Low Impact Cardio That Make You Good as You Age

Low impact cardio, low impact aerobics

Low Impact Cardio That Make You Good as You Age

It is no secret that working out is beneficial for you. But, as you get older, working out can begin to take a toll on your body. When this happens, it is wise to reduce or limit some of the workouts that begin to wear your joints. Incidentally, low impact aerobics, or low impact cardio for seniors is very beneficial and can provide the same great results that high-impact cardio provides. However, many people feel limited in their options for cardiovascular or cardio workouts.

Now, some of the most common cardio options are jogging, and running. However, the problem with these activities is that they are high-impact and can have short term or long term impact on your joints. In particular, your hips, knees and ankles, are susceptible to damage from years of high-impact workouts. For example, when you are young you have all the cartilage in the world in your body. But, as you wear the cartilage down over the years the pain can deter you from participating in these cardio workout.

The good news is that a range of low impact cardio for seniors workouts are still available that, in many cases, burn calories and raise your heart rate. Some of these low impact cardio or aerobic workouts that you can do and still get the same great results, are described below.

Fast Walking

First and foremost, fast walking, is probably the most prevalent workout when it comes to low impact cardio for seniors. The only requirement is to walk as fast as you can with the goal of elevating your heart rate and gently work your muscles.  By the way, fast walking is gentle on your spine.

Now, fast walking doesn't require any special skills. In fact, walking is ingrained in human beings from nearly the time they were born. And, except for the shoes, fast walking doesn't require any special equipment or facilities. In addition, this workout can be done at anytime of the day or even night. Furthermore, fast walking doesn't require you to go to any special facilities like the gym. In fact, fast walking can be done around your home. Now, that's not always true. For example, if you stay in a neighborhood where walking options are limited, such as being next to highways, you may have to go to a gym. On the other hand, you could purchase a treadmill and use it to fast walk inside your home while you entertain yourself watching TV.


Second, swimming, is another low impact aerobics for seniors. In fact, swimming has almost no hard impact on your joints. Instead, swimming uses many of your muscles in a veritable symphony of cardiovascular exertion! Now, if you don't know how to swim efficiently, it's never too late to take a few lessons to learn how.

So go to a facility where you can swim for 20 minutes or more at a time. What I like about swimming is that it is not only a great exercise, but it can literally save your life. People that don't know how to swim, limit their outside activity when it comes to water sports. And this makes complete sense. Learning to swim will enhance your everyday life. In addition, it will be another tool when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The biggest drawback to swimming is the need to find a convenient indoor place where you can swim laps without interference from others using the pool.

Exercise Bike

Third, an exercise bike is also a good choice since it involves smooth movement of your legs. You can choose to ride an actual bike or to use an exercise bike in a gym or at home. You will not get much of an upper-body workout with the exercise bike, but your lower body and cardio will improve greatly. If you use an indoor spin bike there are plenty of spinning bikes with preprogrammed rides, suitable for all levels. And, as your cardio strengthens, you can increase the resistance, go for longer rides, or increase the intensity. All of which is easy on your body.

Exercise bikes are either upright or recumbent. Upright bikes require leaning forward to reach the handlebars. While a recumbent bike has back support that can be adjusted to a reclined position.

Elliptical Machines

Fourth, if you want to incorporate a bit of upper-body cardio with your lower body cardio, an elliptical machine is a great alternative. The smooth leg motion of the elliptical combined with the upper body handles will get your heart going. By the way, these machines simulate the movements of jogging, running, and walking up stairs to provide a low-impact cardio workout. Most machines use pedals or footholds suspended above the ground that glide up and down, so the feet never hit a hard surface during the workout. Additionally, many machines have resistance settings that can help strengthen muscles.

Incidentally, there are several types of elliptical machines. Some of these include the elliptical stepper, recumbent cross trainers, compact ellipticals, and long stride ellipticals.


Fifth, a rowing machine is also an excellent choice for a low impact cardio that impacts the entire body. In fact, a rowing machine works almost every muscle group, including the legs, arms, back, and core, while building endurance in the heart and lungs. Most of all you use it while sitting. Also, it is easy on the joints. 

Yoga Cardio

Lastly, yoga cardio also provides a great low impact cardio workout. Moreover, this workout also helps reduce stress and improves strength.


By being smart and choosing low impact aerobics for seniors now, you can retain your future ability to do cardiovascular exercise. Indeed, these low impact aerobics workouts protect you from short term injury and long term damage to your joints associated with high impact workouts. So, in conclusion, don't let age or body aches get the best of you. By incorporating one of these low-impact workouts, you will be able to continue your physical exercise routine and live a healthier life.

How Running Works Actually: Burning Carbs vs. Burning Fats

How Running Works Actually: Burning Carbs vs. Burning Fats

Running is known to be one of the most effective yet one of the less used forms of exercise. The main reason behind this is the fact that running doesn’t bring capital to the fitness industry. It is one of the most highly rewarding yet most affordable forms of exercise. You will not need any private gym membership or a personal trainer for help. All you need is a good pair of comfy shoes. And, some stretchable sportswear that can help you make the most out of your run. According to a recent study, just a 15-minute run on a daily basis can help you maintain your blood sugar level, cholesterol level as well as maintain your body weight and body fat as well. With the help of this article, you will learn how running works actually.

As a result, you can figure out the best ways to get rid of body fat by tailoring your running.

Use of Energy in the Body through Running

Everything that we eat is used by the body. However, it is up to the body to see if the food that we have consumed can be used right now or later. If the food we consumed is too much, the body starts storing it for the rainy days. This means that the body switches to the storing mode. In fact, the body starts by breaking proteins first and consuming the energy and then switches to carbs. Once carbs are consumed, only then the body switches to fats.

Incidentally, the digestion time of proteins is around 1 to 2 hours. Next, the digestion time of carbs is around 1 to 2 hours. Finally, digestion time for fats is somewhere between 3 to 4 hours depending on the type of fats. In short, if you have consumed too much food, it will simply store it in muscles and then store it in the form of fats.

How Stored Fats are Used

When our body is in need, it uses the same stored fats and churns them down to fuel its work. This work can be simple daily tasks or extreme workouts. Our body uses stored fat for three different kinds of actions.

  • It uses the stored energy to work on bodily function including breathing, digestion, thinking, breathing, etc.
  • It uses stored energy to fuel healing of fractures, scars, repairing damaged cells, and replacing cells with new cells.
  • Finally, our body also uses the stored food to fuel physical activity that is usually very intense. This includes weight lifting, walking, running, and many more.

