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Chi Machine FAQ

Chi machine FAQ or frequently asked questions about chi machines, reviewed elsewhere on this site, provide insight into these machines. Also, use with chi machine buyers guide to find best one for your needs.

Q. What do you get from the chi exerciser?

A. Chi exercisers can help you in the following ways.

Better Circulation

First, low speeds improve blood flow through the lower half of the body, while higher speeds improve blood flow through the upper half.

Consequently, oxygen levels increase, which helps to oxygenate the spinal column and body.

Also, it helps decrease blood pressure.

In addition, oxygen intake by the cells increases to promote cell repair.

Better Lymphatic System

Next, the chi exerciser stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for clearing excess fluids from the body. Indeed, research has shown that chi swing devices are an effective at-home adjunct therapy for patients who have experienced a decline in their lymphatic system (condition referred to as lymphoedema). Furthermore, this condition can develop alongside other health problems and cause a buildup of fluids, usually in the legs and feet.

In addition, low speed increases elimination of toxins from the lower half of the body, while high speeds eliminate them from the upper half.

Also, the improved lymphatic flow is beneficial to the immune system, thereby increasing the body's ability to fight off infection and repair damaged cells.


Moreover, you get better, more restful sleep.

Also, it rejuvenates and increases your energy.

And, the chi exerciser restores energy lost from fibromyalgia or lyme’s disease.

Furthermore, it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, spinal column, and vertebrae to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, muscle pain, and neuralgia.

Next, it passively exercises and stretches back muscles.

In addition, it realigns the spine.

And, it relaxes muscles, including back muscles, by giving them a soothing massage.

Also, it relieves stress by relaxing the spine and nervous system.

Furthermore, it improves overall health and physiological function.

Next, by increasing your metabolism it helps you lose weight.

And, used before a workout, it loosens muscles making it easier for you to exercise.

Also, it improves and maximizes your athletic performance.

Next, it loosens tight hips and spine.

In addition, it reduces leg swelling and swollen ankles.

Also, it provides a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

And, it helps achieve a state of deep relaxation and overall revitalization.

Most of all, the agitation helps constipation and improves the ability to digest food.

Finally, people with disabling injuries, chronic pain, or inability to exercise can use the machine as a substitute for exercise.

Q. What do studies show about benefits from chi machines?

A. In a study, 145 yoga teachers and other health workers used the Surge of Chi Exerciser for 30 days. At the end of the study, 76 percent reported:

First, a decrease in tension.

Also, improvements in back, neck, and shoulders.

Next, an increase in your energy.

Also, improved relaxation.

In addition, an increase in general mobility and flexibility.

Also, a reduction in pain and discomfort.

Finally, improvements in sleep patterns.

Next, 70 percent reported the following mental health benefits:

First, an increased clarity of thought and alertness.

Next, an improved ability to cope with stress.

Also, improved focus and concentration.

In addition, a calmer mind.

And, a more positive outlook.

Lastly, 50 percent reported the following emotional benefits:

First, an improved emotional balance and stability.

Next, an increased sense of well-being.

Finally, feeling calmer and less stressed.

Q. What do studies show about the machine's speed?

A. While the available speed of the machine ranged from 80 to 160 swings per minute, the average top speed used was 135 swings per minute. Also, most participants preferred the slower speeds when they used the machine in manual mode. In addition, most reported it’s important to start with a slower speed. Furthermore, they reported slower speeds were better to get relaxed while the higher speeds were good for getting energized.

Q. How effective is the chi machine?

A. Now, it is reported that research shows using the machine for five minutes gives you, in terms of calories burned, the same benefits as walking one mile.

Meanwhile, a 2015 study compared the effectiveness of passive and active motion exercise among elderly nursing home residents. Indeed, the study found both passive and active exercise are similarly effective in improving functional fitness of these residents.

Furthermore, another study found that passive leg movements have the capacity to induce muscular activity in the lower limbs. Incidentally, this electrical activity was measured using electromyographic techniques. In addition, the study found passive leg movements enhances oxygen metabolism in the lower limb muscles.

Next, a study appeared on page 1,821 in the September 2016 edition of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.  And, this study reported that passive exercise, such as using the motor driven pedal helps. In fact, passive exercise helps by burning extra calories, lowering blood sugar, and insulin levels in inactive people. Consequently, by simply having their legs moved by motorized exercisers, the insulin sensitivity of inactive people increased after eating. In fact, this occurred because blood sugar rises were reduced after eating.

Q. When should you use the chi machine?

A. You may be able to use the chi machine for the following situations.

Use it to Treat Lymphedema

Now, a significant proportion of those who survive lower torso cancer treatments end up developing lymphedema in the lower legs.  By the way, lymphedema is fluid retention in the lower legs. Moreover, studies have shown that a three-week treatment with a chi machine, resulted in statistically significant reductions in total leg volume, leg fluids, whole body extracellular fluids, weight and subjective leg symptoms. Consequently, using chi machines allows you to reduce fluid retention in the home instead of having to go to outpatient clinics or hospitals.

Use it for Fluid Retention and Poor Blood Circulation

Meanwhile, others with a tendency to accumulate fluids in the legs, or have poor blood circulation in the legs, can get similar benefits from chi machines.

Use it for Losing Weight

Next, manufacturers claim that using chi machines for 15 minutes is equivalent to a brisk walk for 90 minutes. Moreover, you don’t have to sweat, and do in 15 minutes what it would otherwise take 90 minutes.

Use it for Back Pain

Also, manufacturers claim chi machines can bring relief to back pain and improve spinal alignment because vibrating the spine relieves pressure and reduces misalignment.

Use it for Getting Good Sleep

In addition, chi machines can be used to get good sleep. In fact, using it for 20 minutes just before bed, may help you fall asleep. However, to get the most success using this machine, you should have a good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding caffeine after 2 in the afternoon.

Other Uses

Finally, chi machines may help with stress, bad posture, and headaches.

Q. When shouldn't you use this machine?

A. You shouldn't use chi machines in the following situations.

First, during pregnancy.

Second, less than 3 months after major surgery or bone fracture.

Third, if you have serious heart disease.

Fourth, you have serious infection.

Fifth, if you have bleeding injuries.

Also, if you have epilepsy.

In addition, chi machines should not be used within 30 minutes of eating - longer for large meals.

Furthermore, if severe pain occurs during its use, this should be properly investigated before continuing.

Meanwhile, temporary tiredness and headaches can result from the release of toxins from the tissues. Consequently, should these symptoms occur, reduce the time and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Finally, if you experience mild discomfort, nausea or dizziness during use, simply reduce the time to one or two minutes only and then increase again slowly. Also, for dizziness, a small pillow can be placed under the head until the problem resolves.

Q. How often and how long should you use this machine?

A. First, start by using the machine for 30 seconds. And, you can use it four to six times day. Then, after every week of use increase the duration by 30 seconds. Meanwhile, listening to soothing music improves its effectiveness.

