Cardio Kickboxing: How Many Calories Burned in 20 Minutes?

cardio kickboxing

How Many Calories do 20 Minutes of Cardio Kickboxing Burn?

First and foremost what is cardio kickboxing and what part does it play in calories burned. Well, the answers to both questions are given in the article below.

Exercise is good for health. In fact, we all have read about it. Moreover, there are many different kinds of exercises. And, each exercise has offers its own benefits. But, before selecting a proper exercise, you need to find out, in detail, about the exercise. Indeed, each exercise has some perks. For example, some are good for self-defense, others for building a stronger body, and some help with losing weight. So, for better understanding and even before starting the exercise, it is better to seek professional help.

Incidentally, according to a recent study, more than 60 percent of individuals who engage in any kind of workout only want to lose weight. Furthermore, where most people aim for shedding fat, others want to gain muscle. For example, some choose kickboxing, some simple boxing, Zumba, or any other fitness class. But, if you want to break a sweat you are interested in knowing how effective your exercise will be to meet your desires. Apart from this, your age, gender, metabolic rate, and overall workout also plays a very important role. Individual differences are there. But, you can guess how many calories you will be able to burn after trying out the workout. This will help you customize your overall workout, and you will be able to burn calories according to your desires.

In this article, we will discuss the calorie-burning rate of cardio kickboxing. Since kickboxing is not as famous as most combat-based workouts, it is very important to know in detail about kickboxing and how it is effective. This article will help you get an idea of calories burned by an average person.

What Is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio kickboxing is an organized exercise that requires a planned MMA-based workout consisting of a variety of punches and kicks. Also, cardio kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that is good for beginners as well as for professional athletes. In addition, this workout helps build stamina and endurance as well as it helps you increase the flexibility of your body. The best thing about kickboxing is the fact that it helps with burning extra calories. You will shed extra fat and your body will become lean and muscular.

cardio kickboxing

Because most people confuse cardio kickboxing with kickboxing in general, it is important to know the difference between the two. Cardio kickboxing is usually an exercise-based class that is led by a kickboxing professional. The workout plan that is followed is highly choreographed consisting of basic elements of kickboxing that will help you in kickboxing as well. Meanwhile, kickboxing is a game just like simple boxing but with the inclusion of kicks.

This means that you are not only using your upper body but also your lower body. The basic maneuvers that are added to the kickboxing include both punches and kicks. Within cardio kickboxing, some of the main punches include jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. For the lower body engagement, you will also be able to practice known strikes, sidekicks, back kicks along with roundhouse kicks and front kicks.

With cardio kickboxing, you will also start with a warm-up session and end with a cool-down session. Meanwhile, cardio kickboxing sessions go from 30 to 60 minutes and everything is planned. All you need to do is follow the instructor and the rest is quite easy. Kickboxing doesn’t involve any physical contact. In fact, kickboxing is mostly like shadowboxing.

Best of all

The best thing about cardio kickboxing is that you can customize the intensity. You can either practice punching combinations or you can mix it with kicks and strikes as well. It all depends on the time, intensity, and type of exercises you include.

How many calories are burned in cardio kickboxing?

For cardio kickboxing, it all depends on the time and maneuvers that you use. Fitness experts say a relatively intense kickboxing session, of around 60 minutes, can help you burn about 900 calories. Also, you will be able to release your emotional baggage as well by engaging the whole body. Incidentally, using Harvard Health studies, someone weighing 125 pounds may be able to burn 200 calories in a 20-minutes session. Harvard Health has also reported that someone weighing 185 pounds may be able to burn over 400 calories in a 30-minutes session.

With the help of cardio kickboxing, you will not only just shed fat but also lose weight. This is a full aerobic workout plan that will help you lose weight as well as help you strengthen your body. Even if we compared cardio kickboxing with simple yet intense exercises like running, we will see that cardio kickboxing also consists of running.

If you compare cardio kickboxing with running-based exercises, you will see that it is better for cardio health as well as for weight loss. In case you want to lose weight, you need to start with simple cardio-based exercises that will help you perfect your technique as well as improve your health. Kickboxing helps you engage the whole body. Which means it is good for losing belly fat as well as strengthening your upper and lower body.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that cardio kickboxing is one of the best options for not only losing body fat but also for gaining muscle. For most people, kickboxing is the same as regular boxing. However, boxing mainly focuses on the upper body and with the lower body, you just use simple footwork. On the other hand, kickboxing will also help you improve the strength of your lower body. Where other workouts require you to spend more time on each exercise that only focuses on one group of muscles, cardio kickboxing, on the other hand, engages the whole body and you will be able to measure your progress as well. Overall, it is more about the time you spend and the quality of maneuvers you perform that will affect your calorie burned as well.

Meanwhile, other benefits of kickboxing include improved balance, better posture, stronger upper body and core, increased endurance, becoming more alert, better mood, and better hand-eye coordination.

BJJ Cardio Workout: Best

Best BJJ Cardio Workout

Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is actually a combat sport that took place in Japan. In fact, the main purpose of this martial arts was to teach you certain skills for your self-defense and self-discipline. So, keep on reading to find out more about BJJ cardio workout.


In BJJ training you learn how to knock down your opponent by taking him/her down to the floor and then taking the dominant position. Other than that, some people practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu as an exercise in order to develop strength, conditioning, and also to make their body stronger. So, once you start practicing it on a daily basis you will notice the drastic changes in your body. I mean you get physically and mentally more fit and strong.

Now, the main aim of BJJ training is to develop muscular endurance that you can utilize on the mat. Incidentally, cardio in BJJ also means balancing. I mean you don’t have to train on just one energy system in your body. Instead, you have to train everything in a smart way.

Along with that, cardio training is very important because it ensures great consumption of fat as a source of energy. This results from the bond between the intensity of the training and also utility of certain energy extracts.

So, in today’s blog, I will discuss the best cardio workouts, which you can practice for gaining muscular endurance and also body strength, for BJJ.


First, a sprint workout in BJJ is the sure-fire way to get into shape while spending minimal time doing your conditioning workout. This type of cardio workout, especially hill sprinting, has its own place in jiu-jitsu conditioning as it also makes you mentally stronger as well. Also, sprinting improves your athletic performance, boosts your power, preserves muscle mass, and increases your anabolic threshold.

How to do sprints?

From my point of view, because hill sprints make you mentally tougher and stronger, they are great for BJJ cardio.  So, follow the following steps in order to perform hill sprints.

