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First and foremost, red light therapy benefits and near infrared light therapy benefits have been known for centuries. In fact, even NASA used infrared therapy to help astronauts. So, it’s no surprise that red light therapy for skin provides pain relief, increases blood flow, wound healing, to name a few of the benefits. Therefore, below is a review of these therapy devices that can help you get relief from some joint pain, muscle pain as well as heal some wounds. Most of all, you can use this light therapy at home.

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Review of Best Red Light Therapy Devices

Editor’s Choice of Best Red Light Therapy Devices

Beurer IL50

Comparison of Best Red Light Therapy Devices

Red Light

TENDLITE Therapy: 1x 660 nm red light LED

DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy: 52x 660 nm red light LEDs

Serfory Red Light Therapy: 1x 150-watts red light Lamp

Hooga Red Light Therapy: 30x 660nm LEDs

Near Infrared Light

TENDLITE Therapy: None

DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy: 65x infrared light LEDs

Beurer IL50: 300-watts infrared light Lamp

Hooga Red Light Therapy: 30x 850nm LEDs

Area Treated

TENDLITE Therapy: Skin in a small area

DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy: 8” x 43” long pad for back, hips, or chest; 13.8” x 8” x 0.6” short pad used on neck, arms, shoulders, knee, feet, and elbow

Serfory Red Light Therapy: Large areas for muscle ache, joint pain in the legs, back, knees, shoulders, and elbows

Beurer IL50: 11.8” x 15.7” areas in chest, shoulder, arms, legs, and back

Hooga Red Light Therapy: 15” x 14” to 31” x 28”


TENDLITE Therapy: 60-day money back guarantee

DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy: 1-year free replacement of charger, controller, connectors over life

Serfory Red Light Therapy: 1-year, free bulb replacement in first 6 months

Beurer IL50: 3-year guarantee

Hooga Red Light Therapy: 2-years

A/A+ Feedback

TENDLITE Therapy: 77%

DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy: 79%

Serfory Red Light Therapy: 80%

Beurer IL50: 86%

Hooga Red Light Therapy: 90%

1-5 Rating

TENDLITE Therapy: 4.9

DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy: 4.7

Serfory Red Light Therapy: 4.6

Beurer IL50: 5.0

Hooga Red Light Therapy: 4.8

1. TENDLITE Therapy

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device

Best red light therapy

Key Features

First, the Tendlite uses the same light therapy (phototherapy) technology NASA used to provide pain relief and speed up healing.

Second, the light penetrates deeply to reach injured tissue. Consequently, it speeds up pain relief. By the way, pain relief is due to the immediate restoration of blood circulation in the deep tissue. Which, in turn, reduces inflammation.

Third, the red light therapy for skin uses very safe medical grade 3,000 milliwatts Light Emitting Diode or LED. Meanwhile, the LED generates 660 nanometer (nm) wavelength red light.

Next, the Tendlite is lightweight, yet made of durable material.

Consequently, it is portable.

By the way, the package includes a zippered storage sleeve, wrist band, protective eyewear, two rechargeable batteries, and a charger.

Moreover, the Tendlite is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared medical device, under K-100213, to treat various types of pain.

Meanwhile, you can use this light therapy at home or take it with you anywhere.

Finally, it comes with a 60-days money back guarantee.


Up to 3 one or two minute daily sessions.


First, the Tendlite red light therapy benefits include fast relief from chronic or acute pain, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, sprains, or other muscle aches and pain. By the way, the Tendlite helps the ligaments and tendons supporting a joint, not the joint itself.

Also, the light therapy benefits include directly targeting injuries.

Lastly, the Tendlite red light therapy benefits include powerful pain relief without causing harmful side effects.


First, the Tendlite uses LED to generate 660 nm red light.

Second, it is cleared by the FDA as a medical device.

Third, this light therapy for skin is best used in treating small areas.

Finally, treatment requires only 1 or 2 minute sessions.


However, this light therapy for skin is restricted to layers of the skin and not anything deeper.

Also, while there is 60 day money back guarantee, there is no mention of a longer warranty.

2. DGYAO Near Infrared Therapy

Red Light Near Infrared Therapy

Key Features

First, the shorter 13.8” x 8” x 0.6” wearable flexible pad has a 12” x 6” treatment area that helps reduce treatment time.

Second, this treatment area has 117 embedded red lights and near infrared lights that penetrate deep into your body’s tissue.