Q. How do you use this machine?

A. See the video and the illustration below to see how to use this machine.

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Treadmill Benefits Guide: Why Using One Might Be Right for You

Treadmill Benefits Guide: Why Using One Might Be Right for You

Treadmills are one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can buy for your home. For example, they provide significant benefits, offer a treadmill workout without going outside, and makes it easy to maintain an active lifestyle. In this post, we will outline some of the essential treadmill benefits so that you can decide if treadmill use is appropriate for you!

Treadmills offer a treadmill workout without going outside. Now, running is a great form of exercise, and running on a treadmill provides the same benefits as outdoor running while avoiding many of its downsides! Treadmill workouts also make it easy to maintain an active lifestyle. So, if you want to work out at home on your schedule, the treadmill might be for you!

Let's discuss some of the promising benefits of using Treadmills.

Treadmills Are Convenient and Easy to Use

First, treadmills are very convenient and safe for your workout because you can use them at home. Also, it is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy without going out of the house. In addition, you do not have to worry about the sun or rain, as you would, when running outside. Furthermore, it's great to use a treadmill at home where you can control the room temperature. Consequently, a treadmill workout in your house is very comfortable.

Easy to Store

Second, a folding treadmill is easy to store. In fact, once you have finished using it, all you need to do is fold it. And, then place it in a corner of your home or even under the bed if there's enough space for that. This makes them one of the most convenient workout equipment available today since it can be easily stored.

Treadmill helps in Weight Loss

Third, a treadmill is a great way to lose weight as it helps burn calories. Also, it’s used for walking, jogging, or running. In addition, the treadmill can even be an effective way to shed pounds without having to go outdoors. Furthermore, you can use treadmills at home or in the gym. Incidentally, the treadmill is not just for losing weight but it also helps build stamina, endurance, and staying healthy without going outdoors.

Build Strong Muscles

Fourth, a treadmill is an excellent way to get in shape and build muscles. For example, start with a simple walk, then work your way up in intensity by jogging and then running. As a result, the treadmill helps you burn calories while building strong leg joints.

Great Cardio Workout

Fifth, treadmills can be a great way to burn some extra calories, and treadmill workouts are known for being low-impact. So if you have bad knees or hips but still want an effective cardio workout in your life, treadmills might work perfectly for you.

Incidentally, aerobic workouts, done for 30 minutes on most days of the week, have been found in medical studies to have the ability to reduce blood pressure and hence prevent heart disease. Furthermore, according to another research, running may aid in the improvement of our High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels, which are considered good cholesterol.

Less Stress on your Body

One of the great things about using a treadmill is that it reduces impact on your body. On the other hand, unfortunately, running outside on concrete can have long-term negative consequences as you put pressure onto joints and muscles with every step taken--the same thing happens when we run continuously for hours at a time!

So, running on a treadmill is safer than running outside. Moreover, it has a soft surface to walk, job, or run. This makes it less stressful for your body and there are no rough patches of ground with obstacles that can cause serious injuries like rocks or potholes may pose when you run outside.

Treadmill Improves Joint Flexibility

Jogging is a great way of increasing joint flexibility. It can help with staying mobile and remaining upright, especially in your old age when bones get brittle from lack of use or osteoporosis sets into place which causes them to break easily due to their weakened state.

Outdoor joggers have an increased risk for conditions that limit mobility but running on treadmills every day will reduce this chance by slowing down degenerative diseases while also keeping you more active than playing simulator games do!

Track Your Workout

If you want to be healthy, exercise regularly. It not only makes your body feel better but also boosts the quality of your life and those around us! To reap these benefits, we must track our movements, so make sure you keep up with what has been done right along this journey as well as taking pleasure in any milestones reached like completing one mile or running an extra lap at work out today.

Helps in Controlling Diabetes

There is an old saying that increasing your physical activity helps you keep the doctor away. And, physical activity might do just that by regulating blood sugar levels. In fact, according to research conducted by The American College of Sports Medicine and diabetes associations, aerobic workouts like running or walking five days a week have been shown effective in controlling type 2 diabetes in those who have it.

Aerobic workouts like walking may be one way we control our glucose metabolism from creeping up on us without realizing it until it’s too late! This study showed how regular bouts of workouts helped participants maintain tighter curves than before. Which means less risk associated with high-risk health issues like heart disease. And, all because they exercised more often.


In conclusion, treadmills are an easy way to get a great cardio workout. They’re also helpful in building up muscle mass and bone density. And, if you want to lose weight, treadmills can help with that too! Indeed, there are many benefits to using a treadmill. Which is why it's one of the most popular type of exercise equipment today. We hope this blog post has helped you decide if getting a treadmill would be best for your home gym.

Peloton or MYX Spin Bike – What’s The Best?

Peloton or MYX Spin Bike - What's The Best?

Are you looking to buy the best spin bike at less price? And, are you caught between the Peloton or MYX spin bike? If you are, then you are in the right place. Now, Peloton is the elite spin bike that's been a market leader for some time. On the other hand, the MYX spin bike is a new addition to the market. But, for many, it has become a difficult choice. In this article, I am going to discuss every feature and benefit of each of these spin bikes. And I will tell you which one of Peloton or MYX is perfect for you.

Health benefit of spin cycling 

Most of all, a spin bike is a great exercising machine. In fact, the spin bike helps in many ways and has great health benefits.

First, a spin bike is excellent for burning calories. Also, besides burning calories, it helps increase your cycling performance and helps you lose weight. Furthermore, a spin bike is a great way to get a cardio workout. In fact, when it comes to heart health, nothing can be better than a spinning workout. Incidentally, the spin bike helps improve heart health, lower heart rate, and increase heart pumping capacity. Also, spinning helps stabilize your heart rate in stressful or anxiety provoking situations.

Second, depending on what you want, the spin bike can give you a workout ranging from a low-intensity workout to a high-intensity workout.

Third, the smooth movements of spin cycling strengthen joints and bones. Thus, it is an effective workout option for people with injuries.

Fourth, spinning helps to strengthen lower body muscles and legs. Incidentally, if you really want to strengthen your legs increase the resistance setting on the bike.

Fifth, the chances of injuries with the spin bike are low. Also, the spin bike gives you a low-impact workout. Therefore, getting injures from spinning are low compared to other workouts like running on a treadmill.

Sixth, the spin bike significantly helps reduce stress. In fact, ,just sit on the bike and spin for 30 to 40 minutes to get relief from stressful situations.

Lastly, the spin bike is probably the best way to increase endurance. However, you can't  increase endurance just by few sessions on the spin bike. In fact, to increase endurance, work out with the spin bike regularly.

Head-to-head comparison 

This section contains a comparison of MYX and Peloton bikes.

First, MYX or Peloton bikes are similar in design. However, the MYX bike is more flexible than the Peloton bike. For example, the MYX bike's adjustable handlebars make it more comfortable to use.

Second, both bikes have the same screen size. However, the MYX bike’s screen rotates. On the other hand, Peloton’s basic version doesn’t have this capability. However, the Peloton's plus version comes with a screen that rotates. But, its more expensive than the basic version.

Third, the MYX bike uses friction resistance. On the other hand, a Peloton bike uses the recommended magnetic resistance. Moreover, you won’t experience any difference, between the two, unless you use the bikes standing on the pedals i.e. without sitting in the seat. Also, if you are a recreational or beginner, then it won’t make any difference to you.

