Bread Maker Buyers Guide

Bread maker buyers guide gives insight into bread makers, that are reviewed elsewhere on this site. Also, use bread makers frequently asked questions to find the best.

Bread Pans

First, all bread makers reviewed here have a non-stick surface. However, beyond the non-stick surface, its important to note that aluminum bread pans make a lighter and thinner crust. But, thick cast aluminum pans make darker and thicker crust.

Bread Size

Second, bread makers can make one or more bread sizes. Some only make 1 pound bread, others make 1.5 or 2 pound breads, while still others make 1, 1.5, or 2 pound breads. Now, the thing to note is that home made breads usually needs to be eaten within 2 days. So, you want to only make enough bread to be eaten within two days. Consequently, if you have a small family, you may only need a bread maker that can make 1 pound bread. Or, if you have a larger family of bread eaters, a machine that makes 2 pound bread best fits your needs.

Bread Type

Third, if all you are going to make is white bread, a simple bread maker will do. This is because white bread only requires a basic cycle.

On the other hand, if you are looking to make whole grain, wheat, sourdough, banana, French breads or pizza dough  you need a machine with extra cycles. For example, whole wheat or whole grain bread needs cycles that allow longer rising times for the dense loaves. While French bread needs a cycle with reduced kneading time but longer rising time.

In addition, some bread machines feature rapid cycles that cut baking time while others are programmed with a regular bake cycle that is about two hours.

Baking Start Times

Now, some bread makers let you set the start of the bread making process 13 to 15 hours in the future. Consequently, you can set the machine so that the bread is baked when you need it. For example, this feature lets you have fresh bread for breakfast in the morning, or for dinner when you return from work or any other activity.


Next, some bread makers let you clean the bread pan and other similar items in the dishwasher, while others require you to hand clean them in the kitchen sink. So, if you would rather use the dishwasher, then select those bread makers that have dishwasher safe bread pans and related components.


Also, some bread makers require you to add ingredients only at the beginning. Meanwhile, some let you add ingredients later after the bread machine has started. So, if this is important to you, look for break makers that have this feature.

Power Outage Recovery

While electrical power in many homes is very reliable, there may be occasions, such as a thunderstorm, when you experience power outage. So, if the power outage does not exceed 15 minutes, many bread makers simply pick up from where they were when the power outage occurred. On the other hand, this mechanism doesn't help if power outage exceeds 15 minutes.


Incidentally, many bread makers come with recipes tailored to the bread maker. As a result, you don't need to experiment, you simply follow one of their recipes. In fact, this is a great way to learn how to use their machines.


Finally, check out the warranty. Typically the warranty period may range anywhere from 3 months to one year or longer. Of course, the longer the better.