  1. 1
    First, find a hill. In fact, look around for a hill that is 40 yards long.
  2. 2
    Second, go to that hill and get prepared with some warm-ups.
  3. 3
    Now it’s time to run. Typically do 4 to 10 reps total, depending upon your ability level.
  4. 4
    Finally, cool down and have some rest for muscle recovery.

By the way, before starting, make sure your outfit is sweat-wicking and comfortable.


The most common example of aerobic activity is long-distance running and cycling. The most important part of getting better in BJJ is to actually train BJJ skills, but running no doubt increases your strength and body endurance. Also, running prepares your body for the strain of moving between the aerobic and anaerobic workouts. However, additional training is also required, including strength training and actual BJJ sessions. Furthermore, running also improves circulation and helps to clear your mind as well. So if you are searching for the best cardio workout, running can be the best choice.


When summer starts, swimming is a great option as a cardio workout for BJJ. I actually started swimming for 1 hour per day and I felt a great change in my body in terms of cardio and breathing. Swimming is a great option as a cardio workout for jiu-jitsu. It’s a bit better than running and jogging because there is no impact on your ankles, knees, and hips.

After working out with jiu-jitsu, swimming actually helps your body to open up your back and shoulders. Also, swimming strengthens your body muscles as well. Furthermore, swimming enhances your heart rate. In addition, you tend to control your breath which makes you more relaxed.  In fact, in swimming you also practice how to have control over your breathing. And this breath control helps you a lot in jiu-jitsu competitions because controlled breathing plays a significant role in helping an athlete to develop a strong sense of discipline. Controlled breathing also helps to regulate emotions and your stress level as well, which leads to improved mental and physical health. So, you can clearly see that swimming teaches you how to practice breathing, and it’s also the best cardio workout for BJJ.


Cycling is the best low-impact way to work the aerobic system. The best grappler is the one who spends more time on the mat. If you can’t grapple that often and want to supplement your classes, activities like swimming, rowing, and climbing would be more specific to your sports, but cycling is fine also.

Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is the killer cardio workout that helps you to improve your coordination. Also, it helps you to boost up your metabolism, and makes you sweat like crazy. Various research also shows that rope jumping increases your metabolic rate 10 to 12 times above resting. It’s also a low-cost exercise that basically requires minimal space and little equipment.   So, when it comes to jumping a rope, it is one of the best cardio workouts that you can do. Either it’s 5 minutes or 45 minutes, rope jumping will always help you to get in shape. If you do it daily for 30 minutes, you will see your cardio and physical fitness improve tremendously.


Kettlebells are an amazing exercise for increasing your strength and conditioning for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They can also be used for various other goals such as strength, aerobic endurance, explosive power, and mobility as well. Besides that, kettlebells can also increase your heart rate just as much as typical cardio sessions. You can also use them in cardiovascular, strength, flexibility training, and many more. The benefits of kettlebells are infinite, so yes! Kettlebells is also a great choice cardio workout for BJJ.

Ping Pong Paddle – What’s a Good Price?

What's a Good Price for a Ping Pong Paddle?

The best price for a ping pong paddle depends on why you are buying it. For example, it may not be ideal to get an expensive ping pong paddle if you just want to play at home for fun. However, if you play to get a cardio workout or competitively and if you can afford it, why not?

Generally, a lot of ping pong players would want to get quality for their money. Therefore, it is better to get a ping pong paddle that will fit the purpose. In other words, let your level of playing and budget determine the kind of table tennis paddle you buy.

By the way, do you know the basic qualities of top ping pong paddles? And their price. So, let’s take a look!

How Paddles are Priced

Many players put paddles into 3 categories of quality. The first is your run-of-the-mill paddle that you can pick up at a general store like Walmart. These will cost you anywhere from $2 - $15. Most feel fairly cheap but do well for family games and players with minimal skill (especially kids who are just learning).

Your second tier are the high quality pre-made paddles. These are usually purchased from a specialty sports store and can range from $50 - $200 or more. Their quality is much more higher than their cheaper cousins and is reflected by the higher price range. But, overall the playing experience is much better. And, you can make them last for years if you’re careful with them and get accessories like a case.

The last tier are custom paddles. For example, the blade (bat) and rubber are purchased separately. And, you can customize them according to your playing style and needs. Now, these paddles can range anywhere from $150 up to $2,500 or more, depending on your budget. Incidentally, the highest priced paddles aren’t necessarily the best, it’s more about matching the equipment to your specific playing style.

Qualities of a Good Ping Pong Paddle

Like every ping pong equipment, a good paddle makes playing fun and exciting. As they say a good working tool makes the difference. So, you don't have to be worried about the handle of the paddle flying off while you're playing. If you must know, a quality paddle also improves your performance while playing a table tennis game.

A ping pong paddle without these qualities listed below is not worth spending a dime on.

  • Control: If you can't control the ping pong ball with your paddle effectively, then opt for another one. The ability to control the ball is key and very important. Imagine if all your serves fall short because the paddle doesn't offer the required control.
  • Speed and Spin: The quality of your paddle also affects the swiftness of your serves. No matter how fast your hand moves, a bad paddle will not generate the expected spin and speed to beat your opponent. 
  • Firm: If the paddle is wobbly, then reject it immediately. It may fly off your hand when you serve the ball.
  • Thickness: One of the materials used to make the ping pong paddle is rubber. In fact, thick rubber makes the ball bounce well on a ping pong table.

Components of a Ping Pong Paddle

The most noticeable components of a ping pong paddle are the rubber surface and handle. In case you don’t know, these components make a good ping pong paddle what it’s worth.

  • The Blade: Depending on the brand, a ping pong blade is usually made up of five to six layers of plywood. The blade consists of a mixture of soft and hard wood. Aside from a wooden blade, some manufactures also use carbon materials to manufacture a ping pong blade. Although carbon blades are good too, wooden blades are largely preferred because of their durability and their ability to offer much more control.
  • Rubber: Most often, the rubber used to cover the blade is pimpled. Sometimes synthetic or natural rubbers are used to cover the blade. The density of the rubber surface is often ten to thirty per square centimeter. A very thick rubber surface generates more speed and spin. Furtherore, some paddles have a different rubber coating on both sides. Whichever the case, verify that the rubber is very thick.
  • Handle: A firm handle makes the difference when playing ping pong. Depending on your preference, you can opt for flared, straight, or an anatomic handle. Usually, your grip style and pattern should determine the kind of handle you go for. 

