maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Make sure you take not less than eight glasses a day for healthy-looking skin.


The secret to stunning hair and skin doesn’t lie in your medicine cabinet – it is in your kitchen and what you eat. Forget the vanity lists of beauty fixes and focus on the beauty within.

How to Keep Hair Healthy Naturally at Home

How to Keep Hair Healthy Naturally at Home

Natural ingredients can be the potential element to keep your hair healthy. To use home remedies as a hair treatment, you just need to know the right way of how to keep hair healthy naturally.

Applying natural ingredients will lead you to get healthy hair naturally. It saves your money and time without affecting any side effects.

If you don’t have any genetic issues with hair, then you can follow the stages to know how to get healthy hair naturally at home.

Go through the stages attentively so that you can grasp all the tips of healthy hair growth.

Know your hair

Before applying any tricks on your hair, you must know your hair condition well. From the Okaylifes blog you can learn details about hair health and treatment. You must not apply the same volume of natural ingredients in either short or long hair.

Measure your hair length, scalp condition, color, and records of your hair treatment. The right sense of your hair will lead you to the right path.

Whatever you are going to apply on your hair, you must be confident about the ingredients. Although natural ingredients may not harm your hair, you should be aware of the side effects.

Stage One: Eat foods to keep hair healthy

Healthy hair requires healthy diets that you have to maintain regularly. As you are walking on the natural way to keep your hair sound, know these three properties well.

1. Ensure enough protein for hair: Hair is made of protein. Protein is the primary source of hair growth. The more protein you have, the more hair you should have.

You must balance the volume of the protein regarding your hair condition. Except for all the things, you should take 45 grams of protein every day with your food.

Add these items to your foods below.

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Lean meat
  • Dairy products with low-fat

2. Ensure sufficient Zinc for the scalp: You can make combat to boost the level of Zinc into your scalp. The more powerful your scalp, the stronger hair you will have.

Zinc ensures the shedding of your hair growth. It’s very important to keep your hair in proper condition. You can make combat with coconut, walnuts, cashews, pecans, and almonds.

Try to eat remedies below.

  • Vegetables
  • Water
  • Leafy green salad
  • Fruits

3. Ensure Omega for hair and scalp: Omega helps to strengthen our scalp. Although it does not have any connection with hair growth, it protects our hair.

Our scalp creates natural oil in the skin. This oil moisturizes our hair naturally. If our scalp fails to generate this oil, then we experience hair loss, itching, and so on.

Just add some food items in our daily diet. The omega-3 fatty acid is very common in cold-water fishes such as sardines, salmon, and herring. You can also eat the following foods.

  • Yogurt
  • Salad
  • Cereal
  • Flax Salad
  • Cottage cheese

Stage Two: Apply natural ingredients to keep hair healthy

Natural hair-pack solution: You can make several hair pack solutions with different home remedies. Before applying these ingredients in your hair, you must ensure the reason.

To make this hair pack solution, you can use onion, aloe Vera, lemon, vinegar, and so on to make a fine paste and apply on your hair.

Besides, natural henna is an efficient solution to get a natural hair color. All you have to do is just know the right way to make this solution.

Banana, Eggs, and Honey treatment: Banana is rich with potassium. Potassium ensures the elasticity of hair. To get this potassium from Banana, you just need a banana. Mash the banana and apply the paste on your hair. Wait for 15 minutes and wash out your hair with shampoo.

Egg yolk is efficient to make hair soft and stronger. It also helps to regrow hair. To apply eggs in your hair, arrange a little amount of vitamin E oil and an egg. Mix them and apply them to your hair. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse out with water.

Honey helps to moisturize your hair. You can use this home remedy with your shampoo or conditioner. Just add 2 or 3 drops of honey in your shampoo or conditioner and apply it.

Apply Coconut oil or other natural oil: Coconut oil is very much popular worldwide for its efficiency to keep hair soft and moisture. You can make coconut oil at home and apply this to your hair regularly.

Stage Three: Do these things regularly

Brush your hair: You should learn how to brush hair perfectly. Hair may become tangled. Here, you have to brush your hair with a calm mind.

Dry your hair in the air: Using a hairdryer has become a great part of our life. To ensure the sound health of your hair, let them dry up in the open air. Let the air blow your hair naturally.

