Best Passive Leg Exerciser, Foot Mover for the Elderly

A foot mover, passive or automatic motorized leg exerciser helps the elderly and seniors move their feet and legs.

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Best Passive Leg Exerciser, Foot Mover Reviews

Our Picks

Best for Sedentary Seniors: Soozier
Most Steps per Minute: Happylegs Blue
Best for the Budget: LegXercise
Lightest Exerciser: LegXercise PRO

Comparison of Best Passive Leg Exercisers, Foot Movers

Available Speeds

LegActivator - 2 speeds: 47 and 55 steps per minute

Soozier - 5 adjustable speeds

Happylegs Blue - 3 speeds: 52, 66, and 84 steps per minute

LegXercise - 2 speeds: 47 and 55 steps per minute

LegXercise-MAX - 70 steps per minute

LegXercise-PRO - 70 steps per minute

Remote Control

Soozier - Yes

LegXercise-PRO - Yes

Feet Under Leg Exerciser to Raise Exerciser above Floor

Soozier - Yes

LegXercise - Yes

LegXercise-MAX - Yes

LegXercise-PRO - Yes

Other Features

Soozier - LED controller

Happylegs Blue - 5-year warranty

LegXercise-PRO  - Step Count Display

Passive Leg Exerciser Reviews

1. LegActivator
Best Passive Leg Exerciser

Sound:  Silent motor let's you use it without annoying anyone nearby.

Speed: 47 or 55 steps per minute.

Dimensions:  12.5" deep, 14.5" wide, and 5.5" high.

Weight: 9.75 pounds.

  • LegActivator is easy to use. In fact, just plug it in a wall electrical outlet, place your feet on the machine's footrest, and set your speed.
  • Only need to use it for 15 minutes a day.
What Buyers Liked:

72% of buyers liked – Improved leg circulation - Helped eliminate fluid build-up in legs - Exercised leg muscles to improve their tone - Reduced muscle cramps and aches due to poor leg circulation - Improved strength in legs as well as the back - Soles felt better - Reduced swelling - Good for someone with disability - Easy to move around - Helped eliminate joint aches - Removed stiffness in knees, numbness in legs - Improvement seen after two nights - No installation necessary - Just plug in and put your feet on the pedals - Used by wheelchair patients who currently could not stand or walk.


Machine's speed is at the low end of the recommended 47 to 84 steps per minute range.

2. Soozier

Soozier Seated Electric Leg Exerciser for Seniors - Physiotherapy Equipment Machine While Sitting


Operation: This automatic leg exerciser for the elderly is controlled either by touchable LED screen or remote controller.

Feet: Folding feet, under the exerciser, lets you use the machine either flat on the ground or with an ergonomic lift.

Footrests: Rubber footrests give added stability and safety.

Dimensions: 18.25" long, 16" wide, and 5.25" high.

Weight: Shipping weight is 10. 34 pounds.

  • Easy to use: Simply place your feet on the footrest and select a comfortable speed.
  • Since it is quiet and portable, the Soozier leg exerciser for seniors can be used anywhere.
  • Compact size makes it ideal to use at home or at the office.
What Buyers Liked:

75% of buyers liked – Tightens calves – Improved circulation, flexibility, strength – Reduced joint pain and stiffness - Improved self-esteem and feeling of well-being – Reduced swelling from leg lymphedema, edema - Reduced swelling in the knees, feet, ankles – Helped lift legs - Eliminated leg cramps – Great for people in their 90s – Helped 91 year old move legs, blood flow - Lightweight, easy to move and use - Great for winding down after a good run or vigorous walk - Feeling in legs returned - Remote control - Legs and feet feel relaxed - Great for restless leg issues - Legs got stronger - Used by someone in a wheelchair - Helps knees and legs - Eliminated leg cramps at night – Helped 87 year old with knee and back pain, who shuffles to walk - Quiet operation - 5 speeds.

  • Five speeds
  • Remote controller allows you to control machine while sitting in a chair or couch without have to bend down.
  • Front folding feet gives you an ergonomic lift.
  • No steps per minute speed data published.
3. Happylegs Blue

Happylegs Blue - The Seated Walking Machine - The Best Passive Leg Exerciser Worldwide


User Weight: 308 to 330 pounds.