Top-notch Ping Pong Paddles

Instead of reading reviews and opinions why not opt for these ping pong paddles. A few have been chosen to meet any level of playing. Let’s take a sneak peek!

• Butterfly 401

If you are a beginner at ping pong, you can opt for Butterfly 401. It offers speed and spin. Therefore, if you are running low on budget, you can opt for this paddle. Most pros often started with Butterfly 401.

• DHS-Hurricane-II

This paddle is the best option for pros. Because of its amazing features, DHS-Hurricane is widely used by professional ping pong players around the world. If you are attack-minded, then opt for this ping pong paddle. To move a little step up from the Butterfly 401, DHS-Hurricane-II is a great option.

• Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL

Apart from being the most expensive paddle here, Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL offers incredible speed, spin, and firm control. It’s perfect for looping and best for offensive ping pong players. It is also designed with Tenergy 80 FX features.

Final Word

Don’t get carried away with the price of the ping pong paddle. Simply ensure that it offers you the features you need to better your game. As a beginner, what matters is your ability to develop your ping pong skills.

Use lesser grades of ping pong paddle to train. That way you will appreciate a high-quality paddle more: starting small is always the best.

Cardio at Home Without Equipment – Exercises to Stay Fit

Cardio Exercises You Can Practice at Home Without Equipment

The heart is the powerhouse in our body. In fact, a healthy heart will, most likely, translate to a healthy life. Therefore, it is imperative that we do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy heart. And, one of the ways to do this is by eating low fat meals. Meanwhile, another way is to do cardio at home without equipment.

But, what exactly is cardio? Indeed, cardio, in short, are simply exercises that increase your heart rate. Moreover, cardio exercises have a plethora of advantages. From improving blood circulation to controlling cholesterol levels, cardio workouts basically keep you alive and healthy. In this article, we will explore some cardio exercises that you can do right in the comfort of your home.

Squat Jump

Now, doing a squat is a cardio exercise. But, so is jumping. So, when you combine both, it becomes a pretty effective cardio exercise. Furthermore, this cardio exercise requires a minimal amount of space. This is because you will be almost in the same physical location on the floor. 

To do this, first you stand erect with your hands stretched out. Bend your knees and get in a squatting position. Next, jump from the squatting position, and squat on your way down. And, repeat this sequence for the duration of the workout.. Incidentally, doing the squat jump for 15 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.

Jump Rope

Tiffany Haddish, an American comedian once said, "Nobody messes with a girl that skips". I think that's quite a good incentive to skip.

Though more common among women, jump rope, or skipping is used by professional athletes to stay fit. Skipping can be done anywhere, with a simple rope that can be purchased anywhere.

To practice this, hold the two ends of a rope; one with each hand. Next, flip the rope over your head and then below your feet, jumping up just before the rope is about to make contact with your feet. Doing this for just 20 minutes can burn as much as 220 calories.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, much like jump rope is a familiar childhood playground activity. This is a very simple exercise that can be done right in your home, with very little space and absolutely no equipment necessary.

So, if you wanted to have a 30-minute workout session, you could do a little bit of jumping jacks, and a little bit of jump rope and jump squats to spice it up.

To do this workout, simply stand with your feet together and your arms placed straight down by your sides. Next, jump and spread your legs apart. At the same tie, lift your arms so the palms come close together over your head. Next, go back to the initial starting position with your feet together and arms straight down by your sides. Repeat in a quick succession. Doing this for only 10 minutes can burn as many as 100 calories.

Jogging in Place

An outdoor run is definitely a lot of fun, but what if it was raining, or snowing heavily? There would be no satisfaction of coming back home all sweaty. The good news is that you can still jog in your home, and you can do so without a treadmill.

This doesn't involve a lot of activity. All you need to do is jog in a stationary position. But it definitely gets your heart pumping. That, after all, is the purpose of any cardio exercise. By the way, it is better to put on your shoes to support your feet. Also, put on good shoes to avoid injuring your feet. 

If this sounds a little boring, and you happen to have some change, you can buy a very affordable treadmill with pretty impressive features including a multi-function LCD screen that provides you real-time data about your workout.


An opportunity to exercise your cardiovascular muscles and your soul at the same time has got to be the ideal workout experience. Jogging in place sounds a little too boring for you? If so, crank up the music and start dancing.

This can absolutely be fun, perhaps the ultimate experience for an indoor cardio. Dancing gets your heart beat faster, and as a bonus can also help build your muscles.

You really don't need instructions as to how to move your body to a song. But if you want to learn some new moves, or get a structured lesson, there are a lot of videos online to help you do that. Incidentally, dancing for 30 minutes can burn as much as 150 calories.


If you are athletic, and you want to really feel the adrenaline rush that comes with cardio exercises, then kickboxing is just the thing for you.

Kickboxing has an exhaustive list of pros, and that includes therapeutic advantages in getting rid of anger and stress. You can do this in the comfort of your home. In fact, a punching bag is all you need for a kickboxing session.

Kickboxing, as the name implies involves a mixture of boxing and karate. Doing this for just 10 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.


There are quite a number of other cardio exercises ranging from simple to difficult that you can do at home with zero equipment: Touch toes, speed skaters, crab walk, lateral shuffles, butt kicks, high knees, running the stairs, and even burpees.

You can try whatever works for you, a combination of two or three exercises for a few minutes every day is sufficient.

Recent study has shown that drinking coffee before workout has a number of advantages both during and after a workout.

Caffeine makes you more alert, reduces muscle pain during exercise and even helps consume less cholesterol post workout. Be sure to get a coffee maker that makes an espresso with cafe quality macrofoam and have yourself a cup of coffee before you work out.

Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

The efficiency and effectiveness of providing a low-impact cardio workout make the rowing machine popular in gyms and fitness clubs. In fact, rowing machines can build your endurance, power, and strength. Also, rowing machines are great for pumping your heart and burning calories. Moreover, people of all ages and body sizes can use it to get full-body workout. But, if you work out with all the wrong techniques, you will gain nothing. Rather you will hurt or injure yourself. So, we are presenting 6 common rowing machine mistakes along with tips on how to avoid them.

How to Row with Good Form

First, you should know how to properly row a rowing machine.