Massage your hair: You should massage the scalp regularly so that it can circulate sufficient blood in the cells. Do a good massage while you are applying natural oils in your hair. Hair combing is a kind of massage also.

Cut the hair top regularly: You may have to cut the hair top regularly to avoid hair tangle. Stand in front of a mirror and cut the top with a sharp scissor.

Use shampoo and conditioner: You must use shampoo and conditioner while washing out hair. Choose the best product from the market that suits your hair. Follow a routine to apply shampoo and conditioner.

Stage Four: Avoid these things to keep hair healthy

  • Don’t use the cheapest product in your hair.
  • Don’t put so much pressure in the brush while combing wet hair.
  • Avoid applying color too often. The chemicals of the color may damage your hair and scalp as well.
  • Don’t use hot water to rinse out the hair.
  • Minimize the volume of your hairdryer.
  • Don’t use direct chemicals on the scalp.

Bottom line

I hope you didn’t miss any point in the article. After reading this article on how to keep hair healthy naturally, you should appreciate home remedies more than processed products in the market.

Before applying any hair pack or solution, know the right instructions from experts and go on.

Hair Loss Solutions that Help Keep Your Mane Look Good

6 Effective Hair Loss Solutions

According to a study made by hair experts, 50% of all men and about 40% of women will undergo massive hair loss sometime in the span of their life. This study shows how serious the problem of hair loss to anybody. Most hair loss is linked genetically to an ancestor who has previous hair loss experience in their lifetime. That is why an effective hair loss solution is needed in order to eradicate this problem.

1. Proper Nutritional Diet

One main hair loss solution is ability to have a proper nutritional diet that will produce much needed nutrients in our hair, eating foods rich in fiber, protein and vitamin C helps lessen the possibility of hair loss. Medical experts agree that hair loss occurs on individuals with certain deficiencies in some important nutrients. A healthy diet can be rightfully called as an effective hair loss solution.

2. Laser Therapy

Another leading hair loss solution is the laser therapy. This process involves a low level amount of laser being applied to the scalp of the head. In fact, this process stimulates and starts a new procession of healthy hair growth. This process of hair loss solution is however a bit expensive than other hair loss solution.

Still, nobody can say that this type of hair loss solution does not work. Indeed, laser therapy generates great results in battling the problem of hair loss in a number of people. It’s more expensive, yes but at the same time ranks as one of the much better methods of treating hair loss being practiced today.

3. Androhair

For a much cheaper method of an effective way to prevent hair loss, scientists have invented this device called Androhair, it’s like a comb where one can use in combing or brushing their hair just like a normal comb does. It caters mainly to people who suffer from a condition called Alopecia. In fact, this is a condition that causes hair loss by stopping the proper distribution of nutrients on a person’s scalp.

By the use of Androhair it will massage your scalp and therefore allows more blood and nutrient circulation all over your scalps that will eventually spread the proper nutrients needed in making your hair strong and healthy again.

4. Aloe Vera

Other home based methods of an effective hair loss solution is the use of the plant of Aloe Vera. Stems of Aloe Vera gives proper nutrients to our scalps and makes it possible for new wave of hair growths that replaces those lost strands of hair. This is one of the cheapest examples of an effective solution for hair loss, that is being widely practiced up to this day.

5. Folital

For hair loss treatment you can use Folital. This is the best product in the market. Its helps to remove your baldness and hair loss problems.

6. Shampoo for Hair Care

The role of buying and using the right shampoo brand is also an effective solution for hair loss. Make sure the shampoo you will use have a lot of helpful nutrients like protein, calcium and other minerals needed in strengthening the hair and providing for a more opportunity of hair growth. For example, ProFollica is one of the best hair care products. It consists of a shampoo, a gel and a nutritional supplement.

Baldness and hair loss is a big problem but with the help of different methods of using a proper hair loss solution, the problem of hair loss will eventually be overcome.

How to Make DIY Hair Clippers

How to Make DIY Hair Clippers


Hair clippers have a rich and long history that people enjoy using them every day. Therefore, learning how to make DIY hair clippers for the money. However, some people take the items for granted without appreciating technological advancement.

Nowadays, hair stylists and barbers can enjoy cutting hair using clippers. Shaving with such devices has become more efficient and quick.

However, due to technological changes, the current clippers are different from those of the past. Therefore, it is good to understand how you can make DIY hair clippers. Besides, it is advisable to consider the materials that you can use to achieve that. Remember, making your hair clippers may be a considerable step in your life.