Warranty: 5-years.

Dimensions: 17.3" long, 13" wide, and 3.5" high.

Weight: 11.02 pounds.

  • Happylegs is easy to use.  Simply plug in Happylegs, place your feet on the footrest and select the speed that is comfortable and ideal for your needs, while sitting in your chair.
  • This automatic leg exerciser for the elderly can be used with a pacemaker.
  • Recommended as treatment for diabetes, hypertension, overweight, or a sedentary lifestyle.
  • The only powered leg exercising machine that’s medically proven by doctors’ specializing in vascular health. In fact, it has the following certificates: ISSOP Stamp, Autoergon, TÜV Rheinland Certificate, and European Certificate.
What Buyers Liked:

86% of buyers liked – Used by passenger in car for long drives to keep legs active and circulation to avoid getting stiff legs - Good for those with poor circulation, home bound, or unable to walk any distance - Didn’t cause soreness or cramping in legs - Good for circulation and movement for those with limited walking capability - Stops ankles from swelling - 77 year old mother used it to strengthen legs - Good for people having problems walking - Machine is well made.

  • 5-year warranty.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Machine's 52, 66, and 84 steps per minute rate mostly covers the entire recommended 47-84 steps per minute range.
  • Four certificates.
  • No remote controller. As a result, you have to bend down to control this leg exerciser for seniors.
4. LegXercise

LegXercise Automatic Leg Mover


Patented Technology: Uses patented walking simulator propulsion technology. In fact, this technique creates constant leg movement, which flexes at the knee joints, to mimic natural muscle activity of walking in the convenience of your home or office.

Sound: Quiet motor.

Plate Movement: Electronic foot plates glide forward and backwards. Consequently, individuals are able to exercise their legs comfortably when traditional exercise routines can be painful or impossible for some to do.

Foot Surface: This automatic leg exerciser for seniors can be used either flat on the ground or with a tilt.

Weight: 10 pounds.

  • LegXercise is easy to use. In fact, simply plug in the LegXercise, place your feet on the footrest and select the most comfortable speed, while you sit comfortably in a chair.
  • Furthermore, this automatic leg exerciser for the elderly is the perfect solution for anyone who is unable to get the proper amount of movement or exercise.
What Buyers Liked:

76% of buyers liked – Really helps with blood circulation – Enjoys leg exerciser sitting down and watching TV – 84-year old mom uses it from her favorite chair to improve blood circulation and strengthen her legs – First few days legs were sore but after that legs and ankles did not hurt anymore – Good for blood circulation in legs – Wife uses it daily to help with circulation and leg strength – Two speeds – Easy to assemble, plug in with your feet on it. After one day you are hooked. Helps with swelling and restless legs. – 70-year old mom having trouble with legs uses it regularly – 93-year old mom loves it for her knee problems and stiffness – Many positive reviews.

  • Front folding feet of the automatic leg exerciser for the elderly allows you to lift the front, which may be more convenient for some.
  • However, this motorized leg exerciser has only two speed settings available (47 or 55 steps per minute) which is at the low end of the recommended 47-84 steps per minute range.
5. LegXercise MAX

Dimensions: 16” depth, 18” width, 8.5” height.

Weight: 10.58 pounds.

Differences Between LegXercise MAX and LegXercise
  • The MAX is 23 percent faster than the original LegXercise. In fact, the MAX does 70 steps per minute.
What Buyers Liked:

73% of buyers liked – Strengthens joints – Improves leg circulation – Keeps circulation going in legs while sitting all day at a desk - Reduces leg swelling – Legs, heels, and ankles feel good – Easy to use even when you are tired – Improves mobility – Very quiet - Easy to use while watching TV – Exercised legs while being treated for a herniated disc – Exercised legs while being in a wheelchair – Improves circulation in legs with lymphedema – Helps with keeping stiff legs in motion – Helped someone wearing a brace and couldn’t walk much – Daily use helped immobile senior with walking and sleeping at night.