The Catch

Before you start rowing, first start with a proper set-up and body position. So, keep your arms straight, with your head in a neutral position, and both shoulders at the same level. Next, lean the upper body (from the hips and above) forward, engage the core, and fully stretch the legs. Furthermore, shins should be placed vertically, and lift the heels as needed. By the way, this position will help you push the machine with full power and initiate the drive phase to start the stroke.

The Drive Phase

Once your back is vertical, and your legs are fully stretched, pull the handle towards your torso. Applying force through the legs, push off from the machine and hinge the hip backward about 45°. Look out for the proper sequencing of body movements like legs, arms, shoulders, hips, and core.

The Finish Phase

The "Finish" is the resetting position that is the converse of the catch position. Don’t rest here too long. Keep your legs stretched, leaning the back and shoulders away from the legs. Also, your hands should be gripping the handle, with elbows tucked toward the torso.

The Recovery Phase

At this stage, do the drive movements in reverse order so that you can return to the catch position. To bring the torso over the legs, just extend the arms and hinge forward the hips. After that, bend your knees.

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

1. Forgetting to Check the Damper Setting

One of the first rowing machine mistakes many make is when they sit down without adjusting the rowing machine's damper setting. The damper setting is adjusted by a lever placed on the air resistant flywheel’s side. With the lever at the higher-setting, the machine will behave more like a rowboat. This setting can exhaust your body muscles even before getting in a solid cardio workout.

The Fix: A higher damper setting will make it harder on your body. So, if you are new to rowing, it is best to start with a setting between three to five.

2. Rowing with only Using Arms

Rowing using only the arms puts too much pressure on the arms, back, and shoulder. This can cause serious body injury.

The Fix: With a rowing machine, 60 percent of the power should be generated by pushing the legs. Another 40 percent comes from engaging the core and pulling the handle with your arms. So, for each stroke, you have to use leg power to push off the foot.

3. Mixing up the Operation Order

Firing the legs and arms simultaneously may feel like the right process while rowing. But, by doing this, you will put unnecessary stress or strain on the upper body.

The Fix: For rowing stroke, follow these three processes. First, push off the foot with your legs. Then, lean slightly back at the hips and pull the arms toward your chest. Incidentally, the correct place to pull your hands is below the ribs. Once the handle is pulled, go back to the starting position. Repeat this over and over.

4. Hunching Your Back During the Stroke

During the stroke, many people bend or hunch their back rather than sitting straight up or tall.

The Fix: You should focus on sitting tall with a straight posture. To do that, engage your core or turn on the abdominal muscles. Relax your shoulder and make a neutral position of the spine.

5. Banging the Butt Into Your Heels

If your strokes are too fast, your body will jerk forward uncontrollably. As the seat keeps slamming into the rower’s front side, the body starts jerking.

The Fix: Pay attention to the stroke timing to regain control. The ratio of the stroke should be a 1:2 count. At the time of the stroke’s second-half, your body should be relaxed and controlled. With a calm and collected recovery, you can easily prevent the seat from smashing.

6. Shooting the Butt Out and Jerking the Upper Body Back

When your legs push quickly and cause you to shoot out the rear ahead, your upper body will awkwardly try to catch up. If this extra work causes your top half to jerk, then the stroke will be less effective. Also, it can increase the risk of injury.

The Fix: Engage your abs and keep the hands or feet connected. The engaged core can smoothly connect the upper and lower body movement. For efficient rowing, your body should have a controlled and deliberate posture with muscles activated.

Final Verdict

With a rowing machine, you can effectively increase your strength and endurance and get a full-body workout. This machine works out not only your lower body muscles but also all major muscle groups. By using this amazing equipment, you can maintain an active and fit lifestyle.

A rowing machine is the ideal choice to burn extra fat and get a good low-impact cardio workout. Having proper form while rowing will decrease the risk of injury and speed up your fitness journey.

There is no question, rowing is a great cardio workout that uses muscles in the upper and lower body. However , because it uses so much of your upper body and lower body muscles to give you a cardio workout, it is an exhausting workout to undertake. In fact, if you go to your local gym regularly, it is a rare occasion that you ever see the rowing machines being used. This is because the usual clientele in the gym are those with regular jobs, housewives, students, and others who want an "easy" cardio or muscle workouts. Having said that, rowing workouts are great for athletes in schools, colleges, other professional sports who need to be on top of their game.

Peloton or MYX Spin Bike – What’s The Best?

Peloton or MYX Spin Bike - What's The Best?

Are you looking to buy the best spin bike at less price? And, are you caught between the Peloton or MYX spin bike? If you are, then you are in the right place. Now, Peloton is the elite spin bike that's been a market leader for some time. On the other hand, the MYX spin bike is a new addition to the market. But, for many, it has become a difficult choice. In this article, I am going to discuss every feature and benefit of each of these spin bikes. And I will tell you which one of Peloton or MYX is perfect for you.

Health benefit of spin cycling 

Most of all, a spin bike is a great exercising machine. In fact, the spin bike helps in many ways and has great health benefits.

First, a spin bike is excellent for burning calories. Also, besides burning calories, it helps increase your cycling performance and helps you lose weight. Furthermore, a spin bike is a great way to get a cardio workout. In fact, when it comes to heart health, nothing can be better than a spinning workout. Incidentally, the spin bike helps improve heart health, lower heart rate, and increase heart pumping capacity. Also, spinning helps stabilize your heart rate in stressful or anxiety provoking situations.

Second, depending on what you want, the spin bike can give you a workout ranging from a low-intensity workout to a high-intensity workout.

Third, the smooth movements of spin cycling strengthen joints and bones. Thus, it is an effective workout option for people with injuries.

Fourth, spinning helps to strengthen lower body muscles and legs. Incidentally, if you really want to strengthen your legs increase the resistance setting on the bike.

Fifth, the chances of injuries with the spin bike are low. Also, the spin bike gives you a low-impact workout. Therefore, getting injures from spinning are low compared to other workouts like running on a treadmill.

Sixth, the spin bike significantly helps reduce stress. In fact, ,just sit on the bike and spin for 30 to 40 minutes to get relief from stressful situations.

Lastly, the spin bike is probably the best way to increase endurance. However, you can't  increase endurance just by few sessions on the spin bike. In fact, to increase endurance, work out with the spin bike regularly.

Head-to-head comparison 

This section contains a comparison of MYX and Peloton bikes.

First, MYX or Peloton bikes are similar in design. However, the MYX bike is more flexible than the Peloton bike. For example, the MYX bike's adjustable handlebars make it more comfortable to use.