Fourth, the Peloton bike offers live classes, but MYX bike doesn’t offer any live classes right now. However, they have plans for live classes in the near future.

Fifth, because MYX is focused on competing on a personal level, it doesn’t offer options to compete with others. On the other hand, Peloton offers competition with other members through the leaderboard.

Finally, a Peloton bike doesn’t allow a choice between the instructor and music independently. On the other hand, a MYX bike, lets you choose between the instructor and music. Consequently, if you love to listen to music while riding, then this is a big deal for you. 

MYX bike complete insight 

Design and build quality 

First, this bike is built with durable material that feels premium from its looks. Also, it is a compact and quiet bike.

Second, from a design perspective, it is very simple. For example, it features a moveable handlebar which you can adjust according to your needs.

Third, a touch screen display is mounted over the handlebar. Also, the screen rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts up and down. This means you can position the display according to your comfort. So, when you’re out of the bike and exercising on the floor, you can rotate the screen so you face the screen.

Fourth, the bike weighs only 150 pounds with the display and 130 pounds without the display.

Finally, this bike is recommended for people with a height of  4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches.


The bike has the following features

  • First, it is a beautiful bike and comes in two colors: gray or white.
  • Second, it comes with a 21.5 inches touch screen full HD display. 
  • Third, the pedals come with toe cages and SPF clips.
  • Fourth, the touch screen rotates 360-degrees.
  • Also, it has the option to hold two water bottles.
  • In addition, it can be used by anyone weighing up to 350 lbs.
  • Furthermore, you can select between the instructor and music.
  • Next, the workout lessons cover a wide range of workout videos beside cycling.
  • Also, it features a heart rate monitoring system.
  • Finally, it is easy to maneuver as it is compact and lightweight.

With the plus package, the MYX bike comes with the following features.

First, it comes with six weight sets, a kettlebell, bike stabilizing mat, exercising mat, resistance band, and foam roller.

Also, you have options to choose different weight sizes such as light, medium, and heavy.

In addition, the size of the stabilizing mat is 24 by 48 inches, and the exercising mat is 48 by 72 inches.

Meanwhile, the light kits consist of 3-, 6-, and 9-pound dumbbells and 15-pound kettlebell, the medium kits come with 6-, 9-, and 12 pounds dumbbells and 20 pounds kettlebell, and heavy kits comprise 9-, 12-, and 15 pounds dumbbells and 25 pounds kettlebell.  

Finally, all of the weights are covered with rubber coating, which makes it easy to hold and looks nice on the mat.


MYXfitness offers two price options; the first one is basic, and the other the plus. The basic version only has one heart rate monitor. And, if you don’t have weights, you should go with the plus version. In fact, the plus version includes weight sets and mats. Also, besides buying the bike, you need to buy the fitness class membership, which has a monthly subscription cost.

Peloton bike complete insights 


First, the Peloton bike is a compact and simple bike. Also, it is made from of high strength steel, which makes it durable. In addition, the build quality is great. Furthermore, the Peloton is close to being completely quiet.

Second, it comes in black and red color. Also, both handlebars and the seat are adjustable. In fact, you can adjust both according to your comfort.

Third, the touch screen display is above the handlebars. Also, the screen rotates 180-degree. However, the screen in the basic model doesn’t move side by side.

Fourth, under the handlebar, there are places for holding two water bottles.

Fifth, there is an orange color knob to manually control the resistance.

Sixth, the transport wheels are located on the front, which helps to move it easily.

Next, the Peloton weighs 140 pounds.

Finally, it is recommended for people who are 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh up to 297 pounds.


Here are some features that make Peloton stand out among others.

  • First, Peloton’s live class program is the best you can get right now. Even MYXfitness doesn’t have live classes right now.
  • Second, it comes with a live leaderboard. And, this leaderboard allows competition with other people in the live workout. Indeed, this is the best feature for you if you think the workouts are boring. 
  • Third, the basic Peloton comes with a 21.5 inches full HD touch screen display. Meanwhile, the plus model comes with a 24.5 inches full HD touch screen display.
  • Fourth, the pedals are clips only. Which means if you don’t buy shoes, then you should buy toe cages.
  • Next, it features dual water bottles.
  • Also, the trainers are great. Most of all they keep always motivating.
  • In addition, you have access to all of their high-quality video instructions.
  • Furthermore, the Peloton comes with magnetic resistance.
  • Now, the basic Peloton version’s screen only moves up and down. So, iyou want the screen to move side to side, then you should choose the plus version, as it comes with a swivel screen.
  • However, the Peloton doesn’t have the option for switching between instructor channel and music independently.
  • Finally, shipping takes four to nine weeks and comes with its own costs.

By the way, the basic version of the Peloton doesn’t come with any accessories. So, if you want accessories, you would have to buy essential and family packages. Now, the essential packages include a pair of shoes and headphones. Meanwhile, the family packages include a bike, mat, and heart rate monitor besides shoes and headphones. 


Peloton offers three pricing packages. The starting package includes only the bike. Meanwhile, the essential package includes the bike, pair of shoes and headphones. Lastly, the family package includes the bike, mat, heart rate monitor, pair of shoes, and headphones. Meanwhile, membership has a monthly subscription cost.

Final opinions

Most of all, if you are a pro cyclist, then Peloton could be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re someone like me who needs a spin bike for a home workout or use it occasionally, then MYX is the best option for you.

But if you are more concerned with value, you can go with the MYX because you get more value for the price. Lastly, the popularity of MYX is increasing day by day, and it is considered to be the best budget spin bike.

Peloton Workout: Is it Really Good?

Peloton Workout: Is it Really Good?

Why is peloton workout so popular? Is peloton really a good workout? These are questions which, if they have started getting to you, must mean that you are considering peloton workouts. But to answer the question, yes, the peloton is a good workout. And, that's probably the reason it is so popular.

A Peloton workout has numerous reasons as to why it is a good workout, and we will describe a few of them. Nevertheless, these workouts also have their drawbacks, which we will look into. This way, you can judge for yourself if these workouts are really worth it.

What are Peloton Workouts?

Peloton is basically a company that manufactures and sells bikes and treadmills, along with any accessory equipment that is associated with the two. Each Peloton exercise gear comes with a touchscreen. Now, this touchscreen enables you to access peloton workouts. Incidentally, the peloton on-demand workout sessions are basically free to peloton equipment owners. However, there are subscription fees for the live Peloton classes.

By the way, you don’t have to own peloton exercise gear to access these peloton workouts. In fact, with just a smart gadget and internet, you can stream peloton workouts for just $12.99 per month.

Is Peloton Really a Good Workout? Facts to Consider

We will concentrate on the features of peloton workouts, which bring out its strong points, or bring out its drawbacks.

1. Cost

To start with, Peloton workouts are never free. It is true that the on-demand classes are free for peloton equipment owners, but the equipment is worth a fortune.

While the Peloton treadmill goes for $4,295, a Peloton bike goes for $2,245, which is quite expensive compared to what's generally available. As though that is not enough, you have to subscribe for live classes, which will cost you about $39 every month. Incidentally, the live classes are among the top reasons you should consider a peloton, because the benefits are many.