Third, rows of red lights alternate with rows of near infrared lights.

So, in total, there are 52 visible red lights with a wavelength of 660 nanometer (nm) providing red light therapy for skin. And, these red lights reach deep layers of your skin, where they stimulate cellular repair and increase blood circulation to promote a more vibrant, youthful complexion that is invisible to the naked eye.

Also, there are 65, invisible, near infrared lights with a wavelength of 880 nm. By the way, the 880 nm near infrared light can penetrate 0.2 to 0.4 inches deep into your body and get absorbed by muscles and subcutaneous tissue. Now, your body responds to this light by increasing blood flow. As a result, this area of the body gets more oxygen and nutrients that it needs to function more effectively. Furthermore, infrared treatment can increase phagocytosis of cells and eliminate swelling. Lastly, infrared treatment helps decrease chronic inflammation.

Now, both the long and short pads are soft and comfortable. Also, the pads can be attached to your body using the included Velcro straps. Indeed, the longer Velcro strap is used for the longer pad and the shorter one for the shorter pad.

Next, the light therapy automatically shuts-off after 20 minutes.

Finally, the Dgyao therapy components come with a 1-year full warranty. In addition, Dgyao provides free replacement of charger, controller, and connectors over their life.


First, the 8” x 43” long pad can be used on your back, hips, or chest.

While the 13.8” x 8” x 0.6” shorter pad can be used on the neck, arms, shoulders, knee, feet, and elbow.

Finally, these pads are used for arthritis, feet, joints, muscles, knee, elbow inflammation nerve damage.


First, the pads alleviate pain caused by aseptic inflammation such as strain of lumbar muscles, sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Second, the near infrared light penetrating deep into the body causes thermal effects that increase tissue temperature, promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, improve cell viability and regenerative capacity. In addition, the light accelerates healing of scars, wounds, cuts, and nerve damage.

Also, the pads alleviate pain caused by sprains, swelling, and sports injuries.

In addition, the long pad helps relieve back pain.

Furthermore, both pads can be used to accelerate tissue recovery after surgery.

Finally, red light therapy and near infrared therapy helps heal the cause of pain instead of just masking the pain.


First, the close contact with the body reduces treatment time.

Second, it is good for treating large areas of your body.

Third, it uses 660 nm red light and 880 nm near infrared lights which go deeper into the body.

3. Serfory Red Light Therapy

New 150W Near Infrared Light Red Light Therapy Heat Lamp Set

Key Features

First, Serfory lamp set uses a 150-watts near infrared and deep red-light bulb.

Second, most of the near infrared rays are absorbed by the skin and converted into heat energy, causing skin temperature to rise. As a result, the shallow blood vessels and veins dilate, which, in turn, improves blood circulation.

Finally, the Serfory lamp comes with a 1-year warranty. Also, you get a free bulb replacement for the first six months.

Other Features

First, the lamp has a 8.5 inch base, two arms, and a bulb housing.

Also, its maximum height is 25.6 inches.


First, this device is used 3 to 7 times a week, with each session lasting from 5 to 10 minutes.

Also, research has shown that using red light therapy at home is effective for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, muscle spasm, relieving stiff muscles, and relaxing muscle tissue.


First, the Serfory red light therapy benefits include relief from muscle ache, joint pain in the legs, back, knees, shoulders, and elbows.

Also, the light therapy benefits include helping relieve lumbar muscle strain, leg strain, cervical pain and healing wounds.

In addition, the red light therapy benefits of the Serfory lamp helps reduce chronic pain, relieve sore and stiff muscles.

Finally, the Serfory red light therapy benefits include its ability to boost blood circulation, improve quality of sleep, and help recover from a surgery.


First, this device is good for treating larger areas of the body.

Second, there is a free bulb replacement in the first six months.

4. Beurer IL50

Beurer IL50 Infrared Light Therapy - Heating Lamp - Red Light Heat Device (Portable) - Near IR Cold Laser

Key Benefits

First, the 300-watts heating lamp is portable, convenient and easy to use.

Second, the lamp has an adjustable tilt ranging for 0 to 50 degrees Consequently, you can direct the heat to where it’s needed.

Third, the cord winder keeps the 81” cord out of the way.

Also, it has an on/off switch.

In addition, it has a 15-minute timer that can be set by the user. Furthermore, the lamp shuts off automatically after time has run out.