Considering these three main functions of our body, it is pretty understandable that we can neither speed up burning calories through healing nor through body function. So, we are only left with physical activity. This is exactly where exercise comes in. With the help of exercise, you can speed up the burning of calories and the body will be able to work properly.

How Running Works: Customize Running

For physical activity or running, you need to work on multiple things. Running is not just a simple physical activity that we learn as a child. It has so many different technical aspects that you need to understand before you can customize your running. Just like there are three different levels of every exercise that can range from basic beginner's level to experts’ level, running also has three different levels. These levels are controlled and conditioned by three main aspects of running. These aspects include:

  • First, the pace of running is a very important aspect that includes specifics about just how fast you can run.
  • Second, the distance of running helps in understanding how many miles or kilometers you have been running.
  • Finally, time of running means the overall minutes or hours that you have been running. Although the time of the day also plays an important role in customizing running, most people do not talk about it.

How Running Works: By Burning Carbs vs. Burning Fats

Most people ask why we burn carbs first and fats later although we just want to burn fats and not carbs at all. Well, researchers explain that carbs and fats both are a source of energy. They are the preferred source of energy as compared to proteins, which, by the way, are important for muscles. So, it is preferred that energy be drawn from fats or carbs instead of proteins. Carbs are the blood sugar which means the stored glycogen is carbs and you can easily use the sugar molecules to fuel the body.

Each carb is made of multiple mono sugars connected together in long chains. Within your muscles and liver, you will have glycogen that helps with immediate energy realization and your body will start using it right away. This happens during the workout mainly and cells will pull out sugar from the blood and use it for energy.

On the contrary, when you need to burn fats, the body will break fats down to fatty acids. Next, these fatty acids are absorbed by the blood steam and then used for energy. In conclusion, when the body needs energy for long periods of time it relies on fats.

So, if you want to burn fat you just need to customize your jog or run in a way that it is for a longer period of time, longer distance but at a slower pace. By the way, when the intensity is less and the body needs a continuous supply of energy, the body diverts to burning fats. Therefore, to ensure that you burn fats, keep your walks longer and your pace slower.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is all about intensity. When we eat carbs, our body uses them right away for normal bodily functions. However, in the event of excess carbs being ingested, the body starts storing it in the muscles. And, when muscle storage runs out, then the body converts the carbs into fats and stores in the different parts of the body.

The same process is repeated when we try to exercise. It all begins with first, burning carbs at a high intensity for just a small amount of time. However, when the body keeps burning calories, only then does the body switch to fats. In short, if you want to lose fats, you need to exercise at a slower intensity. Which you can do by exercising for longer periods of time. So, a one hour jog is better for losing fats than a 20 minute sprint.

Just a few minutes of intense exercises will not be able to cut it. In fact, you need to switch to something less intense so that you can exercise for a longer time. Furthermore, while eating, you need to focus on what you are eating and how much you are eating. This means that both quality and quantity plays a very important role. Finally, eat more proteins with lots of greens and fiber and try to skip solid fats.

How to Fit Bike: Steps that Help Fit Yourself to Exercise Bike

How to Properly Fit Yourself to an Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is great for low-impact, high-intensity cardio also, building strength and endurance. However, to get the most benefits, you have to make sure that the exercise bike properly fits your body. As an example, for a taller person, it is essential to choose the best exercise bike that works well with the tall person.

Also, it is necessary to suit the bike with your height. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself, and it will be challenging to work out properly. So, here we will share some knowledge for choosing the perfect fitted bike for you.

Types of Exercise Bike

Now, exercise bikes fall into three categories: recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and indoor cycles.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes are popular for their recline designs. In fact, recumbent bikes provide a chair-like seat, which allows you to lean back when pedaling. Also, its handlebars fixed at the seat side, and pedals are in front of the feet. Incidentally, this type of bike is well known for reducing stress on knees, low-intensive workouts, and fixing back issues.

Upright Bikes

Next, an upright bike is the traditional bike used in the gym or home gyms. By the way, an upright bike provides the smallest footprint, is easy to transport, and has a minimal design. Also, these bikes are best for lower body workouts. Meanwhile, few models offer upper body workouts. Finally, upright bikes ensure solid cardio workouts.

Indoor Cycle

Finally, there are a few differences between upright bikes and indoor cycles. For example, the indoor cycle’s handlebars are placed in a forward direction. Also, an indoor cycle allows users to engage more muscles by standing while cycling. Lastly, these bikes provide fewer features because they run without electricity.

How to Properly Fit Yourself to a Exercise Bike

The two vital factors for choosing an exercise bike are suitability and comfort. It is tough to get a suitable exercise bike that correctly fits you. But considering some features, you can easily ensure the comfort and suitability for you. These features are:

Adjustable Seat Height

An exercise bike should perfectly match the user’s height. While looking for an exercise bike, make sure seat height adjusts with your height. Put your hand palm lying flat on top of the bike seat and thumb on top of your hip bone. This is the easiest method for adjusting your height.

Another technique is sitting onto the bike, placing your heels on the bike pedal, and starting hopping. Make sure your knee should slightly bend about 5 to 35 degrees. If your knee has a slight bend, then for you it is the correct seat height. These methods are adequate for both short and tall people.

Distance Between Pedal and Handle

There must be enough gap between the pedal and handle. It will ensure free riding and won’t allow knocking your knees with the handle. Therefore, before purchasing, check the position of handlebars adequately. So that you can bend your elbows comfortably while riding. Ensure that the bike has straps to hold your feet on the pedals. It will allow a smooth pedal stroke.


Resistance occurs with the feeling of tension when you pedal the bike. Exercise bikes consist of three types of resistance, such as magnetic, mechanical, and strap-based resistance. Mostly, lower-end bikes use strap-based resistance. The strap is attached to its flywheel.

When this strap tightens the flywheel, it causes more resistance. With mechanical resistance, rubber pads are placed on the top or side of the flywheel. When you turn the tension knob, then the flywheel creates friction, which causes higher levels of resistance.

In magnetic resistance, two magnet’s position is close to the flywheel. With the increasing tension, knob magnets get closer and speed up the resistance. It requires very minor maintenance and provides a smooth ride.


Always consider a bright display and easy to control buttons. The display will show your real workout progress. For example, speed, calories burnt, resistance level, heart rate, distance time. The computer console can display your left and right leg power. It will allow users to know efficiency and identify muscle imbalance.