Regrettably, if you don’t have a peloton machine, you cannot even have access to the on-demand classes, unless you subscribe for them. Subscriptions, however, are really cheap, as they go for only $12.99 per month.

On the plus side, a peloton machine is of high quality, and the durability is guaranteed. Also, after the initial purchase, you don’t have to worry about huge maintenance expenses. As for the subscriptions, imagine how much you would pay if you went to a spinning class. Around $20 per session? On the other hand, with a peloton subscription, you can have even have more than one session a day.

2. Peloton is Compatible with Accessories from Other Brands

That, the peloton machines are really expensive, we can all agree. However, you have a choice with the accessories. For example, you can use peloton bike accessories from other brands, and they will be compatible with peloton. And, these include shoes, cleats, water bottles, heart rate monitors, or even bike pedals.

So, given these options, the burden of equipment cost is reduced. Also, you can use other exercise gear, or even use the exercise gear that you already had before, like the exercise bike or treadmill.

3. The Peloton Community

Peloton definitely gives a feeling of a studio workout session. First off, the interaction among the peloton community is just impressive. If you are in the same class, you can make peloton friends, compete, and motivate each other, and even high-five each other after an excellent performance.

Next, Peloton's premium subscription gives you access to the peloton Leaderboard, where your performance metrics are posted. In fact, your metrics are displayed along with those of other member’s metrics, so you can see how you are faring compared to the rest of the class.

On top of that, peloton allows you the freedom to choose your preferred instructor. Better still, you may end up with a very awesome relationship with the instructor. In fact, you can ask them any question that you have concerning the workouts.

4. Peloton Allows You to Track Your Progress

Peloton tracks your heart rate, cadence, resistance, calories burned, and more from your workouts. Though with a peloton app workout you will not have access to the leaderboard. However, you can still connect your peloton heart rate monitor to the app.

This way, you will not just track your progress, but also gauge how far your heart and body is capable of going.

5. Numerous Workouts Available

Just because peloton sells treadmills and bikes doesn’t mean that they only concentrate on treadmill and bike workouts. In fact, there are so many different kind of workouts that you will not even go through them all. So, brace yourself for an adventure.

Whether you want meditation, yoga, walking, or road cycling, peloton will still have your back.

Furthermore, you can decide on the time you want to take your session, whether live, or on-demand. Peloton will go with your schedule, so you don’t have to change any appointments just to accommodate the workouts.

6. Bond as a Family with Peloton Workouts!

You can stream peloton on a number of television models. And, even those that are not on the list allow for peloton web streaming. Also, the television, being the largest screen in the house, allows any interested family member to participate in the workouts.

Since peloton workouts are more than just spinning and treadmill workouts, you can engage just about anyone in the house, creating a moment of bonding.

7. Peloton Equipment Workouts have Limits

Unfortunately, not everyone can ride on the peloton bike or train on the treadmill. In fact, there are weight limits and health limits.

For instance, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you cannot spin on the peloton. Also, if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you cannot be on a bike.

Moreover, a longer time on the peloton bike could lead to leg and feet issues, just as with all spinning bikes. You may also develop lower back pain or intense knee pain, which should tell you that you should reduce your workouts on the peloton bike.

Final Verdict

Now that you have all you need to know about peloton workouts, you can make an informed decision. Is peloton a good workout? This is a question whose answer will depend on your personal experience, and all the best of luck!

Elliptical Bike versus Recumbent Bike: Which is the Better

Elliptical Bike versus Recumbent Bike: Which is the Better


If you are looking for low impact equipment for working out, you will have to look into an elliptical or a recumbent bike for weight loss. Some people use these machines in the gym while others use them in their homes, where it is easier and more comfortable to work out.

Therefore, it is good to compare an elliptical bike with a recumbent bike. While both bikes work out the same lower body muscle groups, they differ slightly in features and how they work. In fact, both bikes exercise the same lower body muscles like the calf muscles, hamstrings, glutes, core, and quadriceps. Incidentally, these bikes are great for warming up your body before heavier workouts like lifting weights.

What is an elliptical bike?

We can also refer to an elliptical bike as a cross-trainer. Indeed, this cross trainer is an excellent machine for cardio workouts that help the cardiovascular system. By the way, your cardiovascular system consists blood vessels that circulate blood throughout your body including the heart. Furthermore, the workout you get from cross-trainer bikes can reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension.

Now, a cross-trainer bike looks like either an upright bike or a reclining bike. Also, this bike has large pedals that move in a circular motion when powered by your legs and feet.  Furthermore, these bikes have two handles that allow for a front-to-back motion. As a result, more muscle groups are typically employed as opposed to using mobile or normal stationary bikes.

What is a recumbent bike?

A recumbent bike is a type of exercise bike that requires the rider to sit in a reclining position. Recumbent bikes are practical because they don't consume too much space compared to some other machines. Therefore, you can install a recumbent bike in your home and do your workouts in the comfort of your home instead of going to the gym.

A recumbent bike for weight loss is suitable for seated exercise as you can pedal it to reduce weight. Now, some people enjoy doing cardio workout while standing, while others by sitting. Moreover, a recumbent bike provides full support for your back. Also, it comes with a comfortable seat. As a result, it relaxes your upper body muscles while concentrating on your lower body muscles and your cardiovascular system.

Difference between recumbent and elliptical bikes

Now, these two type of machines are suitable for exercising the lower body, especially the glutes, flexors, hamstrings, and quads. Below are some of the critical differences between the two type of bikes.

The engaged muscle groups

Elliptical bikes can give you both lower and upper body workouts because it comes with handles that move back and forth. Therefore, it works both your arms and legs, as well as other parts of your body. Moreover, this type of exercise bike offers an excellent workout for your back muscles by concentrating on the core muscles and boosting the lower back.  Because you work out while standing, you will involve both the glute muscles and the arms.

On the other hand, recumbent bikes are suitable for lower body workouts only. This type of bike is the right choice for strengthening your hamstrings compared to an elliptical bike.

By the way, a recumbent bike stretches your legs horizontally and not vertically. Therefore, a recumbent bike exercises your upper and lower leg muscles But, the abdominal muscles can't benefit from this type of machine.

Burning Calories 

As a result of a recumbent bike's comfortability, many people prefer using recumbent bikes to elliptical bikes. Furthermore, the rate at which you will be pushing the pedals will be more challenging and faster with a recumbent bike. Consequently, more calories can be burned with a recumbent bike for weight loss. By the way, the level of effort plays a pivotal role in the amount of calories burned.

On the other hand, experts attest that using an elliptical bike can burn up to 30 percent more calories than recumbent bikes. For this reason, the elliptical bike is more effective for warming up and cardio workout than a recumbent bike. Besides, the elliptical bike involves both lower and upper body workouts.


When differentiating between the two type of bikes, you will find that a recumbent bike is more comfortable because of its comfortable seat while supporting the back. On the other hand, an elliptical bike has no seat, so you can only use it in a standing position.