This article has comprehensive information on how you can do so right at home.

How to make DIY hair clippers

Hair casing of clippers

The casing for hair clippers comes from sturdy and heavy-duty plastics. Factories produce hair clippers in large quantities to meet people’s needs.

Shaping the plastics

We use automated molds to shape the plastic into necessary parts essential for casings of hair clippers. These plastics are the ones that you use to make plastic parts of a clipper. Remember, plastics are necessary as they act as insulators from both heat and electric shocks.

Therefore, make sure you trim the plastic parts well to fit into the required positions.

Attaching plastic switches and metal contacts

Under this step, you need to fix all plastic switches to their specific places responsible for adjustments and operating the tool. Don’t forget that a hair clipper is a handy tool, and therefore, you should install switches at a suitable place. Doing so will make you operate the machine efficiently.

On the other hand, you need to attach metal contacts to plastic switches using an automated system that will enable the machine to rotate. More so, you can use the same procedures to manufacture electronic relays.

Making blades of the clippers

The most common material for manufacturing hair clippers’ blades is stainless steel. The metal is sturdy and rust-resistant that makes the machine’s blades last longer. More so, cleaning the edges will be comfortable with stainless steel material.

The rusting resistant feature is significant as many people tend to cut their beards or hair in bathrooms with a lot of moisture. You will never see your blades rusting. Therefore, you need to use stainless steel to extend the lifespan of your hair clippers’ blades.

Hair clippers without inbuilt rust-resistant feature will not serve you for many years. The tools don’t last long because various brands use different materials and techniques to make such useful devices.

Purchasing and fixing blades

Get ready-made blades from experienced and trusted brands for your hair clippers. If you buy cutters with a short lifespan, prepare yourself to dispose of them and buy new ones. I think another reason why hair clippers have a short lifespan is that manufacturers produce them cheaply.

After getting the right blades, the next step will be to attach them to specific positions. Under this category, you need to screw the edges firmly ready for hair cutting jobs.

Fixing the power cable

You can get power cable from electron shops. Make sure the line you get for your hair clipper is compatible with terminals and voltage standards. More so, you will have to fix capacitors and transformer in position and connect them to their specific parts.

However, nowadays, cordless hair clippers are outweighing corded ones. Many changes are happening to the clippers’ sizes and shapes. Initially, companies manufactured DIY hair clippers for the money of only one size and shape; but, many companies produce unique clippers with varying sizes and conditions due to technological changes.

Furthermore, as a result of technology, nowadays, we prefer battery-powered hair clippers but others have cords. Battery-powered are very convenient than corded ones because they are simple to use and don’t directly connect to the power source. Therefore, what you will only need to do is to charge the hair clipper.

Battery-powered models also tend to have an extended lifespan than corded ones. However, many people are still in love with corded ones and run away from battery-powered hair clippers because the machines get off when the battery is low.

Therefore, finding a suitable power outlet may be hectic, especially if you like traveling with your beard clippers or hair clippers. This is the reason why people still prefer using corded hair clippers to cordless ones. Due to that reason, many companies produce corded hair clippers in large quantities to meet the large market demand.

What you need to know is that different companies manufacture different composite parts of hair clippers. Don’t think that all pieces come from the same brand. No, many factories take part in manufacturing the parts separately, i.e., we have companies in charge of making blades, transformers, while others for casings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I taper my hair?

Using your beard or hair clippers, taper your neckline or nape. Always begin with a grazing shave at the neckline’s top, then cut continuously and slowly closer, moving towards the nape. After finishing with the shave, the next thing will be to rinse your heady to eliminate all loose strays in your hair.

Dry your head using a clean towel and then style it the way you wish.

How can I cut hair at the top of my head?

First of all, you will have to trim the top head’s hair using scissors before using the clipper. Sometimes you may use a comb to gauge the length of hair you wish to maintain.


To conclude, it is clear, that knowing how to make DIY hair clippers right at home is beneficial. After going through the above article, we can agree that different factories engage themselves in making hair clippers’ parts separately; therefore, you will have to gather all the pieces starting from plastic casings up to blades to make your hair clippers.

When you want to make your clippers, there will be a need to get the device’s parts from an experienced client, making sure that they are rust-resistant and long-lasting. Therefore, let the above tips help you come up with better DIY hair clippers.