Next, the IL50 lamp is good for treating large parts of your body.

Also, the lamp is free of ultraviolet rays.

In addition, it has active ventilation with overheat protection.

Meanwhile, it has a 6.5” x 6” red light surface.

Next, the ceramic glass plate provides near to mid infrared with wavelength ranging from 500 nm to a peak of 2500 nm.

Includes shortwave range is IRA (800 to 1400 nm).
Also, middle-wave range is IRB (1400 – 3000 nm).

In addition, treatment time is shown on a digital display.

Now, infrared heat warms up your body. As a result, capillaries expand to improve blood circulation which helps to naturally get rid of toxins.

In addition, IR light therapy provides better pain relief by penetrating into deep layers of the skin.

Next, this unit is 10.6” x 11.2” x 7.7”.

And, it weighs only 3.3 pounds making it easy to use this light therapy at home.

Finally, it comes with a 3-year guarantee.


First, the treatment area is about 11.8” x 15.7” in dimension.

Second, it can be used for muscle pain and other pain relief.

Also, it can be used for colds, tensions and sore muscles.

In addition, it can be used on the chest, shoulder, arms, legs, and back.

Furthermore, it can be used to treat bronchial congestion.


First, the lamp improves flexibility and blood circulation, which, in turn helps get rid of toxins in the body.

Second, it encourages joints, muscles and damaged tissue to heal.

Third, it warms muscles, which, in turn relax to decrease stiffness and improve joint flexibility.

Also, the lamp helps treats inflammation and promotes cell repair.

Finally, it reduces inflammation, swelling, and clears mucous clogged passageway.


First, this device has a 11.8” x 15.7” treatment area.

Second, it can be tilted from 0 to 50 degrees, making it easier to point to different areas of your body.

Finally, it is portable, making it easy to use this red light therapy at home.


However, it comes with a 3-year guarantee with no mention of a warranty.

5. Hooga Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Device Panel - HG300

Key Features

First, the Hooga’s red light therapy panel emits in equal proportions:

660 nm red light therapy for skin. This light is absorbed by the skin tissue making it great for boosting skin health and increase production of collagen.

850 nm near infrared light. This invisible light has a strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue, organs, and joints, making it ideal for faster muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

Second, the beam angle of the 60 LEDs is 60 degrees.

Third, the device is equipped with two power switches. The first power switch allows the user to turn on the 30 LEDs emitting 660 nm red light. Meanwhile, the second power switch allows the user to turn on the 30 LEDs emitting 850 nm near infrared light. Therefore, the user can customize treatment experience and receive either red, near infrared, or both types of light.

Also, the panel features a whisper quiet internal fan that dissipates heat and ensures the unit does not overheat.

In addition, a door mount and adjustable hanging kit is also included, making it easy to use this red light therapy at home.

By the way, due to power efficient LEDs, the lifespan of the panel is 50,000+ hours.

Furthermore, the panel has very low EMF output and is safe for EMF sensitive users.

Finally, the panel comes with a 2-year warranty. In addition, if any issues arise with the panel that were not a result of misuse, the panel will either be repaired or replaced.

Other Features

Now, the Hooga panel delivers an irradiance or power output of

100 mw per square centimeters 3” from the panel’s surface with a 15” x 14” coverage area,

73 mw per square centimeter 6 inches from the panel’s surface with a 20” x 18” coverage area,

41 mw per square centimeter 12 inches from the panel’s surface with a 26” x 24” coverage area, and

24 mw per square centimeter 18 inches from the panel’s surface with a 31” x 28” coverage area.

And, as you can see, the further you position yourself away from the lamp the greater the area of your body getting the light. However, the power of the light received by your body decreases. So, if you want to get full body coverage, you would stand further away from the lamp. On the other hand, if you want to target a specific narrow area of your body, you would stand closer to the lamp. Furthermore, to get the optimum dose of red and/or near infrared light, you would have to expose yourself for longer time the further away you are from the lamp.


Most of all, using the Hooga red light therapy at home, helps muscles recover, grow hair, increase collagen production for skin and joint health, increase cellular energy, and reduce inflammation.


First, you can choose a combination of 660 nm red light and 850 nm near infrared light, or choose one or the other.

Second, the Hooga has a 100 mw Irradiance or power output 3” from panel’s surface with a 15” x 14” treatment area.

Third, it uses LED whose lifespan is +50,000 hours.

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