However, sometimes the position of the seat in a recumbent bike may cause unwanted injuries and stress. So, if you decide to use a recumbent bike, remember to position the seat well.

Injury risks

When we talk about the risk of injuries, an elliptical bike might be more uncomfortable than a recumbent bike. Also, recumbent bikes offer maximum support and safety because of their comfortable and safer seat. In fact, you don't have to stand while using the recumbent bike, and therefore you will experience minimal injury risks with a recumbent bike.


Unlike elliptical bikes, the recumbent bike provides you with comfort, support, and easy-to-use design, enabling you to exercise for an extended period of time. Recumbent bikes also don't require any experience when compared with elliptical bikes.

You need to be careful when using an elliptical bike than recumbent bike because if you miss the peddle, it can result in an injury.

Comparison table between Elliptical bikes and Recumbent bikes


Elliptical bike: Offers both upper and lower body workouts.

Recumbent bike: Suitable for lower body workouts only.


Elliptical bike: Less convenient.

Recumbent bike: More convenient.


Elliptical bike: Some risk due to using it while standing on pedals.

Recumbent bike: Offers maximum safety thus minimal risks.

Ease of Use

Elliptical bike: Requires some experience.

Recumbent bike: Easy to use.

Frequently asked questions

What is the similarity between recumbent and elliptical bikes?

Both type of bikes are suitable for exercising the lower body, especially the glutes, flexors, hamstrings, and quads. Also, both machines are good for warming up your body before heavy workouts using weights.

Between recumbent and elliptical bikes, which one is more comfortable?

Comfortability depends on the rider; however, many people prefer using recumbent bikes rather than elliptical ones because of their comfortable seats and minimal risk of injury.


From the above, we can conclude that both elliptical and recumbent bikes are good for fitness and burning fat. Moreover, while recumbent bikes are more comfortable than elliptical bikes for cardio workouts, elliptical bikes give you a better cardio workout while working both your upper and lower body.

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Find the Best

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Find the Best

How do you find the best exercise bike to lose weight? This post helps you show how. And, when you do, this resistance bike not only helps you lose weight by burning calories, but, it also helps build strong leg muscles.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

1. Strengthen and Tone

Over time, consistent pedaling with the resistance bike will make your leg muscles strong and toned. Incidentally, the primary muscles that are affected are the quadriceps (front of the thigh), the hamstrings (behind the thigh), the glutes (above), the calves (behind the lower legs, below the knee), and hip flexors (below the abdomen).

2. Improve your Sport

A resistance bike can be much more than just a piece of your home gym equipment. It uses the discipline of road cycling and tailors it to specific training needs. Also, it is safer than cycling on the road. The controlled environment of an exercise bike can improve your cycling fitness. Moreover, the exercise bike gives you an excellent way to track your progress, as well as improve your technique. Furthermore, the resistance bike lets you work on specific areas that need improvement, whatever the weather! Lastly, because you don't have to go outdoors to practice, you are safer.

3. Weight Loss

Cycling is a very effective exercise to lose weight. Now, the amount of calories burned will generally depend on your age, gender, as well as several other factors. Indeed, a young person on a resistance bike can burn 500 calories in 30 minutes per hour. Incidentally, if you work on an air bike, you can burn more calories. Because an air bike gives a more intense workout, you can burn as much as 80 calories per minute with a wind resistance exercise bike. Finally, when you finish your workout, your body works to repair muscles used during your workout. Moreover, your body continues to burn calories even when your workout is over.

4. Low impact Exercise

Exercise bikes are considered a good option because of the low impact nature of the workout. In fact these bikes reduce risk of injury or stress. Also, the machine's smooth speed and low impact combine to create a workout that is easy on your muscles and joints. So, if your exercise bike is set up correctly, the pressure on the knees and ankles is significantly reduced. As a result, exercise bikes are a popular alternative to high-impact workouts.

5. Cardiovascular Fitness

Exercise bikes provide a very effective cardiovascular workout. You may be surprised to learn that cardio training on an exercise bike can prepare you for marathons. This is because these machines can help you cope better with situations encountered in marathons. Furthermore, a healthy cardiovascular system boosts the supply of oxygen to your blood and supplies energy to your body. Also, exercise bikes helps reduce your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Lastly, these bikes can help lower your blood pressure.

6. Convenient and Cost Effective

Finally, an exercise bike is compact and doesn’t take up much physical space. Also, because they give an efficient workout, they allow you to make the most of your time. Furthermore, you can workout on an exercise bike while doing some other activity. For example, you can read a book, watch TV, or listen to music. Also, working out at home is usually much cheaper than paying gym fees. Moreover, because a good resistance bike is made from excellent materials it comes with an excellent warranty. Which means you can use the exercise bike to practice year after year. Lastly, these resistance bikes are not very expensive..

Types of Exercise Bikes

Below are some of the best exercise bikes for losing weight.

Upright Exercise Bikes

These are also referred to as static exercise bikes. This is the most common type of fitness equipment in your home. The position is like a regular two-wheel bike when practicing. Upright exercise bikes are the cheapest type of bike to buy for the home and can be an excellent entry-level option for anyone who does not practice regularly. If you are looking for a compact exercise bike, then an upright exercise bike is the best option for you. They are a great low-impact alternative that will improve muscle tone, strengthen your legs and provide a great cardio workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

In a recumbent bike you sit in a position so that your back is supported by the bike. The choice between upright or leaning exercise bikes is usually centered on relaxation exercises. Recoverable seats are similar to chairs without a saddle. People recovering from knee or back injuries also seem to benefit from a position rather than a steep bike. The exercise's focal point is slightly higher towards the glutes (bottom) and affects the lower abdominal muscles somewhat more than the vertical abdominal exercise bike.

Combination or Hybrid Exercise Bikes

Hybrid exercise bikes are a combination of steep and rearranged bikes to suit the whole family. With a variety of these or 2 in 1 exercise bikes, you can work a wide range of leg muscles and lower abdomen. Changing your exercise position may be better for your back and posture. These are good for becoming familiar with the bikes, but not if you want to test your fitness.

Indoor Cycling Bikes or Studio Bikes

If you are regularly cycling to work or training for an event, we recommend buying the indoor cycling bike. In fact, indoor cycling bikes  have a more comprehensive range of resistance levels than traditional exercise bikes. Also, indoor cycling bikes simulate gears and hills experienced by road bikes outdoors. Furthermore, these home training bikes are great for more vigorous workouts and training. The saddle is usually as high as the handlebars. Spin Bike, Spinner, or Spinning is a famous brand name for indoor cycling bikes. Finally, these bikes can be adapted to interactive exercise bikes with a pair of power paddles and a tablet or iPad.

Self-powered Exercise Bikes

Because self-powered exercise bike do not need any external energy source, you don't have to worry about having the bike near a power socket or getting entangled in the power cord. You can place these anywhere inside your home. The generator inside this machine generates all the energy needed to ride the bike. These bikes are usually more expensive than their externally powered counterparts due to the improved power system.

What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike for Weight Loss

What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike for Weight Loss?

