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Motorized pedal exerciser, mini motorized exercise bike, electric mini exercise bike, and electric pedal exerciser are a subset of pedal machines that use a motor to drive pedals. Consequently, these exercisers are useful for anyone who has difficulty moving their legs and arms. So, they benefit from the assistance provided by the exerciser. For example, motorized pedals help those with Parkinson's. Moreover, for those who want even lesser leg movement, there are passive leg exercisers. Meanwhile, chi machines are also passive leg exercisers. 

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Best Motor Driven Pedal Reviews

Our Picks

Top Pick: Fast88
Highest Weight Capacity: ORBITREK MX
Most Speed Options: ANCHEER
Best for Stability: Exerpeutic 2000M
Best for the Budget: LUBBYGIM

Motorized Pedal Exercisers Reviews

1. ORBITREK MX - Motorized Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Motorized Pedal Exerciser

Dimensions: 19.6 inches deep, 17.4 inches wide, and 11.9 inches high.

Display: Calories, distance, timer, accumulated cycles, and speed.

Exercise: Exercise legs using remote to select from 3 training modes and 5 speeds.

Handles: None.

Motor: 2-way forward and backward motorized movements.

Pedals: Extra wide textured foot pedals for comfort and prevent slipping.

Remote Controller: Stand alone hand-held controller used to select one of 5 speeds, direction of rotation, and one of the 3 training modes.

Resistance: 5 levels of magnetic resistance.

Speed: 5 speeds.

Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Weight Limit: 440 pounds.

Weight of Machine: 15 pounds.

What Buyers Liked:

86% of buyers liked – Moves legs and feet – Improves circulation in legs – Improves range of motion in knees and hips – Keeps knees loose – Control swelling in legs – Good for legs and back – Burns calories – Helps leg/joint stiffness – Beneficial for anyone with mobility impairment – Use in the comfort of your home – Comes ready to use: just plug in the power outlet – Easy to use and convenient, safe – Very effective with range of motion – Easy to change pedaling direction – Very little noise – Lightweight, easy to move around – Stable while in use – Adjustable rotation speed – Use as long as desired – Works better sitting in a chair where you can rest your back – Legs feel better after use – 97 year old got stronger: can walk with walker – when barefoot bumps on pedal can massage the feet.


5 speeds

Forward and backward movements


No handles.

2. Exerpeutic 2000M

electric mini exercise bike

Dimensions: 21 inches long, 18.2 inches wide, and 14.5 inches high.

Display: Time, distance, speed, revolutions, total revolutions, and calories.

Handles: Built-in handle makes it easy to lift and move.

Mat: Non-skid floor mat.

Motor: Quiet motor, with overload protection, stops crank rotation if user’s legs cannot rotate freely. Also, you can manually move the pedals with resistance when motor turned off.

Pedals: 14 inches long, 4.7 inches wide foldable foot pedals, with adjustable straps, move in one direction.  Turn machine around to pedal in reverse direction.

Remote controller: 70 inches extendible corded hand-held remote controller makes it easy to adjust pedal's speed and control power to the electric mini exercise bike.

Resistance: Two resistance levels are useful only when the Exerpeutic 2000M is used in manual mode.

Speed: Use remote controller to set speed of this electric mini exercise bike.

Use: You can use this electric mini exercise bike with the motor on or off.

Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Weight of Machine: 20 pounds.

What Buyers Liked:

86% of buyers liked – Compact, quiet, easy to use – Foldout pedals are the only setup – Can be used manually or by motor – Strengthen legs – Recommended by a physical therapist – Ready to use quality product – User with MS able to move legs – Very mobile – Patient with fractured hip peddles 2-3 hours daily for six months – Used for post stroke recovery for legs and arms – Used to increase circulation – Used by a c4 incomplete spinal cord injury patient – Helps with knee injury – Use manually for working leg muscles.


Use motorized mini exercise bike passively, at any selected speed, with the motor on.

Use the motorized exercise bike with resistance and motor off.


electric mini

Dimensions: 15.75” deep x 10.23” wide x 13.35” height.  

Display: Built-in LCD displays calories, distance, speed, and time.

Exercise: Motorized mini exercise bike exercises thighs, calves, knee joints, arms, wrist, and shoulders.

Manual Operation: Push pedals after controller set to manual.

Motor: Forward or backward rotations.

Remote controller: Used to set manual or auto mode. In auto mode, select one of six speeds. 

Sound: Quiet.

Pedals: Non-slip, adjustable pedals rotate in forward or reverse direction. Usable by feet or hands.

Warranty: 1-year standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Weight Limit: 88 pounds on motorized mini exercise bike's pedals.

Weight of Machine: 9.24 pounds.