Consider those features that can provide comfort while biking. Like the padded seat, the width of the seat, backrest, padded handles, etc. A padded seat will assure a flexible sitting position. Padded handles ensure strong and comfortable grips of hands. Choose an open frame bike so that you can get on and get down easily.


Make sure that the bike comes with some accessories. You may consider built-in fans, acoustic sound system, water bottle holder, remote control cups, and magazine stand accessories. Fans will flow air while biking to ensure coolness.

When feeling bored or tired while biking, listen to music from its sound system. Some other aspects that you may consider are programming, durability, warranty. And most importantly, confirm that the bike has a safety lock. If it doesn’t have any lock, keep it away from children.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes provide huge benefits for users. It offers a simple but massively effective workout. Some key benefits are given below.

  • Strengthen various muscles like the hamstring, leg, thigh, back part of your body.
  • Exercise bikes are best for toning legs.
  • Its low impact exercise is beneficial for joints and all levels of fitness.
  • Very effective for weight loss by burning calories.
  • It can help to regulate blood pressure, strengthen the heart and lungs.
  • It is the most effective form of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Easy to use, need less maintenance.
  • With an indoor bike, you don’t need to go outside.
  • Folding bikes are compact, so you can fold it and store it in cupboards if you want.
  • An exercise bike requires minimal space. So, you can keep it anywhere.


A perfectly fitted exercise bike can keep you physically fit. Also, prevent unnecessary injuries. But an imperfect exercise bike can cause extreme harm to your body. It can cause soreness, numbness, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and many more. So, before investing, make sure to find the most fitted one for you. In this article, we tried to cover all the facts that you should consider when purchasing an exercise bike.

Peloton or MYX Spin Bike – What’s The Best?

Peloton or MYX Spin Bike - What's The Best?

Are you looking to buy the best spin bike at less price? And, are you caught between the Peloton or MYX spin bike? If you are, then you are in the right place. Now, Peloton is the elite spin bike that's been a market leader for some time. On the other hand, the MYX spin bike is a new addition to the market. But, for many, it has become a difficult choice. In this article, I am going to discuss every feature and benefit of each of these spin bikes. And I will tell you which one of Peloton or MYX is perfect for you.

Health benefit of spin cycling 

Most of all, a spin bike is a great exercising machine. In fact, the spin bike helps in many ways and has great health benefits.

First, a spin bike is excellent for burning calories. Also, besides burning calories, it helps increase your cycling performance and helps you lose weight. Furthermore, a spin bike is a great way to get a cardio workout. In fact, when it comes to heart health, nothing can be better than a spinning workout. Incidentally, the spin bike helps improve heart health, lower heart rate, and increase heart pumping capacity. Also, spinning helps stabilize your heart rate in stressful or anxiety provoking situations.

Second, depending on what you want, the spin bike can give you a workout ranging from a low-intensity workout to a high-intensity workout.

Third, the smooth movements of spin cycling strengthen joints and bones. Thus, it is an effective workout option for people with injuries.

Fourth, spinning helps to strengthen lower body muscles and legs. Incidentally, if you really want to strengthen your legs increase the resistance setting on the bike.

Fifth, the chances of injuries with the spin bike are low. Also, the spin bike gives you a low-impact workout. Therefore, getting injures from spinning are low compared to other workouts like running on a treadmill.

Sixth, the spin bike significantly helps reduce stress. In fact, ,just sit on the bike and spin for 30 to 40 minutes to get relief from stressful situations.

Lastly, the spin bike is probably the best way to increase endurance. However, you can't  increase endurance just by few sessions on the spin bike. In fact, to increase endurance, work out with the spin bike regularly.

Head-to-head comparison 

This section contains a comparison of MYX and Peloton bikes.

First, MYX or Peloton bikes are similar in design. However, the MYX bike is more flexible than the Peloton bike. For example, the MYX bike's adjustable handlebars make it more comfortable to use.

Second, both bikes have the same screen size. However, the MYX bike’s screen rotates. On the other hand, Peloton’s basic version doesn’t have this capability. However, the Peloton's plus version comes with a screen that rotates. But, its more expensive than the basic version.

Third, the MYX bike uses friction resistance. On the other hand, a Peloton bike uses the recommended magnetic resistance. Moreover, you won’t experience any difference, between the two, unless you use the bikes standing on the pedals i.e. without sitting in the seat. Also, if you are a recreational or beginner, then it won’t make any difference to you.

Fourth, the Peloton bike offers live classes, but MYX bike doesn’t offer any live classes right now. However, they have plans for live classes in the near future.

Fifth, because MYX is focused on competing on a personal level, it doesn’t offer options to compete with others. On the other hand, Peloton offers competition with other members through the leaderboard.

Finally, a Peloton bike doesn’t allow a choice between the instructor and music independently. On the other hand, a MYX bike, lets you choose between the instructor and music. Consequently, if you love to listen to music while riding, then this is a big deal for you. 

MYX bike complete insight 

Design and build quality 

First, this bike is built with durable material that feels premium from its looks. Also, it is a compact and quiet bike.

Second, from a design perspective, it is very simple. For example, it features a moveable handlebar which you can adjust according to your needs.

Third, a touch screen display is mounted over the handlebar. Also, the screen rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts up and down. This means you can position the display according to your comfort. So, when you’re out of the bike and exercising on the floor, you can rotate the screen so you face the screen.

Fourth, the bike weighs only 150 pounds with the display and 130 pounds without the display.

Finally, this bike is recommended for people with a height of  4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches.


The bike has the following features

  • First, it is a beautiful bike and comes in two colors: gray or white.
  • Second, it comes with a 21.5 inches touch screen full HD display. 
  • Third, the pedals come with toe cages and SPF clips.
  • Fourth, the touch screen rotates 360-degrees.
  • Also, it has the option to hold two water bottles.
  • In addition, it can be used by anyone weighing up to 350 lbs.
  • Furthermore, you can select between the instructor and music.
  • Next, the workout lessons cover a wide range of workout videos beside cycling.
  • Also, it features a heart rate monitoring system.
  • Finally, it is easy to maneuver as it is compact and lightweight.

With the plus package, the MYX bike comes with the following features.

First, it comes with six weight sets, a kettlebell, bike stabilizing mat, exercising mat, resistance band, and foam roller.

Also, you have options to choose different weight sizes such as light, medium, and heavy.

In addition, the size of the stabilizing mat is 24 by 48 inches, and the exercising mat is 48 by 72 inches.

