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10/29/2018 It is well known stress is harmful to your health. A recent study followed 2,231 middle aged people with no signs of dementia for 8 years.  Results showed that those with high levels of cortisol had lower scores on tests of memory and thinking skills than when they started the study. Furthermore, their brain volume (as measured by MRI) had shrunk slightly. In conclusion, study showed why its important to manage your stress before things start to get even worse (such as dementia).

10/23/2018 A recent study reported that all 8 study participants, one each from Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, Russia and Japan, had microplastics in their gut. And, these microplastics ranged in size from 50 to 500 microns. Furthermore, these microplastics likely made their way to the gut from food packaged in plastic or plastic entering the food chain after being eaten by sea life. However, the impact of these microplastics on the human body is currently not known.

10/18/2018 Weight Loss Success Linked to Self Control - Increasing self control, using cognitive behavioral therapy, leads to success in losing weight.

10/16/2018 Some ways to prevent back problems include a) getting up and walking around every 15-20 minutes, if you doing things that require you to sit for long periods; b) maintaining good posture even when sitting; c) holding up your mobile phone instead of bending your neck to look down. Click here to find other ways to prevent back problems.

10/9/2018 Both too much and too little sleep are bad for your brain - Reasoning and verbal abilities adversely affected by sleeping less or more than the recommended 7-8 hours of nightly sleep.

10/2/2018 Make sure you get a good nights sleep before a critical exam or detailed procedure oriented task - Not getting enough sleep the night before a critical exam or a task that needs carrying out detailed steps can end in bad outcomes.

6/16/2018 Napping has many health benefits. These include improved memory, understand recently learned information, help climb the corporate ladder, lift your mood, be more alert, ease stress, prepare for a long drive, good for the heart, be creative, and help sleep better at night.

10/18/2017 12 sleeping positions are illustrated in this article: What Are the Best Sleeping Positions?

4/21/2016 Chronic stress (the constant presence of stressors) causes fight-or-flight responses to always stay on. Most of all, this results in numerous health problems. Therefore, it's necessary to engage in stress management activities.