A recumbent exercise bike for weight loss is an exercise bike that allows you to use the bike while sitting in a reclined position. Also, it has a large seat that provides full back support and comfort. In addition, your upper body muscles remain relaxed as you use the bike. In fact, only the lower body muscles get worked out.

Why Choose Indoor Cycling

A recumbent bike comes with the benefit of letting you watch television, read a book, talk on the phone, or use your mobile while working out. This is attributed to its reclined position. Also, you can sing along to lyrics of a song as you work out, which discourages boredom.

Furthermore, indoor cycling allows you to avoid harsh weather conditions like the sun's glare, hot weather, cold weather, snow, or rainfall. Also, it’s convenient if you prefer privacy as you work out.

Examples of Recumbent Bikes

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Schwinn 270 has oversized pedals with straps made with a three-piece construction for comfortable cycling.

Also, it is amongst the best recumbent exercise bikes because of its “high speed, high inertia” drive system. Consequently, this lets you pedal harder while providing optimal resistance.

In addition, it has a walkthrough frame and adjustable seat rails for different heights. Moreover, the seat and handlebars are padded for extra comfort.

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

The Sole Fitness R92 is a top-of-the-line recumbent bike.

It is ideal if you suffer from any kind of back, foot, or joint problems because of its perfectly positioned foot pedals and fully adjustable padded backrest. You can use it over and over again without experiencing any discomfort in your joints, feet, or back.

Also, it has a smooth magnetic resistance system with 20 levels of resistance. Indeed, this feature provides a wide range of workout intensities.

Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike

First, this low-cost, strong recumbent bike has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Second, its adjustable seat range is suitable for users with height ranging from 5’3" to 6’3".

Third, this recumbent bike for weight loss comes with a basic LCD that tracks speed, distance, calories, and pulse rate.

Also, it has a transport wheel for ease of movement if required.

Lastly, it has 8 magnetic resistance levels that offer a challenging workouts.

Sole Fitness LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

The Sole Fitness is intended to be used in a light commercial setting such as a health club or hotel and therefore also suitable for home use.

Most of all, it is considerably expensive as it is one of the best recumbent bikes. Also, it is exceptionally strong and sturdy with a 350-pound weight limit. In addition, it has an extremely quiet operation that is smooth and consistent.

Meanwhile, it has ten workout programs, a large display unit with an in-built sound system, an MP3 port, and a cooling fan.

Lastly, its comfortable seat, that should prevent any lower back pain, along with a strong frame set it apart from cheaper models.

3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike

The 3G bike has an adjustable comfortable seat that conforms to your back as well as the length of the pedals. Also, it has a sleek console and backlit control knobs. In addition, the handles have a heart rate monitor built into them.

Next, this recumbent bike has a maximum length of 49” that can fit in small spaces. Lastly, it accommodates users with height ranging from 5' to 6’ 4”.

Benefits of a Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike has many similar benefits as other indoor bikes. And, some of these are described below.

  1. 1
    First, it is a safe and effective way to exercise for anyone needing rehab after an injury and for people with mobility problems or back pain. Also, they are very easy to get on and off.
  2. 2
    Second, they create less stress on lower joints. Now, running, jogging and many team sports can be hard on your lower joints because of high frequency of joint impacts. Meanwhile, a recumbent exercise bike gets your heart rate up without putting excess stress on your joints.
  3. 3
    Third, they offer a more relaxed and comfortable workout compared to high impact workouts. Also, the reclining position allows you to work major muscle groups in your lower body without straining your back due as experienced on regular bikes where you hunch over handlebars.
  4. 4
    Fourth, it is a good cardio workout. Hopping onto a recumbent bike will help your heart become more efficient at pumping blood. 
  5. 5
    Fifth, it has the convenience of being used whenever and wherever. You can keep a recumbent bike in your home, office, or patio, providing an excellent indoor workout without concern about inclement weather.
  6. 6
    Next, recumbent bikes for weight loss help shed weight and is an efficient way to burn calories.
  7. 7
    Lastly, it is suitable for people of all fitness levels thanks to its varied range of resistance.


Recumbent bikes bring the benefits of exercise to a wider range of audience as they can be used by people recovering from muscle injuries or already fit individuals. Also, they offer extra upper body support and a lower-body resistance workout.

Finally, it is a good way of working out without aggravating your back or knees.

Elliptical for Short Person – Find the Best

Find the Best Elliptical for Short Person

Have you wondered, "what is the best elliptical for short person?” since as a short person you have a disadvantage at finding the ideal elliptical machine. If this applies to you, keep reading this post.


If you are short you have to find an elliptical machine suited for you. This is because most elliptical machines are designed with tall people in mind. So, they have long stride length. And, this long stride length makes it nearly impossible for someone short who has a short stride length. As a result, short people have to go the extra mile to find the right elliptical machine. Though it may seem difficult, the good news is you can find the right elliptical machine that works for you.

What elliptical machine is good for short people?

For short people, the best elliptical machine is the one that helps you work out without causing injuries. This means your feet must fit the pedals to get the most out of your workout session. In addition, the elliptical machine should have a short in length and low height.

Now, an elliptical machine with a short stride length helps guarantee your safety during your workout session. In fact, using an elliptical machine whose stride length is too long will likely cause you to injure yourself during the workout session. However, don’t sacrifice a vigorous cardio routine just because you are short.

Incidentally, an elliptical machine that will work for a short person is one having a maximum stride of 11" to 18”. Consequently, you won't end up straining your groin muscles caused by overstretching your legs on a long stride length elliptical machine. Over striding, when using a long stride length elliptical machine will not improve your speed; instead, it will cause sore muscles.

So, the take away is, if you want an effective workout get an elliptical machine with a short stride.

What are the features of a good elliptical for short people?

A good elliptical machine for short people is one that ensures you can get your workouts without harming your body. So, let us look at some features that contribute to a good elliptical machine for short people.

● Stride length

A good elliptical for short people is one having smaller strides. Stride length is the distance your leg covers by moving forward and backward when using an elliptical machine. Short people have short legs meaning the elliptical machine needs to have low height and short stride. If you are short, you cannot extend your legs on a long stride elliptical.

So, if your height is

5' and under look for a stride length that is anywhere from 11 to 14 inches

5' to 5'3" look for a stride length that is anywhere from 14 to 16 inches

5'4" to 5'8" look for a stride length that is anywhere from 16 inches to 20 inches

5' 9" to 6' look for a stride length that is anywhere from 18 inches to 20 inches

Over 6' look for a stride length that is 20 inches and up.

● Level of resistance

The amount of resistance exerted when using this machine determines your overall workout results. The amount of fat your body burns is affected directly by the level of resistance your body has to overcome. It is imperative that you keep your resistance in check because too much resistance will make it very difficult to use the machine and also may cause injuries. Incidentally, elliptical machines are designed to offer various resistance levels so you can build strong leg muscles.

● Durability

Inasmuch as the elliptical you consider buying has all the right features, but it's not going to last long, then it is of no use to you. This is because it will only help you for a short time before wearing out, and that is something you don't want to happen. Quality will determine the durability of an elliptical machine because it will be stable as you do your workouts. If it is not stable, then you know it will fall apart because it cannot sustain the intensity you will subject it to.