How to Use a Curling Wand for Short Hair

How to Use a Curling Wand for Short Hair


It is not only long locks that require curling. You may refer to the rulebook describing tresses that are trimmed. You will then be perfect in curling hair with a wand, especially short hair. Ranging from boho waves to sultry curls, you are a notch wiser in curling short hair, and also getting a new style of doing your hair.

Short curly hairstyles should never give you a headache. You only need to have relevant tools. The GHD hold spray will come in handy if you want to achieve curls that last long and when doing your cropped hair or when prepping it. Using a creative curl wand is a great idea because it will give you the best curly results. The tapered wand will keep you moving all through. Get your short hair ready for waves and curls using the GHD.

A natural beachy texture can be achieved by using a wand. This wand will straighten both ends of your hair. For an exquisite hair curl, work with a one-inch wand. Don't try to use anything larger than this if working on short hair. Smaller inches will tighten the ringlets.

The following is a guide to how to have your short hair properly curled using a tong or wand to get the best styles that will keep your friends turning their heads.


  1. 1
    Have a heat protector applied over the air.
  2. 2
    The top part of your hair should be sectioned off with a clip or hair tie.
  3. 3
    For a modern and effortless pattern, hold your iron diagonally.
  4. 4
    Do the wrapping of your hair around the iron. You should leave 1-1½ inches of your hair to gain a modernized texture.
  5. 5
    At this point, your hair should be let down from the clip. Curling should be repeated at this point.
  6. 6
    To gain a soft finish, glide the iron over your hair tips.
  7. 7
    Get your best hair spray for an exquisite finish.

Do not comb your hair while it is hot. This may cause it to fall away. If this happens, the whole process would lose meaning.


What size curling is best for short hair?

Short hair girls will always tell you that dramatic ringlets can be caused by curling wands.

Keep in touch with this article if you need more explanation on how you can achieve that beachy waves rather than the usual curl that appears uniform. Check on the size of your curling iron. This will determine the kind of curl you will be able to make. For instance, ½ an inch gives you ringlets that are tighter than when using an iron which is if 2 inches or so. The best trick you can afford is to look for s barrel which measures ½ an inch especially when dealing with short hair.

Are curling wands better than curling irons?

Wands are curling irons but do not have clasps. To succeed in this process, tie your hair around the wand and have it held. A wand normally changes its thickness. Therefore, it is always good to be keen on controlling how loose or tight your curl should be. It all depends on how you want results to be. A curling iron will give you curls that look the same. A wand will give you different curls described by mermaid and shaggy looks.

What is the easiest tool to curl hair?

These tools range from hair straighteners, curling wands to curling tongs. What is more? You may also use a brush and a blow dryer for the same purpose.

It is easy and even cheaper to get bendy rollers if you intend to avoid heat.

Flat irons will help you get rid of that fear of not being confident to curl your hair. It is easier to curl with.

What type of curling wand works best?

There is no best curling wands despite what many marketers claim. It is rather difficult to establish the best heat tool. Titanium will do better here. It is durable and lightweight. The best qualities that come along with it have to do with its resistance to tear and wear, corrosion effects, and heat.

However, the surfaces of this metal let out heat more than other metals ever known. Due to this, heat is emitted to your hair more easily. This is capable of damaging your hair in the long run. Its glide is not as smooth as that of a ceramic wand. It can best work on hard hair which is normally hard to style. On soft and short hair, this is not the recommended tool.

Therefore, ceramic wands are known to give your hair a quite smooth hairstyle glide. It distributes heat evenly on the hair. This heat is gentle and friendly to your hair as compared to using titanium. The only issue with ceramic wands is that their coating is delicate. If ceramic is your all-time favorite choice, go for solid or pure ceramic wands. Make sure it is pure because some wands just have a coating.

You have noticed shiny and smooth hairdos and wondered how they are done. Tourmaline mineral is behind this miracle. It is crushed and coated on wands as a topcoat. Having it will be credit for you. It helps hydrate your hair shafts because it has negative ions. This is good for your hair especially if it is a hard one. It closes hair cuticles leaving it shiny and attractive.

Nevertheless, look for a wand that will allow you to adjust the heat in all ways like pre-heating and shutting off. If you forget to unplug it from power, you do not need to worry because the shut-off option will do it for you.