Meanwhile, the light kits consist of 3-, 6-, and 9-pound dumbbells and 15-pound kettlebell, the medium kits come with 6-, 9-, and 12 pounds dumbbells and 20 pounds kettlebell, and heavy kits comprise 9-, 12-, and 15 pounds dumbbells and 25 pounds kettlebell.  

Finally, all of the weights are covered with rubber coating, which makes it easy to hold and looks nice on the mat.


MYXfitness offers two price options; the first one is basic, and the other the plus. The basic version only has one heart rate monitor. And, if you don’t have weights, you should go with the plus version. In fact, the plus version includes weight sets and mats. Also, besides buying the bike, you need to buy the fitness class membership, which has a monthly subscription cost.

Peloton bike complete insights 


First, the Peloton bike is a compact and simple bike. Also, it is made from of high strength steel, which makes it durable. In addition, the build quality is great. Furthermore, the Peloton is close to being completely quiet.

Second, it comes in black and red color. Also, both handlebars and the seat are adjustable. In fact, you can adjust both according to your comfort.

Third, the touch screen display is above the handlebars. Also, the screen rotates 180-degree. However, the screen in the basic model doesn’t move side by side.

Fourth, under the handlebar, there are places for holding two water bottles.

Fifth, there is an orange color knob to manually control the resistance.

Sixth, the transport wheels are located on the front, which helps to move it easily.

Next, the Peloton weighs 140 pounds.

Finally, it is recommended for people who are 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh up to 297 pounds.


Here are some features that make Peloton stand out among others.

  • First, Peloton’s live class program is the best you can get right now. Even MYXfitness doesn’t have live classes right now.
  • Second, it comes with a live leaderboard. And, this leaderboard allows competition with other people in the live workout. Indeed, this is the best feature for you if you think the workouts are boring. 
  • Third, the basic Peloton comes with a 21.5 inches full HD touch screen display. Meanwhile, the plus model comes with a 24.5 inches full HD touch screen display.
  • Fourth, the pedals are clips only. Which means if you don’t buy shoes, then you should buy toe cages.
  • Next, it features dual water bottles.
  • Also, the trainers are great. Most of all they keep always motivating.
  • In addition, you have access to all of their high-quality video instructions.
  • Furthermore, the Peloton comes with magnetic resistance.
  • Now, the basic Peloton version’s screen only moves up and down. So, iyou want the screen to move side to side, then you should choose the plus version, as it comes with a swivel screen.
  • However, the Peloton doesn’t have the option for switching between instructor channel and music independently.
  • Finally, shipping takes four to nine weeks and comes with its own costs.

By the way, the basic version of the Peloton doesn’t come with any accessories. So, if you want accessories, you would have to buy essential and family packages. Now, the essential packages include a pair of shoes and headphones. Meanwhile, the family packages include a bike, mat, and heart rate monitor besides shoes and headphones. 


Peloton offers three pricing packages. The starting package includes only the bike. Meanwhile, the essential package includes the bike, pair of shoes and headphones. Lastly, the family package includes the bike, mat, heart rate monitor, pair of shoes, and headphones. Meanwhile, membership has a monthly subscription cost.

Final opinions

Most of all, if you are a pro cyclist, then Peloton could be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re someone like me who needs a spin bike for a home workout or use it occasionally, then MYX is the best option for you.

But if you are more concerned with value, you can go with the MYX because you get more value for the price. Lastly, the popularity of MYX is increasing day by day, and it is considered to be the best budget spin bike.

Why is a Cardio Kickboxing Workout Awesome?

Why is a Cardio Kickboxing Workout Awesome?

When it comes to martial arts, most people think of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, also known as BJJ. Indeed, BJJ is one of the best ways to engage your whole body. Apart from this, you will be able to learn a basic skill that will help you feel safe at all times. With kickboxing, most people get very confused. To understand the importance of kickboxing, you need to understand the way this combat-based game has been designed. Kickboxing is a mix of martial arts techniques along with some fast cardio and boxing. Overall, a cardio kickboxing workout is one of the best forms of martial arts that is fast paced. Moreover, you get the same benefits as cardio.

For beginners who are just starting their martial arts journey, kickboxing is known to be a very good strength-based exercise that will help any athlete get ready for the workout. This also helps in building stamina and endurance. You will see improvement in body flexibility and you will be able to burn extra calories. Most people report that they lose a significant amount of weight just with the help of kickboxing.

With the help of this article, you will know, in detail, about the cardio kickboxing workout. We will also explore some of the main parts that every kickboxer needs to learn. For the beginner who is still trying to figure out some of the best exercises, we have listed some benefits along with simple exercises for kickboxers.

What is Kickboxing?

For beginners, kickboxing is an excellent combination of kicks, punches, and knee strikes. With the help of extremely organized and choreographed movements, you learn to defend yourself. Some of the main constituents that are included within kickboxing include jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. These are some of the punches with the main focus being on the upper body. For engaging the lower body, there are simple knee strikes, front kicks, sidekicks, back kicks, and roundhouse kicks. So, the combination of punches and strikes help you in full-body defense.

Who is it for?

Cardio kickboxing is a great alternative for anyone who has become bored with cardio workouts like brisk walking or jogging on a treadmill. Cardio kickboxing is also an alternative for anyone who enjoys the “semi-dance” movements found in aerobics or step classes.

What is Included in Cardio Kickboxing Workout Classes?

Beginners are recommended to join kickboxing classes given by professionals. These classes consists of a simple warm-up session that helps your body get ready for the workout. To build stamina, there are intense workouts with planks, crunches, and squats. This is followed by a simple cardio kickboxing practice session.

By the way, the practice session can run for about one hour. Furthermore, during a cardio kickboxing workout, you don’t have to hit someone. Instead, you throw punches in the air or just simply hit punching pads. Most of all, this is an intense workout and within just one hour you may burn up to 450 calories.

Incidentally, kickboxing is a great substitute for cardio. In fact, kickboxing helps you increase your heartbeat and it strengthens your heart as well. Furthermore, with kickboxing, you are able to lose belly fat and maintain your blood sugar level. Apart from this, kickboxing also helps control blood cholesterol levels. Lastly, kickboxing is great for endurance training.

Simple Beginner’s Cardio Kickboxing Workout

First and foremost, it is better to start kickboxing with the help of a professional trainer. On the other hand, if you want to start on your own, you can do that in your home. In fact, if you don’t have a gym membership, you can set up a simple at-home gym. Furthermore, a beginner, who is not aware of kickboxing, can start by dividing your workout sessions. Incidentally, a simple workout session is described below.


