Cardio Exercises You Can Practice at Home Without Equipment

The heart is a powerhouse in our body. A healthy heart will most likely translate to a healthy life. It is therefore imperative that we do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy heart. Eating low fat meals is one way to do that, another way is to engage in cardio exercises.

Cardio, in short, are simply exercises that increase your heart rate, and it has a plethora of advantages. From improving blood circulation, to controlling cholesterol levels, cardio basically keeps you alive and healthy. In this article, we will explore some cardio exercises that you can do right in the comfort of your home.

Squat Jump

Squat is a cardio exercise, and so is jumping. When you combine both, it becomes a pretty effective cardio exercise. This requires a minimal amount of space because you will be almost stationary.

To do this, first you stand erect with your hands stretched out. Bend your knees and get in a squatting position. Jump from the squatting position, squat on your way down, jump again, and repeat. Performing a jump squat for 15 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.

Jump Rope

Tiffany Haddish, an American comedian once said, "Nobody messes with a girl that skips". I think that's quite a good incentive to skip.

Though more common among women, jump rope, or skipping is used by professional athletes to keep fit. Skipping can be done anywhere, with a simple rope that can be purchased anywhere.

To practice this, hold the rope at both ends with each hand, flip it over your head and below your feet, jumping up just before the rope makes contact with your feet. Doing this for just 20 minutes can burn as much as 220 calories.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, much like jump rope is a familiar childhood playground activity. This is a very simple exercise that can be done right in your home, with very little space and absolutely no equipment necessary. If you wanted to have a 30-minute workout session, you could do a little bit of jumping jacks, and a little bit of jump rope and jump squats to spice it up.

To perform this, simply stand with your feet together and your arms placed straight on your sides. A little jump and spread your legs and your arms slightly above your head. Come back to the initial position with your feet together and arms on your side. Repeat in a quick succession. Doing this for only 10 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.

Jogging in Place

An outdoor run is definitely a lot of fun, but what if it was raining, or snowing heavily? There would be no satisfaction of coming back home all sweaty. The good news is that you can still jog in your home, and you can do so without a treadmill.

This doesn't involve a lot of activity. All you need to do is jog in a stationary position, but it definitely gets your heart pumping (you should invest in good shoes, though). That, after all, is the purpose of any cardio exercise.

If this sounds a little boring, and you happen to have some change, you can buy a very affordable treadmill with pretty impressive features including a multi-function LCD screen that provides you real-time data about your workout.


An opportunity to exercise your cardiovascular muscles and your soul at the same time has got to be the ideal workout experience. Jogging in place sounds a little too boring for you? crank up the music then and get dancing.

This can absolutely be fun, perhaps the ultimate experience for an indoor cardio. Dancing gets up the rate of your heartbeat, and as a bonus can also help build your muscles.

You really don't need instructions as to how to move your body to a song. But if you want to learn some new moves, or get a structured lesson, there are a lot of videos online to help you do that. Dancing for 30 minutes can burn as much as 150 calories.


If you are athletic, and you want to really feel the adrenaline rush that comes with cardio exercises, then kickboxing is just the thing for you.

Kickboxing has an exhaustive list of pros, and that includes therapeutic advantages in getting rid of anger and stress. You can do this at the comfort of your home, a punching bag is all you need for a kickboxing session.

Kickboxing, as the name implies involves a mixture of boxing and karate. Doing this for just 10 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.


There are quite a number of other cardio exercises ranging from simple to difficult that you can do at home with zero equipment: Touch toes, speed skaters, crab walk, lateral shuffles, butt kicks, high knees, running the stairs and even burpees.

You can try whatever works for you, a combination of two or three exercises for a few minutes every day is sufficient.

Recent study has shown that drinking coffee before workout has a number of advantages both during and post workout.

Caffeine makes you more alert, reduces muscle pain during exercise and even helps consume less cholesterol post workout. Be sure to get a coffee maker that makes an espresso with cafe quality macrofoam and have yourself a cup of coffee before you work out.