Do not look for large barrels because your hair won’t come out as you desired. This is because it will be hectic to wrap it around this large barrel. Theses curling wands are just good. They are also best for short hair that will leave your friends wanting to know the secret. They will turn their heads once you pass by.

7 Surprising Ways to Remove Facial Hair from Your Face

7 Surprising Ways to Remove Facial Hair from Your Face

There are many different ways to remove facial hair, and it is important that you choose the right method for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, then waxing may not be a good idea because of the potential for irritation. Some people prefer to use an epilator instead of waxing or shaving - they find that this leaves their skin feeling smoother with less ingrown hairs after each session. There's no need to suffer from unwanted facial hair when there are so many solutions out there!

Here are few ways to remove unwanted hair from your face.

1. Shaving

Shaving may seem like the easiest way to remove hair, but it can also cause ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Shave with a single blade razor in the direction of your hair growth. This will help prevent irritation from shaving against your skin's grain or over-exfoliation that causes dryness and flaking.

If you still suffer from irritation after shaving, try using a pre-shave oil or cream. Pre-shaving products will soothe your razor burn and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs by adding moisture to your skin.

2. Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods for removing unwanted facial or body hair. There are many products in the market, for this you can use velour skin to remove your unwanted hair. 

 Laser treatments are usually just a few sessions and can be done on all skin types. It works by directing an intense beam of light at your follicle to damage it, making future growth unlikely. One downside is that laser treatment has been shown to make skin more sensitive to the sun, so make sure you wear sunscreen and avoid tanning.

3. Tweezing

Tweezing is one of the oldest forms of hair removal in history. It works by grabbing individual hairs and yanking them out with a handheld device that has two metal pincers on either end. Tweezing can be time-consuming but is an easy way to remove unwanted facial or body hair without having to shave, wax, epilate, or laser.

Tweezing is a good option for people with little to no hair since the area that they will be tweezing should already have very few hairs in it.

 It also might not work as well if you are trying to remove thicker facial hair because tweezers may struggle with grabbing onto and pulling out those hairs.

4. Epilators

An epilating device is a good solution for unwanted facial or body hair. First, because it can remove the hairs at their roots. Also, because it leaves behind smoother skin with less ingrown hairs each time you use it.

For people who have sensitive skin, an epilator may not be the best option. This is because there's always the potential for irritation.

5. At-home waxing

Waxing is another option for removing unwanted facial or body hair.

Waxing can be good if you have sensitive skin because it doesn't cause any irritation like shaving does. When waxing, make sure that the area to be waxed is already clean and dry before applying a thin layer of warm wax with strips on top.

The wax should be spread into a thin coat and allowed to cool for about 20-30 seconds.

Next, take one of the strips with the wax on it in your hand and pull it quickly against the direction of hair growth. This will remove all hairs from that area without causing any redness or irritation. Be sure to trim first if you have long hair to help the waxing process go smoother and make it less painful.

It may take a few sessions of waxing before desired results are achieved, but if done correctly you'll see your face start looking more smooth each time!

6. Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are another option for unwanted facial or body hair.

Depilatories work by dissolving the keratin that's in your hair, and can be bought over-the-counter at most drugstores.

Apply a thin layer of cream to clean skin and wait about five minutes before rinsing it off with water. When using a depilatory cream, the hairs should be trimmed as short as possible and you may need to wait for 24 hours before exposing your skin to water or sun because of how harsh they are on the hair follicle

Depilatories have been shown to cause irritation in some people so it's important that you do not use them if you have sensitive skin.

7. Topical prescriptions

Certain topical prescriptions may be good for removing hair on your face.

Prescription creams like eflornithine hydrochloride cream (Vaniqa) are one of the few FDA-approved treatments for unwanted facial hair and can work in as little as 12 weeks, but they also come with some side effects that include dry skin and feeling like your skin is burning.

Prescription pills like spironolactone (spiro) can also work as a hair-removing treatment, but there's the potential risk of side effects including severe dryness and loss of scalp hairs.

Starting off with a topical prescription may be best if you're just looking for a temporary solution to hair removal.


There is no one good solution for removing unwanted hair from your face, but there are many options to choose from. Tweezers and waxing work well if you're looking for something quick and easy that doesn't need special equipment like epilating devices or depilatory creams do.