  • For preparation, you need to make sure you are wearing the right gym gear. Everything needs to be comfortable and stretchable. Since you are going to kick, you need to wear something that will allow you to kick comfortably.
  • Second, in case you don’t have good sneakers, you can work out barefoot as well.
  • Third, start with a simple warm-up session that can consist of rope skipping, stretching, and five-minute yoga poses.
  • After this, you can get into one-by-one punch.
  • Once you are done with upper bodywork, you can do lower body workouts. For example, you can practice kicks and strikes.
  • After practicing both, you can switch to combinations. With the help of combinations, you are able to build muscle memory that will help you.
  • After practicing combinations, move on to improve speed. For improving speed, you can use shadowboxing and speed boxing.
  • In most cases, practicing shadow boxing involves punching bag workouts as well. This will help you devise a simple strategy that you can use in real life as well.
  • Once you are done with the session, end it off with a cool-down session. Now, cool-down sessions can consist of simple yoga along with positive imagery. By the way, these help you relax and improve body and mind synchronization.

Overall, this workout session can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. You need to do these workouts regularly so that your body develops muscle memory. However, regularly doesn’t mean you need to work out daily. Working out just 3-5 days is enough. This will give your body enough time to heal and you will see improvement in your performance.

Bottom Line

Kickboxing is more than just a simple combat-based game. It helps in building endurance and stamina. Apart from this, kickboxing is perfect for strengthening the heart. Also, you will see improvement in your health, and you will be able to burn a lot of extra calories. Since this is a fun activity, you will be able to enjoy it more and this will help you get into shape as well. Overall, kickboxing is not just a good method of self-defense, it also helps you become strong and healthy.

For senior citizens, kickboxing is good because it has an anti-aging effect. Since kickboxing is good for all ages, it is known to be the best exercise for all. Kickboxing is not only a good sport, it is a good exercise and a functional skill that you can use in your life. From basic self-defense you can use to protect yourself to effortless movement, kickboxing can be used everywhere.

Benefits of Road Bike Riding on Your Health

Health Benefits of Road Bike Riding

Road bike riding has become a great alternative to driving a car or using public transportation. In fact, Sweden's capital of Stockholm, has special paths dedicated for road bikes throughout the city. Moreover, these paths are extensively used by the population as a substitute for cars and public transportation. Road bikes are great because they are the faster than other types of bikes. In fact, they have narrow tires and large-diameter wheels, which contributes to their speed. Additionally, they have an ergonomic design and are built to last. In addition, as described below, there are many health benefits to road bike riding. However, if you plan on using a road bike frequently, it is important to adjust the road bike to your body. This will make it safe for you to use the road bike and get the most benefits from using it.

Now, many of the benefits attributed to road bike riding are described below.

Low Impact Workout

First and foremost, road bike riding is a low impact workout. In fact, it causes less strain or injuries than many other workouts. However, it is necessary to pedal with caution so you don't get in an accident or fall off the bike.

Easy on the Joints

Second, because the seat supports your body weight, a road bike is easier on your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

Improves Joint Mobility

Third, the mobility of the knee and hip joints improves because of the smooth circular motion of the pedals.

Lower Body Workout

Fourth, a road bike gives you an excellent lower body workout. In fact, it targets your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves to make your legs stronger.

Builds Muscles

Fifth, cycling helps build quadriceps and hamstrings in the upper leg, as well as the gastrocnemius and soleus in the calf. Incidentally, when you ride a bicycle, the quadriceps and hamstrings do most of the work.

Builds Stamina

Incidentally, regularly riding a bicycle helps build up your stamina.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Also, riding a road bike gives you a low impact cardiovascular workout to keep your body healthy. Furthermore, cycling is an effective aerobic activity that engages your lungs and heart. So, if you cycle frequently, you will have lower risks of getting cardiovascular disease or cancer. In addition, cycling prevents high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and other similar health conditions.

Helps you Lose Weight

Now, regular use of the road bike can help lower your body fat composition. Which, in turn, helps your lose weight. Also, studies suggest that regular sprinting with a road bike and strength training may increase your metabolism and build/maintain muscles including lean muscles.. Which, in turn, allows you to burn more calories, even while at rest.

Reduce Stress

Cycling can help you reduce stress. In fact, cycling can lower the levels of your body’s stress hormone, cortisol. Furthermore, getting on your bike can relieve tension in your body. Meanwhile, those who regularly cycle or ride their road bike have a significantly lower risk of feeling stressed.

Also, any time you engage in workouts, your body releases endorphins, which give you relief from stress. Moreover, when you exercise outdoors, your body releases serotonin on top of endorphins that manage stress hormones. As a result, you stress levels go down and your mood improves.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Now, cycling releases our "feel good" hormones known as endorphins In fact, these hormones help relax your mind and make you feel happier. As a result, road biking boosts your mood and reduces your feelings of anxiety and depression.

Helps Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Studies, show that cycling has a positive effect on total cholesterol. In fact, it may boost HDL, the "good" cholesterol levels while lowering LDL the "bad" cholesterol levels, as well as triglyceride levels.

Improves Balance

Next, as you stabilize your body and keep your bike upright, you will improve your overall balance and coordination. Now, inactivity and aging can affect your balance. However, regular use of a road bike, will improve your balance. As a result, you are better able to prevent falls and fractures.

Improves Posture and Coordination

Finally, when you are on a road bike, with the handles in front of you, you are forced to keep your back straight as you look forward. In fact, the need to grasp the handlebars and pedal engages your body even if you are leaning forward. By the way, this position also strengthens your lower back muscles.

Meanwhile, riding a bike requires hand eye coordination to control the bike's movement with hands in response to what the eyes see.


However, you get the best experience with a road bike if you go on a bike trail surrounded by open spaces, trees, streams, etc. So, for those that have access to such trails should consider themselves very fortunate. On the other hand, others have to contend with less than ideal circumstances.  Consequently, they have to be cautious, which unfortunately takes road biking away from being the best experience. Meanwhile those living in a city have it the worst. May be for them, an exercise bike at home or in the local gym would serve them better.

Final Words

In conclusion, people use a road bike for many reasons. They use it as a means of commuting, for recreation, to get a workout, to stay active, or for competitive reasons. Regardless of the reasons you get on your two wheel road bike, you will enjoy the many health benefits, staying active, be in good physical and mental condition as well as a state of well-being.