● Comfort

Let’s face it, an elliptical machine that does not provide high comfort levels, is not ideal. In fact, these machines, designed with comfort levels in mind, should provide maximum support as you do your workout sessions to deliver high performance.

● Posture consideration

The elliptical machine, just like any other fitness equipment, is no exception when it comes to the right posture and alignment. Proper posture means you don't lean forward or backward too much when working out. If the correct posture is not maintained, you end up hurting your back and ending your workout session.

Why use an elliptical?

  • What makes an elliptical stand out from the rest is it offers a full-body workout. This is because as you use this machine, you work out your abs, back, chest, arms, legs, and glutes.
  • When you use an elliptical machine, you end up burning a lot of calories in no time. You will be amazed by the fact that this machine can burn up to 500 calories in less than 30 minutes. That means if you want to attain a specific body weight, this is the machine to use to achieve that.
  • If you have sustained injuries preventing your body from engaging in physical exercise, you can opt for an elliptical machine to build up your strength. This machine offers low impact exercise, meaning it will not strain your muscles and joints too much.
  • To improve your cardio capacity, use an elliptical machine. Also, the machine works great to boost your stamina. Cardio offers a form of balanced exercise routine by making your lungs and heart work extra hard to provide a sufficient supply of blood and oxygen.
  • To burn more fats relatively fast. Also, you will have toned muscles as you will have maximized on burning fats.

Final thought

Wanting to use an elliptical machine, as a short person, goes hand in hand with finding a machine that works best for you. Most of all, the best one comes with the right height and stride length that matches your height and stride.

Now that you know which is the right elliptical for a short person, it is time you hit the market to get yours. Ensure it fits your budget, and it comes with all necessary features that will guarantee excellent results. You will not regret getting an elliptical machine that suits your height because it will perform the best.

What Does an Indoor Exercise Bike do for Your Body?

What Does an Indoor Exercise Bike do for Your Body?

Being physically active brings out the best in us. Indeed, being physically active has a lot of benefits that help our lives. Benefits that others who are not physically active don't. Moreover, exercising brings changes to our body. Now, one of the ways to be physically active is to use an indoor exercise bike. So, what does this exercise bike do?

The invention of the indoor exercise bike has allowed a convenient way for people to exercise in the comfort of their own home. Indeed, you can get lots of cardiovascular exercise that plays an important role in  your wellness. Plus, these exercise bikes are a great way of toning muscles and improving posture.

So, this article discusses the many positives that an indoor exercise bike can provide for you and your body.

How Does Exercising Affect the Body of an Individual?

There are a bunch of things you can get through indoor exercise bikes. Things like strengthening your bones, toning your body, and a whole lot more. All of these are described below.

Indoor Exercise Bikes Provide Exceptional Cardio Workout

As we’ve said earlier, cardiovascular workouts are great for all ages. Incidentally, cardiovascular workouts include running, walking, biking, swimming, and many more. Now, people who have 9 to 5 jobs are more likely to use this exercise bike. Moreover, an indoor exercise bike, in the home, removes any excuses for not exercising. In fact, one doesn’t need to go out to the gym to sweat it all out. Indeed, all you need to do is sit on your indoor exercise bike, start pedaling and pedal away.

Benefits of an Indoor Exercise Bike

. Improves Blood Circulation

First, cardiovascular workouts increase your heart rate. As a result, blood flow increases throughout your body. Second, the workout allows your lungs to breathe in more oxygen. Now, you may feel exhausted when you first start the program but that is only temporary. What is good is having a healthier heart than before.

Strengthens Muscles

Second, this exercise bike primarily strengthens your lower body and all the associated muscles. As you can see, all the work is done by your legs. One great thing about this exercise bike is that it has a feature wherein you can adjust the resistance to increase or decrease your workout intensity. In this way, you help build stronger lower body muscles when you workout regularly. In addition, the resistance makes it more challenging to you and your lower body.

Also, this exercise bike exercises your lower body muscles. You can push these muscles to the limit. Although it depends on the intensity of your workout, always remember to breathe properly. In this way, you help your muscles get oxygen so that they can be pushed harder.

Improves Breathing

You might be wondering about what an indoor exercise bike does to improve your breathing. The truth is that these exercise bikes are like a secret weapon when it comes to breathing efficiency. Also, these exercise bikes can strengthen your diaphragm to push more air in and out of your lungs.

. Weight Loss

Now, most people think that indoor exercise bikes don’t efficiently reduce your weight, and for the most part, they are wrong. In fact, these  exercise bikes were specially made for people who either can’t afford the gym or for people who have workloads that use up large parts of the day. Also, these exercise bikes were made for people who want to exercise in the gym or at home.

Now, there are a lot of ways to lose weight. However, the most important one is exercise. In fact, these exercise bikes are an alternative way for people to lose weight in the comfort of their homes.

According to much research in this area, women under 135 pounds who use an exercise bike for an hour every day can burn up to 500 calories. And, the calories burned also helps you lose weight.

Another way for people who are trying to lose weight at home is by using a treadmill. A treadmill is a better choice compared to an exercise bike. However, treadmills are not good for anyone with problems in the feet, knees and hips. Also, older people have difficulty with treadmills because of the jolting impact of jumping from one foot to another.

. Enhances Joint Mobility

Indoor exercise bikes, also help our joints to be mobile. In fact, these exercise bikes enhance the range of motion of joints such as ankles, knees, and hips. All these are used when we use indoor exercise bikes. This results in a more stable posture and stronger joints.

You might be wondering about what an indoor exercise bike does for people who have undergone surgery in their feet, joints, and hips. Indeed, doctors highly advise patients to speed up their recovery by using indoor exercise bikes. Indoor exercise bikes usually strengthen ankles, knees, and hips. However, don't over do it. In fact, exercise slowly to recover at an easy pace. In fact, rushing it, might aggravate the injury.

. Improves Knee Alignment

All bikes put pressure on the knees. However, as we use them regularly, the knees get stronger. At first, it will always be hard, but once you get the hang of it, you will reap the rewards.

Also, if done properly, knee joints are slowly aligned: no more nagging knee pains, which are pretty unpleasant to have. Also, it should be noted that you should use a proper posture when using the bike. In this way, your posture, should also improve.

For maximum benefits, adjust ther bike to fit your physique. For example, adjust the handlebar and seat so you have a good posture when you use the indoor exercise bike.

. Increases Stamina

Indoor exercise bikes are one way of improving your stamina. However, in the beginning, you will notice that you aren’t able to keep up because you have low stamina. After a month of using this exercise bike, you will notice that your stamina improves and you can pedal for longer periods.

Also, the more resistance you add to your indoor exercise bike, the greater your stamina will increase as time goes on. The beginning is always the hardest, but once you see significant improvements, you will automatically continue it.


An indoor exercise bike contributes to your health, especially the lungs and the lower body. Indoor exercise bikes boost your cardio fitness which, in turn, is good for the heart.

You can work out using exercise bikes, indoors or outdoors. You can always achieve your fitness goals, rain or shine, or whatever the weather throws at you. Besides, when you are working out on an indoor exercise bike, you can also lose weight, burn calories, and more while being kind to your joints.