What Buyers Liked:

83% of buyers liked – Easy to assemble – Helpful recovering from knee replacement surgery – COPD patient progressed from 2-minutes to 30-minutes – Light weight – Workout at home better than hot Arizona outdoors – Exercises and maintains flexibility of wheelchair found wife’s legs – Exercise for couch potato – Remote helpful when you are unable to bend over – Very sturdy: doesn’t move around on the floor – Quiet and smooth motion – Small compact exercise bike – Takes 5 minutes to assemble – Better to use with socks than shoes – Easy to read dials.


Stand-alone controller to adjust speed, direction, manual or auto mode.

Motor drives pedals in forward or reverse directions.


No handles.

Resistance not adjustable.

4. Fast88 Elliptical Trainer

motorized pedal exerciser

Dimensions: The desk elliptical is 14.6 inches wide, 17.7 inches deep, and 9.8 inches high.

Display: Built-in LCD monitor displays workout time, distance, speed in strides per minute, total strides, and calories. In addition, the scan function continuously displays these measurements in sequence.

Furthermore, the display console can be used to

  • Set motorized or manual mode.
  • Turn the electric elliptical machine trainer on or off.
  • Set speed in strides per minute.
  • Change from forward to reverse direction.
  • Display workout data.

Handles: Built-in handle makes it easy to lift and move.

Motor: Motor drives the pedals. However, you can also use your feet to move the pedals.

Pedals: Large textured anti-slip pedals are 13.4 inches long and 5.1 inches wide. Also, the pedals move in either forward or reverse direction. In addition, pedal movements are whisper quiet.

Remote controller: Wireless remote controller makes it easy to power up, start, and stop the elliptical trainer. Also, the remote controller can be used to set one of three motor speeds and one of five speeds for manual use. In addition, it lets you switch between forward and reverse motion.

Use: Used to get either a motor assisted workout or a manual workout. Also, it can be used at home or at work. Most of all, this elliptical trainer provides a low impact exercise for the elderly and those needing rehabilitation following surgery or injury.

Weight of Machine: 17 pounds.

What Buyers Liked:

77% of buyers liked – Helped recover after 2-week hospital stay and 3-weeks in rehab following emergency surgery – good quality, works perfectly, very easy to use with a remote – Used in an office to do simple exercises while working on reports – Helpful when you have to sit for long periods of time whether in the office or at home – Programming using remote controller – Quiet – No set up required – Used with your feet for lower body or with your hands for upper body workouts.


3 speed settings for motorized use and 5 speed settings for manual use.


No mention of a warranty.

5. ANCHEER Under Desk Elliptical

motorized mini elliptical

Dimensions: Elliptical machine is 14 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 10 inches high.

Display: Built-in LCD displays direction of movement, workout time, distance, speed, and calories.

Handles: The built-in handle makes it easy to lift and move machine.

Motor: Motor drives the pedals at user selectable or auto speeds. Moreover, you can also use your feet to drive the pedals.

Pedals: The large textured anti-slip foot pedals are easy to move. In addition, the pedals are 14 inches long, 6 inches wide. Meanwhile, the pedals move in either forward or backward direction so that different muscles get exercised. Also, pedal movements are smooth and quiet.

Remote controller: Easy to operate wireless remote used to power up, start, and stop the Ancheer mini elliptical. Also, the remote is used to set one of three motor speeds, one of five speeds for manual use, or change direction of pedal motion.

Use: This pedal exerciser gives either a motor assisted or a manually driven workout. Also, it can be used at home or at work. In addition, it is portable and easy to move.

Warranty: 12 months of customer service.

Weight of Machine: 20 pounds.

What Buyers Liked:

85% of buyers liked – Helped cure knee plain and cracking, legs feel stronger – Easy to use – Very quiet, variety of programs, easy to use – good quality, well built, not too hard on the knees – no assembly, legs move either way, helps posture – Sturdy, not too heavy to move around, timer to help switch from forward pedaling to reverse, legs feeling stronger – Love the 3 preset programs, helps feet and legs stay more flexible, good for circulation, ankle, knee or leg problems – Helps relax legs, get some relief from spasms, sleep – helps wife lose 8 pounds, reduced swelling in legs – No assembly, just plug in and go – Great for seniors – Also for the handicapped who need exercise.


3 motor speeds and 5 speed settings for manual use.

Who will Benefit the most from these Motorized Pedal Exercisers?

  • Senior and older adults.
  • Those in need of rehabilitation or physical therapy.
  • People spending long hours sitting at a desk.
  • Those who prefer to exercise in the home.
  • Those who live in homes where free space is a premium.

What to Look for when Selecting a Motorized Pedal Exerciser

  • Are the pedals driven by motors?
  • Can you use it manually without the motor running?
  • Can you use it with your hands?
  • Do the pedals move in both directions: forward and reverse?
  • Does it come with a remote controller?
  • Can you adjust the resistance?
  • Does it display workout data?
  • Is it easy to move around?
  • Does it have a compact design?
  • Is it stable when your use it?
  • Are the pedal straps adjustable?
  • Does it run quietly?
  • Does it come with a warranty?

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