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Find the Best

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Find the Best

How do you find the best exercise bike to lose weight? This post helps you show how. And, when you do, this resistance bike not only helps you lose weight by burning calories, but, it also helps build strong leg muscles.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

1. Strengthen and Tone

Over time, consistent pedaling with the resistance bike will make your leg muscles strong and toned. Incidentally, the primary muscles that are affected are the quadriceps (front of the thigh), the hamstrings (behind the thigh), the glutes (above), the calves (behind the lower legs, below the knee), and hip flexors (below the abdomen).

2. Improve your Sport

A resistance bike can be much more than just a piece of your home gym equipment. It uses the discipline of road cycling and tailors it to specific training needs. Also, it is safer than cycling on the road. The controlled environment of an exercise bike can improve your cycling fitness. Moreover, the exercise bike gives you an excellent way to track your progress, as well as improve your technique. Furthermore, the resistance bike lets you work on specific areas that need improvement, whatever the weather! Lastly, because you don't have to go outdoors to practice, you are safer.

3. Weight Loss

Cycling is a very effective exercise to lose weight. Now, the amount of calories burned will generally depend on your age, gender, as well as several other factors. Indeed, a young person on a resistance bike can burn 500 calories in 30 minutes per hour. Incidentally, if you work on an air bike, you can burn more calories. Because an air bike gives a more intense workout, you can burn as much as 80 calories per minute with a wind resistance exercise bike. Finally, when you finish your workout, your body works to repair muscles used during your workout. Moreover, your body continues to burn calories even when your workout is over.

4. Low impact Exercise

Exercise bikes are considered a good option because of the low impact nature of the workout. In fact these bikes reduce risk of injury or stress. Also, the machine's smooth speed and low impact combine to create a workout that is easy on your muscles and joints. So, if your exercise bike is set up correctly, the pressure on the knees and ankles is significantly reduced. As a result, exercise bikes are a popular alternative to high-impact workouts.

5. Cardiovascular Fitness

Exercise bikes provide a very effective cardiovascular workout. You may be surprised to learn that cardio training on an exercise bike can prepare you for marathons. This is because these machines can help you cope better with situations encountered in marathons. Furthermore, a healthy cardiovascular system boosts the supply of oxygen to your blood and supplies energy to your body. Also, exercise bikes helps reduce your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Lastly, these bikes can help lower your blood pressure.

6. Convenient and Cost Effective

Finally, an exercise bike is compact and doesn’t take up much physical space. Also, because they give an efficient workout, they allow you to make the most of your time. Furthermore, you can workout on an exercise bike while doing some other activity. For example, you can read a book, watch TV, or listen to music. Also, working out at home is usually much cheaper than paying gym fees. Moreover, because a good resistance bike is made from excellent materials it comes with an excellent warranty. Which means you can use the exercise bike to practice year after year. Lastly, these resistance bikes are not very expensive..

Types of Exercise Bikes

Below are some of the best exercise bikes for losing weight.

Upright Exercise Bikes

These are also referred to as static exercise bikes. This is the most common type of fitness equipment in your home. The position is like a regular two-wheel bike when practicing. Upright exercise bikes are the cheapest type of bike to buy for the home and can be an excellent entry-level option for anyone who does not practice regularly. If you are looking for a compact exercise bike, then an upright exercise bike is the best option for you. They are a great low-impact alternative that will improve muscle tone, strengthen your legs and provide a great cardio workout.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

In a recumbent bike you sit in a position so that your back is supported by the bike. The choice between upright or leaning exercise bikes is usually centered on relaxation exercises. Recoverable seats are similar to chairs without a saddle. People recovering from knee or back injuries also seem to benefit from a position rather than a steep bike. The exercise's focal point is slightly higher towards the glutes (bottom) and affects the lower abdominal muscles somewhat more than the vertical abdominal exercise bike.

Combination or Hybrid Exercise Bikes

Hybrid exercise bikes are a combination of steep and rearranged bikes to suit the whole family. With a variety of these or 2 in 1 exercise bikes, you can work a wide range of leg muscles and lower abdomen. Changing your exercise position may be better for your back and posture. These are good for becoming familiar with the bikes, but not if you want to test your fitness.

Indoor Cycling Bikes or Studio Bikes

If you are regularly cycling to work or training for an event, we recommend buying the indoor cycling bike. In fact, indoor cycling bikes  have a more comprehensive range of resistance levels than traditional exercise bikes. Also, indoor cycling bikes simulate gears and hills experienced by road bikes outdoors. Furthermore, these home training bikes are great for more vigorous workouts and training. The saddle is usually as high as the handlebars. Spin Bike, Spinner, or Spinning is a famous brand name for indoor cycling bikes. Finally, these bikes can be adapted to interactive exercise bikes with a pair of power paddles and a tablet or iPad.

Self-powered Exercise Bikes

Because self-powered exercise bike do not need any external energy source, you don't have to worry about having the bike near a power socket or getting entangled in the power cord. You can place these anywhere inside your home. The generator inside this machine generates all the energy needed to ride the bike. These bikes are usually more expensive than their externally powered counterparts due to the improved power system.

Peloton Workout: Is it Really Good?

Peloton Workout: Is it Really Good?

Why is peloton workout so popular? Is peloton really a good workout? These are questions which, if they have started getting to you, must mean that you are considering peloton workouts. But to answer the question, yes, the peloton is a good workout. And, that's probably the reason it is so popular.

A Peloton workout has numerous reasons as to why it is a good workout, and we will describe a few of them. Nevertheless, these workouts also have their drawbacks, which we will look into. This way, you can judge for yourself if these workouts are really worth it.

What are Peloton Workouts?

Peloton is basically a company that manufactures and sells bikes and treadmills, along with any accessory equipment that is associated with the two. Each Peloton exercise gear comes with a touchscreen. Now, this touchscreen enables you to access peloton workouts. Incidentally, the peloton on-demand workout sessions are basically free to peloton equipment owners. However, there are subscription fees for the live Peloton classes.

By the way, you don’t have to own peloton exercise gear to access these peloton workouts. In fact, with just a smart gadget and internet, you can stream peloton workouts for just $12.99 per month.

Is Peloton Really a Good Workout? Facts to Consider

We will concentrate on the features of peloton workouts, which bring out its strong points, or bring out its drawbacks.

1. Cost

To start with, Peloton workouts are never free. It is true that the on-demand classes are free for peloton equipment owners, but the equipment is worth a fortune.