Second, both bikes have the same screen size. However, the MYX bike’s screen rotates. On the other hand, Peloton’s basic version doesn’t have this capability. However, the Peloton's plus version comes with a screen that rotates. But, its more expensive than the basic version.

Third, the MYX bike uses friction resistance. On the other hand, a Peloton bike uses the recommended magnetic resistance. Moreover, you won’t experience any difference, between the two, unless you use the bikes standing on the pedals i.e. without sitting in the seat. Also, if you are a recreational or beginner, then it won’t make any difference to you.

Fourth, the Peloton bike offers live classes, but MYX bike doesn’t offer any live classes right now. However, they have plans for live classes in the near future.

Fifth, because MYX is focused on competing on a personal level, it doesn’t offer options to compete with others. On the other hand, Peloton offers competition with other members through the leaderboard.

Finally, a Peloton bike doesn’t allow a choice between the instructor and music independently. On the other hand, a MYX bike, lets you choose between the instructor and music. Consequently, if you love to listen to music while riding, then this is a big deal for you. 

MYX bike complete insight 

Design and build quality 

First, this bike is built with durable material that feels premium from its looks. Also, it is a compact and quiet bike.

Second, from a design perspective, it is very simple. For example, it features a moveable handlebar which you can adjust according to your needs.

Third, a touch screen display is mounted over the handlebar. Also, the screen rotates a full 360 degrees and tilts up and down. This means you can position the display according to your comfort. So, when you’re out of the bike and exercising on the floor, you can rotate the screen so you face the screen.

Fourth, the bike weighs only 150 pounds with the display and 130 pounds without the display.

Finally, this bike is recommended for people with a height of  4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches.


The bike has the following features

  • First, it is a beautiful bike and comes in two colors: gray or white.
  • Second, it comes with a 21.5 inches touch screen full HD display. 
  • Third, the pedals come with toe cages and SPF clips.
  • Fourth, the touch screen rotates 360-degrees.
  • Also, it has the option to hold two water bottles.
  • In addition, it can be used by anyone weighing up to 350 lbs.
  • Furthermore, you can select between the instructor and music.
  • Next, the workout lessons cover a wide range of workout videos beside cycling.
  • Also, it features a heart rate monitoring system.
  • Finally, it is easy to maneuver as it is compact and lightweight.

With the plus package, the MYX bike comes with the following features.

First, it comes with six weight sets, a kettlebell, bike stabilizing mat, exercising mat, resistance band, and foam roller.

Also, you have options to choose different weight sizes such as light, medium, and heavy.

In addition, the size of the stabilizing mat is 24 by 48 inches, and the exercising mat is 48 by 72 inches.

Meanwhile, the light kits consist of 3-, 6-, and 9-pound dumbbells and 15-pound kettlebell, the medium kits come with 6-, 9-, and 12 pounds dumbbells and 20 pounds kettlebell, and heavy kits comprise 9-, 12-, and 15 pounds dumbbells and 25 pounds kettlebell.  

Finally, all of the weights are covered with rubber coating, which makes it easy to hold and looks nice on the mat.


MYXfitness offers two price options; the first one is basic, and the other the plus. The basic version only has one heart rate monitor. And, if you don’t have weights, you should go with the plus version. In fact, the plus version includes weight sets and mats. Also, besides buying the bike, you need to buy the fitness class membership, which has a monthly subscription cost.

Peloton bike complete insights 


First, the Peloton bike is a compact and simple bike. Also, it is made from of high strength steel, which makes it durable. In addition, the build quality is great. Furthermore, the Peloton is close to being completely quiet.

Second, it comes in black and red color. Also, both handlebars and the seat are adjustable. In fact, you can adjust both according to your comfort.

Third, the touch screen display is above the handlebars. Also, the screen rotates 180-degree. However, the screen in the basic model doesn’t move side by side.

Fourth, under the handlebar, there are places for holding two water bottles.

Fifth, there is an orange color knob to manually control the resistance.

Sixth, the transport wheels are located on the front, which helps to move it easily.

Next, the Peloton weighs 140 pounds.

Finally, it is recommended for people who are 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh up to 297 pounds.


Here are some features that make Peloton stand out among others.

  • First, Peloton’s live class program is the best you can get right now. Even MYXfitness doesn’t have live classes right now.
  • Second, it comes with a live leaderboard. And, this leaderboard allows competition with other people in the live workout. Indeed, this is the best feature for you if you think the workouts are boring. 
  • Third, the basic Peloton comes with a 21.5 inches full HD touch screen display. Meanwhile, the plus model comes with a 24.5 inches full HD touch screen display.
  • Fourth, the pedals are clips only. Which means if you don’t buy shoes, then you should buy toe cages.
  • Next, it features dual water bottles.
  • Also, the trainers are great. Most of all they keep always motivating.
  • In addition, you have access to all of their high-quality video instructions.
  • Furthermore, the Peloton comes with magnetic resistance.
  • Now, the basic Peloton version’s screen only moves up and down. So, iyou want the screen to move side to side, then you should choose the plus version, as it comes with a swivel screen.
  • However, the Peloton doesn’t have the option for switching between instructor channel and music independently.
  • Finally, shipping takes four to nine weeks and comes with its own costs.

By the way, the basic version of the Peloton doesn’t come with any accessories. So, if you want accessories, you would have to buy essential and family packages. Now, the essential packages include a pair of shoes and headphones. Meanwhile, the family packages include a bike, mat, and heart rate monitor besides shoes and headphones. 


Peloton offers three pricing packages. The starting package includes only the bike. Meanwhile, the essential package includes the bike, pair of shoes and headphones. Lastly, the family package includes the bike, mat, heart rate monitor, pair of shoes, and headphones. Meanwhile, membership has a monthly subscription cost.

Final opinions

Most of all, if you are a pro cyclist, then Peloton could be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re someone like me who needs a spin bike for a home workout or use it occasionally, then MYX is the best option for you.

But if you are more concerned with value, you can go with the MYX because you get more value for the price. Lastly, the popularity of MYX is increasing day by day, and it is considered to be the best budget spin bike.

