Can you Use a Mini Stepper Sitting Down?

First and foremost, to know whether you can use a mini stepper sitting down you need an exercise machine like the mini stepper. Indeed, a mini stepper has two footplates that you alternately push down with your feet. Moreover, this action simulates climbing stairs. Also, many mini steppers require you to stand on the footplates.

However, there are some sit down steppers used while sitting on a couch or chair watching television. In addition, there are some used under a table or desk while at work or doing desk or table related activities.

Why Would You Want to Use a Sit Down Stepper?

In fact, a study in Australia reported that adults sitting four hours daily watching TV were 80 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular diseases that those who watched less than two hours of TV a day. In addition, body movement helps to maintain healthy levels of fat and sugar in blood. Finally, prolonged sitting results in poor posture, weak muscles, stiff joints, weight gain, and fatigue. Meanwhile, using a sit down stepper while sitting down helps alleviate some of these problems

What's the Best Kind of Sit Down Stepper?

Indeed, the best kind of sit down stepper is the one which does not have handles used for standing. Also, the sit down stepper should have a way to adjust the vertical movement of the footplates.

How to Use this Step Machine?

First and foremost, to prevent the step machine from sliding, put the step machine on a rubber mat. Next, sit up straight and close to the edge of a chair or couch. Also, position the step machine in front of you so that the back of the step machine is directly under your knees. Furthermore, your shins should be nearly vertical as you move the footplates. In addition, make sure your posture is such that your back or knees are not straining.

Next, adjust the vertical movement of the footplates so that you are comfortable using the step machine. For example, if you are using the step machine at a table or desk, adjust the vertical movement of footplates so that your knees don’t hit the table or desk.

Next, adjust the resistance of the footplates such that the resistance is not too much or too little – just enough to exercise your legs. Incidentally, in some sit down steppers, adjusting the vertical movement of footplates also changes the resistance. For example, the smaller the vertical movement, the lower the resistance.

Meanwhile, pushing the footplates all the way down towards the floor can slow your stride and limit your fat-burning potential. Therefore, push the footplate down enough so that it falls slightly more than halfway between the highest point of the footplate and the floor. While, it takes a bit of practice, you will soon find your rhythm and the best depth for your desired exercise speed.

What is Exercised by this Step Machine?

Most noteworthy, using the sit down stepper, gives your calf and ankle muscles a workout. Also, sitting up straight, gives your abdominal muscles a workout. Finally, the workout increases blood circulation in the lower legs.

Meanwhile, biceps curls or overhead shoulder presses using dumbbells gives you an upper body workout.