While the Peloton treadmill goes for $4,295, a Peloton bike goes for $2,245, which is quite expensive compared to what's generally available. As though that is not enough, you have to subscribe for live classes, which will cost you about $39 every month. Incidentally, the live classes are among the top reasons you should consider a peloton, because the benefits are many.

Regrettably, if you don’t have a peloton machine, you cannot even have access to the on-demand classes, unless you subscribe for them. Subscriptions, however, are really cheap, as they go for only $12.99 per month.

On the plus side, a peloton machine is of high quality, and the durability is guaranteed. Also, after the initial purchase, you don’t have to worry about huge maintenance expenses. As for the subscriptions, imagine how much you would pay if you went to a spinning class. Around $20 per session? On the other hand, with a peloton subscription, you can have even have more than one session a day.

2. Peloton is Compatible with Accessories from Other Brands

That, the peloton machines are really expensive, we can all agree. However, you have a choice with the accessories. For example, you can use peloton bike accessories from other brands, and they will be compatible with peloton. And, these include shoes, cleats, water bottles, heart rate monitors, or even bike pedals.

So, given these options, the burden of equipment cost is reduced. Also, you can use other exercise gear, or even use the exercise gear that you already had before, like the exercise bike or treadmill.

3. The Peloton Community

Peloton definitely gives a feeling of a studio workout session. First off, the interaction among the peloton community is just impressive. If you are in the same class, you can make peloton friends, compete, and motivate each other, and even high-five each other after an excellent performance.

Next, Peloton's premium subscription gives you access to the peloton Leaderboard, where your performance metrics are posted. In fact, your metrics are displayed along with those of other member’s metrics, so you can see how you are faring compared to the rest of the class.

On top of that, peloton allows you the freedom to choose your preferred instructor. Better still, you may end up with a very awesome relationship with the instructor. In fact, you can ask them any question that you have concerning the workouts.

4. Peloton Allows You to Track Your Progress

Peloton tracks your heart rate, cadence, resistance, calories burned, and more from your workouts. Though with a peloton app workout you will not have access to the leaderboard. However, you can still connect your peloton heart rate monitor to the app.

This way, you will not just track your progress, but also gauge how far your heart and body is capable of going.

5. Numerous Workouts Available

Just because peloton sells treadmills and bikes doesn’t mean that they only concentrate on treadmill and bike workouts. In fact, there are so many different kind of workouts that you will not even go through them all. So, brace yourself for an adventure.

Whether you want meditation, yoga, walking, or road cycling, peloton will still have your back.

Furthermore, you can decide on the time you want to take your session, whether live, or on-demand. Peloton will go with your schedule, so you don’t have to change any appointments just to accommodate the workouts.

6. Bond as a Family with Peloton Workouts!

You can stream peloton on a number of television models. And, even those that are not on the list allow for peloton web streaming. Also, the television, being the largest screen in the house, allows any interested family member to participate in the workouts.

Since peloton workouts are more than just spinning and treadmill workouts, you can engage just about anyone in the house, creating a moment of bonding.

7. Peloton Equipment Workouts have Limits

Unfortunately, not everyone can ride on the peloton bike or train on the treadmill. In fact, there are weight limits and health limits.

For instance, if you are suffering from high blood pressure, you cannot spin on the peloton. Also, if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you cannot be on a bike.

Moreover, a longer time on the peloton bike could lead to leg and feet issues, just as with all spinning bikes. You may also develop lower back pain or intense knee pain, which should tell you that you should reduce your workouts on the peloton bike.

Final Verdict

Now that you have all you need to know about peloton workouts, you can make an informed decision. Is peloton a good workout? This is a question whose answer will depend on your personal experience, and all the best of luck!

BJJ Cardio Workout: Best

Best BJJ Cardio Workout

Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is actually a combat sport that took place in Japan. In fact, the main purpose of this martial arts was to teach you certain skills for your self-defense and self-discipline. So, keep on reading to find out more about BJJ cardio workout.


In BJJ training you learn how to knock down your opponent by taking him/her down to the floor and then taking the dominant position. Other than that, some people practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu as an exercise in order to develop strength, conditioning, and also to make their body stronger. So, once you start practicing it on a daily basis you will notice the drastic changes in your body. I mean you get physically and mentally more fit and strong.

Now, the main aim of BJJ training is to develop muscular endurance that you can utilize on the mat. Incidentally, cardio in BJJ also means balancing. I mean you don’t have to train on just one energy system in your body. Instead, you have to train everything in a smart way.

Along with that, cardio training is very important because it ensures great consumption of fat as a source of energy. This results from the bond between the intensity of the training and also utility of certain energy extracts.

So, in today’s blog, I will discuss the best cardio workouts, which you can practice for gaining muscular endurance and also body strength, for BJJ.


First, a sprint workout in BJJ is the sure-fire way to get into shape while spending minimal time doing your conditioning workout. This type of cardio workout, especially hill sprinting, has its own place in jiu-jitsu conditioning as it also makes you mentally stronger as well. Also, sprinting improves your athletic performance, boosts your power, preserves muscle mass, and increases your anabolic threshold.

How to do sprints?

From my point of view, because hill sprints make you mentally tougher and stronger, they are great for BJJ cardio.  So, follow the following steps in order to perform hill sprints.

  1. 1
    First, find a hill. In fact, look around for a hill that is 40 yards long.
  2. 2
    Second, go to that hill and get prepared with some warm-ups.
  3. 3
    Now it’s time to run. Typically do 4 to 10 reps total, depending upon your ability level.
  4. 4
    Finally, cool down and have some rest for muscle recovery.

By the way, before starting, make sure your outfit is sweat-wicking and comfortable.


The most common example of aerobic activity is long-distance running and cycling. The most important part of getting better in BJJ is to actually train BJJ skills, but running no doubt increases your strength and body endurance. Also, running prepares your body for the strain of moving between the aerobic and anaerobic workouts. However, additional training is also required, including strength training and actual BJJ sessions. Furthermore, running also improves circulation and helps to clear your mind as well. So if you are searching for the best cardio workout, running can be the best choice.


When summer starts, swimming is a great option as a cardio workout for BJJ. I actually started swimming for 1 hour per day and I felt a great change in my body in terms of cardio and breathing. Swimming is a great option as a cardio workout for jiu-jitsu. It’s a bit better than running and jogging because there is no impact on your ankles, knees, and hips.