  • A speed of 70 steps per minute.
  • Also, this automatic leg exerciser has folding feet, in the front, that allows you to lift the front, which may be more convenient.
6. LegXercise PRO
Differences Between LegXercise PRO and LegXercise

First, the PRO is 23 percent faster than the original LegXercise. In fact, the PRO does 70 steps per minute.

Second, this automatic leg exerciser has a faster and more powerful motor which uses 650 mA power supply.

Third, it has a higher range of motion, which means more movement.

Fourth, this motorized leg exerciser has a step counter to keep track of your workout.

Fifth, the feet move back and forth along a concave track creating constant movement and flexes at both the knee and ankle joints.

Next, this leg exerciser for seniors comes with a remote controller.

Finally, the PRO weighs 8.97 pounds.

What Buyers Liked:

79% of buyers liked – Easy to get blood flowing to feet and legs – Helpful on calves, knees – Easy on legs – Relieves stiffness from sitting too long – Relieves leg pain such as from being diabetic – Reduced swelling in feet and ankles - Strengthens leg muscles – Standing up becomes easier – Helps with nighttime Parkinson’s leg tremors – Helps with leg cramps – Helped with arthritis - Used to heal a broken leg - Used by 100-year-old woman – Gives you movement when you can’t on your own - Helps when are unable to walk for lack of time, in a wheelchair, or other walking problems - Very quiet – Use under desk – Lightweight – Easy to handle – No assembly.

  • Remote controller conveniently allows you to control this leg exerciser for seniors while sitting without having to bend down from your chair or couch.
  • Feet move back and forth along a concave track creating constant movement and flexes both the knee and ankle joints.
  • Speed of 70 steps per minute.
  • Step counter helps you keep track of your workout.


A passive leg exerciser is good for seniors and the elderly when they cannot actively use pedal machines or elliptical machines. Or, they find motorized pedals or chi machines cause too much movement of their knees and legs. Meanwhile, moving legs is important for the elderly to stay healthy and lessen the chances of diseases such as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) or varicose veins.

For example, data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that 10 percent of elders between the ages of 70 to 79 suffer from PAD. Furthermore, 25 percent of elders over the age of 80 also suffer from PAD. Meanwhile, PAD can lead to pain, chronic skin ulceration, gangrene and other problems.

In addition, it is estimated that 50 percent of the US population over 50 years old have varicose veins. Incidentally, varicose veins can cause skin damage and, even worse, lead to dangerous blood clots.

Who will Benefit the most?

  • Those with limited mobility
  • Seniors and Older Adults
  • Individuals with sedentary lifestyle
  • Stroke patients
  • Individuals who had surgery, injury, or other medical conditions
  • Those prone to conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or edema.
  • Anyone undergoing rehabilitation
  • Anyone unable to actively exercise their legs

How does it help?

  • Increasing circulation: The cyclic movement of the legs helps promote blood flow and circulation throughout the lower extremities.
  • Stimulating and strengthening leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. This can be useful for maintaining muscle tone, preventing muscle atrophy (muscle wasting), and improving overall leg strength.
  • Improving joint flexibility and range of motion. This is especially helpful for anyone with joint stiffness or those recovering from joint surgery or injury.
  • Providing a means of exercise for individuals who are unable to engage in active physical activity. This is especially true for anyone with limited mobility or chronic conditions that make traditional exercise challenging.
  • Promoting relaxation and stress relief has a calming effect on the body and mind, similar to other forms of gentle exercise or activities like meditation.

What to Look for when Choosing a Passive Leg Exerciser?

  • One that is sturdy and well built
  • Range of motion
  • Speeds available
  • Surface: flat or curved. For example, a curved surface flexes both the knee and ankle joints.
  • Easy to use
  • Ensure legs experience a smooth and comfortable range of motion
  • Remote controller to conveniently adjust things like speed
  • Display things like speed
  • Ease of moving exerciser before and after use. Factors like physical dimensions and weight.
  • Noise level
  • Straps to secure your legs during movements
  • Warranty
  • User reviews
  • User ratings

Passive Leg Exerciser, Foot Mover Buyers Guide

The passive leg exerciser's buyers guide gives you more insight and also helps you compare a passive leg exercising machine's features.

Passive Leg Exerciser, Foot Mover FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

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