Benefits of Road Bike Riding on Your Health

Health Benefits of Road Bike Riding

Road bike riding has become a great alternative to driving a car or using public transportation. In fact, Sweden's capital of Stockholm, has special paths dedicated for road bikes throughout the city. Moreover, these paths are extensively used by the population as a substitute for cars and public transportation. Road bikes are great because they are the faster than other types of bikes. In fact, they have narrow tires and large-diameter wheels, which contributes to their speed. Additionally, they have an ergonomic design and are built to last. In addition, as described below, there are many health benefits to road bike riding. However, if you plan on using a road bike frequently, it is important to adjust the road bike to your body. This will make it safe for you to use the road bike and get the most benefits from using it.

Now, many of the benefits attributed to road bike riding are described below.

Low Impact Workout

First and foremost, road bike riding is a low impact workout. In fact, it causes less strain or injuries than many other workouts. However, it is necessary to pedal with caution so you don't get in an accident or fall off the bike.

Easy on the Joints

Second, because the seat supports your body weight, a road bike is easier on your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

Improves Joint Mobility

Third, the mobility of the knee and hip joints improves because of the smooth circular motion of the pedals.

Lower Body Workout

Fourth, a road bike gives you an excellent lower body workout. In fact, it targets your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves to make your legs stronger.

Builds Muscles

Fifth, cycling helps build quadriceps and hamstrings in the upper leg, as well as the gastrocnemius and soleus in the calf. Incidentally, when you ride a bicycle, the quadriceps and hamstrings do most of the work.

Builds Stamina

Incidentally, regularly riding a bicycle helps build up your stamina.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Also, riding a road bike gives you a low impact cardiovascular workout to keep your body healthy. Furthermore, cycling is an effective aerobic activity that engages your lungs and heart. So, if you cycle frequently, you will have lower risks of getting cardiovascular disease or cancer. In addition, cycling prevents high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and other similar health conditions.

Helps you Lose Weight

Now, regular use of the road bike can help lower your body fat composition. Which, in turn, helps your lose weight. Also, studies suggest that regular sprinting with a road bike and strength training may increase your metabolism and build/maintain muscles including lean muscles.. Which, in turn, allows you to burn more calories, even while at rest.

Reduce Stress

Cycling can help you reduce stress. In fact, cycling can lower the levels of your body’s stress hormone, cortisol. Furthermore, getting on your bike can relieve tension in your body. Meanwhile, those who regularly cycle or ride their road bike have a significantly lower risk of feeling stressed.

Also, any time you engage in workouts, your body releases endorphins, which give you relief from stress. Moreover, when you exercise outdoors, your body releases serotonin on top of endorphins that manage stress hormones. As a result, you stress levels go down and your mood improves.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Now, cycling releases our "feel good" hormones known as endorphins In fact, these hormones help relax your mind and make you feel happier. As a result, road biking boosts your mood and reduces your feelings of anxiety and depression.

Helps Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Studies, show that cycling has a positive effect on total cholesterol. In fact, it may boost HDL, the "good" cholesterol levels while lowering LDL the "bad" cholesterol levels, as well as triglyceride levels.

Improves Balance

Next, as you stabilize your body and keep your bike upright, you will improve your overall balance and coordination. Now, inactivity and aging can affect your balance. However, regular use of a road bike, will improve your balance. As a result, you are better able to prevent falls and fractures.

Improves Posture and Coordination

Finally, when you are on a road bike, with the handles in front of you, you are forced to keep your back straight as you look forward. In fact, the need to grasp the handlebars and pedal engages your body even if you are leaning forward. By the way, this position also strengthens your lower back muscles.

Meanwhile, riding a bike requires hand eye coordination to control the bike's movement with hands in response to what the eyes see.


However, you get the best experience with a road bike if you go on a bike trail surrounded by open spaces, trees, streams, etc. So, for those that have access to such trails should consider themselves very fortunate. On the other hand, others have to contend with less than ideal circumstances.  Consequently, they have to be cautious, which unfortunately takes road biking away from being the best experience. Meanwhile those living in a city have it the worst. May be for them, an exercise bike at home or in the local gym would serve them better.

Final Words

In conclusion, people use a road bike for many reasons. They use it as a means of commuting, for recreation, to get a workout, to stay active, or for competitive reasons. Regardless of the reasons you get on your two wheel road bike, you will enjoy the many health benefits, staying active, be in good physical and mental condition as well as a state of well-being.

How to Fit Bike: Steps that Help Fit Yourself to Exercise Bike

How to Properly Fit Yourself to an Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is great for low-impact, high-intensity cardio also, building strength and endurance. However, to get the most benefits, you have to make sure that the exercise bike properly fits your body. As an example, for a taller person, it is essential to choose the best exercise bike that works well with the tall person.

Also, it is necessary to suit the bike with your height. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself, and it will be challenging to work out properly. So, here we will share some knowledge for choosing the perfect fitted bike for you.

Types of Exercise Bike

Now, exercise bikes fall into three categories: recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and indoor cycles.

Recumbent Bikes

These bikes are popular for their recline designs. In fact, recumbent bikes provide a chair-like seat, which allows you to lean back when pedaling. Also, its handlebars fixed at the seat side, and pedals are in front of the feet. Incidentally, this type of bike is well known for reducing stress on knees, low-intensive workouts, and fixing back issues.

Upright Bikes

Next, an upright bike is the traditional bike used in the gym or home gyms. By the way, an upright bike provides the smallest footprint, is easy to transport, and has a minimal design. Also, these bikes are best for lower body workouts. Meanwhile, few models offer upper body workouts. Finally, upright bikes ensure solid cardio workouts.

Indoor Cycle

Finally, there are a few differences between upright bikes and indoor cycles. For example, the indoor cycle’s handlebars are placed in a forward direction. Also, an indoor cycle allows users to engage more muscles by standing while cycling. Lastly, these bikes provide fewer features because they run without electricity.

How to Properly Fit Yourself to a Exercise Bike

The two vital factors for choosing an exercise bike are suitability and comfort. It is tough to get a suitable exercise bike that correctly fits you. But considering some features, you can easily ensure the comfort and suitability for you. These features are:

Adjustable Seat Height

An exercise bike should perfectly match the user’s height. While looking for an exercise bike, make sure seat height adjusts with your height. Put your hand palm lying flat on top of the bike seat and thumb on top of your hip bone. This is the easiest method for adjusting your height.

Another technique is sitting onto the bike, placing your heels on the bike pedal, and starting hopping. Make sure your knee should slightly bend about 5 to 35 degrees. If your knee has a slight bend, then for you it is the correct seat height. These methods are adequate for both short and tall people.