After working out with jiu-jitsu, swimming actually helps your body to open up your back and shoulders. Also, swimming strengthens your body muscles as well. Furthermore, swimming enhances your heart rate. In addition, you tend to control your breath which makes you more relaxed.  In fact, in swimming you also practice how to have control over your breathing. And this breath control helps you a lot in jiu-jitsu competitions because controlled breathing plays a significant role in helping an athlete to develop a strong sense of discipline. Controlled breathing also helps to regulate emotions and your stress level as well, which leads to improved mental and physical health. So, you can clearly see that swimming teaches you how to practice breathing, and it’s also the best cardio workout for BJJ.


Cycling is the best low-impact way to work the aerobic system. The best grappler is the one who spends more time on the mat. If you can’t grapple that often and want to supplement your classes, activities like swimming, rowing, and climbing would be more specific to your sports, but cycling is fine also.

Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is the killer cardio workout that helps you to improve your coordination. Also, it helps you to boost up your metabolism, and makes you sweat like crazy. Various research also shows that rope jumping increases your metabolic rate 10 to 12 times above resting. It’s also a low-cost exercise that basically requires minimal space and little equipment.   So, when it comes to jumping a rope, it is one of the best cardio workouts that you can do. Either it’s 5 minutes or 45 minutes, rope jumping will always help you to get in shape. If you do it daily for 30 minutes, you will see your cardio and physical fitness improve tremendously.


Kettlebells are an amazing exercise for increasing your strength and conditioning for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They can also be used for various other goals such as strength, aerobic endurance, explosive power, and mobility as well. Besides that, kettlebells can also increase your heart rate just as much as typical cardio sessions. You can also use them in cardiovascular, strength, flexibility training, and many more. The benefits of kettlebells are infinite, so yes! Kettlebells is also a great choice cardio workout for BJJ.

Cardio Kickboxing: How Many Calories Burned in 20 Minutes?

How Many Calories do 20 Minutes of Cardio Kickboxing Burn?

First and foremost what is cardio kickboxing and what part does it play in calories burned. Well, the answers to both questions are given in the article below.

Exercise is good for health. In fact, we all have read about it. Moreover, there are many different kinds of exercises. And, each exercise has offers its own benefits. But, before selecting a proper exercise, you need to find out, in detail, about the exercise. Indeed, each exercise has some perks. For example, some are good for self-defense, others for building a stronger body, and some help with losing weight. So, for better understanding and even before starting the exercise, it is better to seek professional help.

Incidentally, according to a recent study, more than 60 percent of individuals who engage in any kind of workout only want to lose weight. Furthermore, where most people aim for shedding fat, others want to gain muscle. For example, some choose kickboxing, some simple boxing, Zumba, or any other fitness class. But, if you want to break a sweat you are interested in knowing how effective your exercise will be to meet your desires. Apart from this, your age, gender, metabolic rate, and overall workout also plays a very important role. Individual differences are there. But, you can guess how many calories you will be able to burn after trying out the workout. This will help you customize your overall workout, and you will be able to burn calories according to your desires.

In this article, we will discuss the calorie-burning rate of cardio kickboxing. Since kickboxing is not as famous as most combat-based workouts, it is very important to know in detail about kickboxing and how it is effective. This article will help you get an idea of calories burned by an average person.

What Is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio kickboxing is an organized exercise that requires a planned MMA-based workout consisting of a variety of punches and kicks. Also, cardio kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that is good for beginners as well as for professional athletes. In addition, this workout helps build stamina and endurance as well as it helps you increase the flexibility of your body. The best thing about kickboxing is the fact that it helps with burning extra calories. You will shed extra fat and your body will become lean and muscular.

Because most people confuse cardio kickboxing with kickboxing in general, it is important to know the difference between the two. Cardio kickboxing is usually an exercise-based class that is led by a kickboxing professional. The workout plan that is followed is highly choreographed consisting of basic elements of kickboxing that will help you in kickboxing as well. Meanwhile, kickboxing is a game just like simple boxing but with the inclusion of kicks.

This means that you are not only using your upper body but also your lower body. The basic maneuvers that are added to the kickboxing include both punches and kicks. Within cardio kickboxing, some of the main punches include jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. For the lower body engagement, you will also be able to practice known strikes, sidekicks, back kicks along with roundhouse kicks and front kicks.

With cardio kickboxing, you will also start with a warm-up session and end with a cool-down session. Meanwhile, cardio kickboxing sessions go from 30 to 60 minutes and everything is planned. All you need to do is follow the instructor and the rest is quite easy. Kickboxing doesn’t involve any physical contact. In fact, kickboxing is mostly like shadowboxing.

Best of all

The best thing about cardio kickboxing is that you can customize the intensity. You can either practice punching combinations or you can mix it with kicks and strikes as well. It all depends on the time, intensity, and type of exercises you include.

How many calories are burned in cardio kickboxing?

For cardio kickboxing, it all depends on the time and maneuvers that you use. Fitness experts say a relatively intense kickboxing session, of around 60 minutes, can help you burn about 900 calories. Also, you will be able to release your emotional baggage as well by engaging the whole body. Incidentally, using Harvard Health studies, someone weighing 125 pounds may be able to burn 200 calories in a 20-minutes session. Harvard Health has also reported that someone weighing 185 pounds may be able to burn over 400 calories in a 30-minutes session.

With the help of cardio kickboxing, you will not only just shed fat but also lose weight. This is a full aerobic workout plan that will help you lose weight as well as help you strengthen your body. Even if we compared cardio kickboxing with simple yet intense exercises like running, we will see that cardio kickboxing also consists of running.

If you compare cardio kickboxing with running-based exercises, you will see that it is better for cardio health as well as for weight loss. In case you want to lose weight, you need to start with simple cardio-based exercises that will help you perfect your technique as well as improve your health. Kickboxing helps you engage the whole body. Which means it is good for losing belly fat as well as strengthening your upper and lower body.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that cardio kickboxing is one of the best options for not only losing body fat but also for gaining muscle. For most people, kickboxing is the same as regular boxing. However, boxing mainly focuses on the upper body and with the lower body, you just use simple footwork. On the other hand, kickboxing will also help you improve the strength of your lower body. Where other workouts require you to spend more time on each exercise that only focuses on one group of muscles, cardio kickboxing, on the other hand, engages the whole body and you will be able to measure your progress as well. Overall, it is more about the time you spend and the quality of maneuvers you perform that will affect your calorie burned as well.

Meanwhile, other benefits of kickboxing include improved balance, better posture, stronger upper body and core, increased endurance, becoming more alert, better mood, and better hand-eye coordination.