Finally, do not forget to always seek a doctor’s advice to know if it’s okay for you work out with an indoor exercise bike. You may not be aware of other health conditions that may be compromised due to cycling. Just be careful when you work out and never forget to visit your doctor for check-ups.

Vibration Plate Buyers Guide

Vibration Plate Buyers Guide

Contains vibration plate buyers guide that is used in conjunction with vibration plate FAQ to find the best vibration plate, 3D vibration plate, or 4D vibration plate for you.


First and foremost, there are two types of vibration platform machines: one with handrails or column and the other without.  Now, machines with handrails have a raised console. Also, the handrails help older adults, the elderly and others with balance issues, to maintain balance. In addition, the raised console enables the user to easily see the display

Meanwhile, vibration plates, which are machines without handrails, are easy to move around and store. Also, since they are open, you are able to do exercises that you couldn’t on machines with handrails. However, it may be hard to see the display when you are standing on a plate. On the other hand, those with balance issues can position these plates next to a table, chair or some other fixed support to help you with balance.


First, linear vibrations are heavily impacted by acceleration.  By the way, acceleration is measured in units of gravity.  And, the greater the acceleration, the more gravity becomes a factor in causing your body to work harder. 

However, it is medically documented that extremely high G-Forces are not good for the body. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that relatively high peak G-Force levels can be severely damaging if they are at the resonant frequency of your organs and connective tissues. Moreover, these high G-Forces can lead to irreversible damage to soft tissue, possibly harm kidneys, damage joints, cause brain injury, and detach retinas. Lastly, there is even a chance of fatality.

Therefore, it is important to use a vibration plate capable of delivering only between 2 to 4 G forces. By the way, most average people may find a 5 G force challenging.


Second, vibration plates with resistance bands or straps allow you to get an upper body workout.  Also, some machines have the option of adding mats on top of the plate to reduce the intensity of a workout.  By the way, these mats may be useful for beginners. 


Third, amplitude is the distance a plate travels from either the lowest position to the highest position for vertical vibrations, one side to another for lateral vibrations, and from the back to the front also for lateral vibrations.  Also, amplitude is measured in millimeters. And, typically, amplitude ranges from one to ten millimeters.  For example, an amplitude of 3 millimeters means the plate moves 3 millimeters from one position to the other.  Moreover, the higher the amplitude the more intense the workout.

Furthermore, on a side to side, teeter totter, see-saw like oscillating platform, there is one way to adjust the amplitude. And, that is to move your feet closer to or further away from the center or fulcrum of the platform. Indeed, the further away your feet are from the center, the higher the amplitude and stronger the impact.


Fourth, a LED display allows you to track your workout time, vibration speed, heart rate, and calories expended.


Fifth, frequency of vibration, is the rate at which the plates move side to side, back and forth, or up and down. Incidentally, frequency is measured in Hertz. So, a 60 hertz plate will move side to side or up and down 60 times in one second. By and large, a plate typically vibrates at a frequency of 15 to 70 hertz.

Now, linear platforms typically move up and down at frequencies in the 30 – 70 hertz range. While pivotal platforms typically move side to side at frequencies in the 5 to 30 hertz range. However, if you are targeting a particular area of the body for vibration therapy, look for these frequencies:

Firstly, a frequency of 40Hz for the ankles.

Secondly, a frequency of 25 Hz for the knees.

Thirdly, a frequency of 20 Hz for the hips.

Lastly, a frequency of 10 Hz for the spine.

Motor Capacity

Next, a motor with higher horsepower or watts means it can handle heavier users. Also, it can deliver power to vibrate a plate with greater amplitude, more G forces, and higher frequencies.

In addition, a high capacity motor is also quieter than a smaller one because it doesn’t have to work so hard to deliver power.  By the way, motors used in whole body vibration machines usually range from 300 to 2200 watts (0.4 to 3 HP).

Also, some plates have more than one motor. Consequently, the vibration machine can provide multiple types of movements.  For example, it can provide both up-and-down seesaw oscillations as well as up-and-down linear vibrations. As a result, you get the benefits of both types of vibrations.


Next, look for a whole body vibration machine that runs quietly. Noisy machines can not only make your experience suffer, but also disturb others around you.

Plate Size

Also, a large vibrating plate provides added space which allows for a greater range of exercises to be performed.  But a large platform also negatively effects the acceleration and frequency.  Lastly, a large plate requires a larger motor to operate properly.

Plate Surface

In addition, plates come in two shapes. The standing surface is either flat or it is curved. Now, a curved surface widens your stance. Consequently, you maximize your contact and your body gets the most benefits from the vibrations.


By and large, vibration plates usually come with their own workout programs.  Moreover, these are specifically designed workouts that control the machine and automatically alter the settings. Consequently, they save you the effort of having to press buttons.

Remote Control

Most of all, a remote control offers a convenient way to adjust vibration parameters like speed, amplitude, workout time, and preset programs. Incidentally, a remote control is necessary for vibration plates.


Now, the speed determines the intensity of your oscillating workout. By the way, the higher the speed setting, the less you benefit from it.  So, if you are a beginner or if you want a massage, the speed settings should be in the higher ranges.  Meanwhile, if you are an intermediate user, the speed setting should be in the middle range. Lastly, if you are an advanced user, the speed setting should be in the lower ranges. Indeed, the lower speed setting works the muscles and the body.

By the way, speeds less than ten are best for lymphatic drainage.


Most of all, plates can deliver several types of vibrations, including up-and-down seesaw or teeter totter oscillations, up-and-down linear vibrations, side-to-side linear vibrations, and back-and-forth linear vibrations.

Now, in a up-and-down seesaw or teeter totter oscillation the plate seesaws up-and-down by pivoting around a central point, which closely mimics a walking motion: with one foot rising and the other falling. Meanwhile, in a side-to-side linear vibration the body moves linearly side to side. Incidentally, pivotal oscillations are characterized by their speed or frequency, amplitude, and somewhat by acceleration.

Next, linear vibrations make the plate move up-and-down vertically, back-and-forth laterally, or side-to-side laterally along a single dimension or axis.  Moreover, up-and-down linear vibrations have a higher impact because both sides of your body go up and down simultaneously. Meanwhile, linear vibrations are characterized by their frequency, amplitude, and acceleration.

3D Vibration Plates

3D vibration plates provide two concurrent movements or vibrations. Some of them are listed below.

up-and-down seesaw oscillations

up-and-down linear vibrations

side-to-side linear vibrations

back-and-forth linear or pulse vibrations

4D Vibration Plates

4D vibration plates provide three concurrent movements or vibrations. Some of them are listed below.

up-and-down seesaw oscillations

up-and-down linear vibrations

side-to-side linear vibrations

back-and-forth linear or pulse vibrations


Incidentally, low end vibration plates may not come with any warranty.  While, some may come with a one-year warranty. And, others, may even come with a lifetime warranty.

Weight Capacity

Finally, it’s important to select vibration plates that can support your weight. If they can’t the motor gets overloaded. Consequently, it may fail sooner than designed.