Distance Between Pedal and Handle

There must be enough gap between the pedal and handle. It will ensure free riding and won’t allow knocking your knees with the handle. Therefore, before purchasing, check the position of handlebars adequately. So that you can bend your elbows comfortably while riding. Ensure that the bike has straps to hold your feet on the pedals. It will allow a smooth pedal stroke.


Resistance occurs with the feeling of tension when you pedal the bike. Exercise bikes consist of three types of resistance, such as magnetic, mechanical, and strap-based resistance. Mostly, lower-end bikes use strap-based resistance. The strap is attached to its flywheel.

When this strap tightens the flywheel, it causes more resistance. With mechanical resistance, rubber pads are placed on the top or side of the flywheel. When you turn the tension knob, then the flywheel creates friction, which causes higher levels of resistance.

In magnetic resistance, two magnet’s position is close to the flywheel. With the increasing tension, knob magnets get closer and speed up the resistance. It requires very minor maintenance and provides a smooth ride.


Always consider a bright display and easy to control buttons. The display will show your real workout progress. For example, speed, calories burnt, resistance level, heart rate, distance time. The computer console can display your left and right leg power. It will allow users to know efficiency and identify muscle imbalance.


Consider those features that can provide comfort while biking. Like the padded seat, the width of the seat, backrest, padded handles, etc. A padded seat will assure a flexible sitting position. Padded handles ensure strong and comfortable grips of hands. Choose an open frame bike so that you can get on and get down easily.


Make sure that the bike comes with some accessories. You may consider built-in fans, acoustic sound system, water bottle holder, remote control cups, and magazine stand accessories. Fans will flow air while biking to ensure coolness.

When feeling bored or tired while biking, listen to music from its sound system. Some other aspects that you may consider are programming, durability, warranty. And most importantly, confirm that the bike has a safety lock. If it doesn’t have any lock, keep it away from children.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes provide huge benefits for users. It offers a simple but massively effective workout. Some key benefits are given below.

  • Strengthen various muscles like the hamstring, leg, thigh, back part of your body.
  • Exercise bikes are best for toning legs.
  • Its low impact exercise is beneficial for joints and all levels of fitness.
  • Very effective for weight loss by burning calories.
  • It can help to regulate blood pressure, strengthen the heart and lungs.
  • It is the most effective form of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Easy to use, need less maintenance.
  • With an indoor bike, you don’t need to go outside.
  • Folding bikes are compact, so you can fold it and store it in cupboards if you want.
  • An exercise bike requires minimal space. So, you can keep it anywhere.


A perfectly fitted exercise bike can keep you physically fit. Also, prevent unnecessary injuries. But an imperfect exercise bike can cause extreme harm to your body. It can cause soreness, numbness, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and many more. So, before investing, make sure to find the most fitted one for you. In this article, we tried to cover all the facts that you should consider when purchasing an exercise bike.

Treadmill for Home: Which Brand is Best

Which Brand Treadmill Is Best for Home: 3 Best Leading Treadmills in the Market

You can find a lot of interesting things in the market when you design a home gym. For example, there are things like mounting mirrors on the room walls, or hanging punching bags to get a workout or release pent up energy. And, some even work out in the living room. But the improvements in the at-home fitness scene have been as lasting as the treadmill, with few alternative options. Incidentally, these home gyms are fantastic for maintaining aerobic health, training you for road races like the 2 or 5 miler, or supplementing your weekly workouts — especially for those that don’t often have time to walk.

Saving the Environment

Moreover, these home gyms avoids the need to drive to a local gym as many times as you work out in a week. So, you do your part by avoiding driving. Which not only saves you time, but also avoids polluting the air from burning hydrocarbons.

Treadmills Best for Home

Now, treadmills are incredibly easy to use relative to other forms of workout gear. You just run or walk on the belt, at any pace you want. Meanwhile, a motor will drive the belt under your feet. Yet treadmills come with a wide variety of features to help you achieve just the sort of workout and health benefits you need. Furthermore, treadmills are innovative with high-tech features like a touchscreen monitor and live-streamed workout programs.

At a range of price points, we have featured a selection of treadmill styles, to help you find the right one. However, be mindful that treadmills are pricey and less expensive ones do not necessarily last or work long enough. The main body of this guide mainly includes insights into which brand treadmill is best for home.

The top 3 treadmills out there in the market are reviewed below.

1. The ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

First, the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill has a fantasy running simulator which is appropriately flexible for a casual runner. So, those that are looking for a treadmill with good all-round skills and a range of helpful features will enjoy the fairly priced ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill.

Features and Benefits
  • It features a 3.5-hour engine that can handle everyday use and has a 22 inches by 60 inches belt deck suitable for most users.
  • You will love the potential of this treadmill to provide a 15 percent rising incline and a 3 percent declining slope, which replicates hills more than any other treadmill when you are practicing for races with hills.
  • The ProForm Pro also has a variety of other features, including a 7-inch monitor that supports iFit training, an iPod music port, and several fitness applications.
  • ProShox Cushioning reduces impact on runners.
  • Good engine
  • Wide 22 inches by 60 inches running belt
  • Both uphill and downhill training,
  • Good interval features for training
  • Disappointing customer service

2. The SOLE Treadmill

SOLE is most popular brand in treadmills. It provides better efficiency and runs slower than other treadmills. The SOLE treadmill offers a kind of silent efficiency. It not only supports large or heavy runners, but also has the same consistency, at a cost of over $3,000.

Features and Benefits
  • It features several pre-programmed training sessions and a fitness test. The pace and elevation configurations, heart rate management and training personalization are available. This workhorse is fitted with a powerful motor and powerful rollers.
  • It has features you would expect of a treadmill with such a fantastic price point. It also makes a much easier and enjoyable running experience possible. So, if you can afford the consistency, exercise, and vast training material, this makes it one of our favorite treadmills on the market.
  • It’s still pretty pricey, but it is for professional runners who want a lifelong treadmill.
  • A solid steel frame with heavy weight
  • A large treadmill belt
  • A large engine that compares with treadmills found at fitness centers
  • Creative style
  • Smooth operation
  • Simple to use dials
  • Some models have very high price-points
  • Very hard to transport in cars

3. The Peloton Tread+

It has a steep price but offers the same high-quality standard training courses and a significant amount of content, enthusiasts expect as in its famous stationary cycle workouts.

Peloton has given his name to his famous stationary bike and fitness lessons for the last few years by peddling (and simply pedaling). The organization used Tread+ to have a high-quality treadmill experience using this tested and proven formula.

Features and Benefits
  • The Tread+ has both an intuitive interface and an interactive monitor that varies from conventional treadmills. The machine has two dials in both handles, one for raising or decreasing speeds and one for increasing or reducing the angle of incline. Each dial rotates smoothly enough to allow you to change the metric easily with the speed or tilt quickly.
  • The careful Peloton concept also applies to its low-impact, shock-absorbing belt, which is not noisy when racing.
  • Without a huge front-centre monitor and Tread+ there is little distinction. A glorious 32-inch tactile display does not complete a Peloton workout device. The screen shows where the Peloton magic resides so it will play live and pre-programmed classes and shows the class stats such as time and size, and is your Peloton Material library navigation tool.
  • It has a suspension mechanism for Ortho Flex Shock that minimizes the impact tension of runners and the 22 by 62″ framework is ideal for practical service.
  • Even a 20-watt integrated soundbar flashes at the bottom of the panel, which can pump out incredible sound quality.
  • The Tread+ is no drop in the bucket starting at $4,295 for the standard kit. Factor on the $39 repeat subscription bundle and you end up with quite the investment for access to Peloton contents.
  • Built-in soundbar
  • Easy entry to Peloton’s deep library of workout content
  • Lovely 33″ touchscreen with an integrated sonic bar
  • A deep library of training content from Peloton
  • High subscription fees

How do we Test Treadmills?

Each of the above treadmills were evaluated for efficiency, features, quality, and value. This evaluation was based upon how buyers rated the machines for these measures. However, be mindful that good running machines are pricey. While less expensive treadmills do not necessarily last long or are good enough.

Bottom Line

The above treadmills might be expensive, but they are more likely to be of help to you for much longer periods of time than cheaper models.

Low Impact Cardio That Make You Good as You Age

Low Impact Cardio That Make You Good as You Age

It is no secret that working out is beneficial for you. But, as you get older, working out can begin to take a toll on your body. When this happens, it is wise to reduce or limit some of the workouts that begin to wear your joints. Incidentally, low impact aerobics, or low impact cardio for seniors is very beneficial and can provide the same great results that high-impact cardio provides. However, many people feel limited in their options for cardiovascular or cardio workouts.

Now, some of the most common cardio options are jogging, and running. However, the problem with these activities is that they are high-impact and can have short term or long term impact on your joints. In particular, your hips, knees and ankles, are susceptible to damage from years of high-impact workouts. For example, when you are young you have all the cartilage in the world in your body. But, as you wear the cartilage down over the years the pain can deter you from participating in these cardio workout.

The good news is that a range of low impact cardio for seniors workouts are still available that, in many cases, burn calories and raise your heart rate. Some of these low impact cardio or aerobic workouts that you can do and still get the same great results, are described below.

Fast Walking

First and foremost, fast walking, is probably the most prevalent workout when it comes to low impact cardio for seniors. The only requirement is to walk as fast as you can with the goal of elevating your heart rate and gently work your muscles.  By the way, fast walking is gentle on your spine.

Now, fast walking doesn't require any special skills. In fact, walking is ingrained in human beings from nearly the time they were born. And, except for the shoes, fast walking doesn't require any special equipment or facilities. In addition, this workout can be done at anytime of the day or even night. Furthermore, fast walking doesn't require you to go to any special facilities like the gym. In fact, fast walking can be done around your home. Now, that's not always true. For example, if you stay in a neighborhood where walking options are limited, such as being next to highways, you may have to go to a gym. On the other hand, you could purchase a treadmill and use it to fast walk inside your home while you entertain yourself watching TV.


Second, swimming, is another low impact aerobics for seniors. In fact, swimming has almost no hard impact on your joints. Instead, swimming uses many of your muscles in a veritable symphony of cardiovascular exertion! Now, if you don't know how to swim efficiently, it's never too late to take a few lessons to learn how.

So go to a facility where you can swim for 20 minutes or more at a time. What I like about swimming is that it is not only a great exercise, but it can literally save your life. People that don't know how to swim, limit their outside activity when it comes to water sports. And this makes complete sense. Learning to swim will enhance your everyday life. In addition, it will be another tool when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The biggest drawback to swimming is the need to find a convenient indoor place where you can swim laps without interference from others using the pool.

Exercise Bike

Third, an exercise bike is also a good choice since it involves smooth movement of your legs. You can choose to ride an actual bike or to use an exercise bike in a gym or at home. You will not get much of an upper-body workout with the exercise bike, but your lower body and cardio will improve greatly. If you use an indoor spin bike there are plenty of spinning bikes with preprogrammed rides, suitable for all levels. And, as your cardio strengthens, you can increase the resistance, go for longer rides, or increase the intensity. All of which is easy on your body.

Exercise bikes are either upright or recumbent. Upright bikes require leaning forward to reach the handlebars. While a recumbent bike has back support that can be adjusted to a reclined position.

Elliptical Machines

Fourth, if you want to incorporate a bit of upper-body cardio with your lower body cardio, an elliptical machine is a great alternative. The smooth leg motion of the elliptical combined with the upper body handles will get your heart going. By the way, these machines simulate the movements of jogging, running, and walking up stairs to provide a low-impact cardio workout. Most machines use pedals or footholds suspended above the ground that glide up and down, so the feet never hit a hard surface during the workout. Additionally, many machines have resistance settings that can help strengthen muscles.

Incidentally, there are several types of elliptical machines. Some of these include the elliptical stepper, recumbent cross trainers, compact ellipticals, and long stride ellipticals.


Fifth, a rowing machine is also an excellent choice for a low impact cardio that impacts the entire body. In fact, a rowing machine works almost every muscle group, including the legs, arms, back, and core, while building endurance in the heart and lungs. Most of all you use it while sitting. Also, it is easy on the joints. 

Yoga Cardio

Lastly, yoga cardio also provides a great low impact cardio workout. Moreover, this workout also helps reduce stress and improves strength.


By being smart and choosing low impact aerobics for seniors now, you can retain your future ability to do cardiovascular exercise. Indeed, these low impact aerobics workouts protect you from short term injury and long term damage to your joints associated with high impact workouts. So, in conclusion, don't let age or body aches get the best of you. By incorporating one of these low-impact workouts, you will be able to continue your physical exercise routine and live a healthier life.