Best Lumbar Pillows for Sleeping

A good sleeping posture not only helps you sleep well but also ensures that you wake up without pain or stiffness. In fact, a good sleep posture means that your knees, hips, spine, chest, shoulders, head and neck are all aligned. In addition to the mattress, lumbar pillows for sleeping, in a bed, help you get that right sleeping posture. For instance, a lumbar pillow helps align the lower back.

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Lumbar Pillows for Sleeping Reviewed

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Comparison of Best Lumbar Pillows for Sleeping


TruContour - Hypo-allergenic dust resistance memory foam

Gentle Living - Memory foam

PEP STEP - Memory foam

PRETTY SEE - Memory foam

Restcloud - Memory foam


TruContour - Adjustable up to 3 inches

Gentle Living - Ranges from 0.8 to 2 inches

PEP STEP - Ranges from 1.5 to 3 inches

PRETTY SEE - Ranges from 3.15 to 5.1 inches

Restcloud - Ranges from 1.18 to 2.56 inches


TruContour - Firm

Gentle Living - Not very firm



Restcloud - Firm

Cooling Methods

Gentle Living - Memory foam injected with cooling gel

PEP STEP - Memory foam injected with cooling gel


TruContour - Replaceable within 1 year

Gentle Living - Standard

PEP STEP - Replaceable within 1 year

PRETTY SEE - Standard

Restcloud - Standard

A/A+ Feedback

TruContour - 74%

Gentle Living - 79%

PEP STEP - 74%


Restcloud - 80%

1-5 Rating

TruContour - 4.6

Gentle Living - 4.7

PEP STEP - 4.8


Restcloud - 4.4

1. TruContour

TruContour Super Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping

First and foremost the TruContour super lumbar pillow helps improve spine posture, relieves strained back muscles, and ligaments. Also, this therapeutic pillow can be used by back, side, and stomach sleepers.


Now, the TruContour super lumbar pillow comes in two sizes; light lumbar and super lumbar. First, the light lumbar model provides a small to moderate degree of support. While, the super lumbar model provides a light to strong degree of support.

Incidentally, the height or loft of the pillow is adjusted by adding or removing foam pads. For example, the light lumbar pillow has two foam pads, while the super lumbar pillow has three foam pads.

Meanwhile, the foam pads have a rounded shape that fits the natural curve of the back and provides great comfort. Also, the medical grade memory foam provides the right balance of support and comfort. Moreover, the hypo-allergenic memory foam is dust resistant.

Cover - Pillow

Next, the extremely soft velour outer cover can be machine washed. Also, the outer cover has a highly breathable premium quality inner mesh liner.


In addition, the TruContour light lumbar pillow for bed is 17 inches long, 8 inches wide, and a 1.75 inches loft. On the other hand, the TruContour super lumbar pillow is 24 inches long, 8 inches wide, and has a 3 inches loft.


Most of all, TruContour guarantees they will replace the pillow within one year if anything should happen to the pillow.


First, adding or removing foam pads changes the pillow's loft or height.

Second, the pillow uses hypo-allergenic memory foam.

Finally, the breathable cover cools the pillow.

2. Gentle Living

Gentle Living Cooling Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping

First and foremost, the Gentle Living cooling lumbar pillow is not meant for those needing a lot of firmness due to their height and/or weight. In fact, this therapeutic pillow is designed for the average person that needs some support and firmness.


First, the Gentle Living cooling lumbar pillow is engineered to support the back. Also, the pillow adapts to the curvature of the spine when sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. In addition, since most viscoelastic polyurethane foam pillows retain too much heat, the Gentle Living is made of memory foam that is infused with cooling gel.

Cover - Pillow

Second, the Gentle Living pillow comes with a premium, hypo-allergenic, super-soft bamboo cover that is removable and can be machine washed.


Third, the lumbar pillow for bed is 23.5 inches long, 8.5 inches wide, and a 2 inches loft at the highest point and 0.8 inches loft at the lowest point.


However, the Gentle Living cooling lumbar pillow has a standard warranty.


First, the memory foam contains heat dissipating cooling gel.

Second, the pillow has a washable hypo-allergenic bamboo cover.


Most of all, the pillow is designed for average person – not for anyone taller or heavier.

3. Pep Step Pillow

Cooling Gel Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping

First and foremost, the Pep Step lumbar pillow is designed for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. In fact, use the pillow under the knee when sleeping on your back. In this position, the pillow provides lower body support, increased leg and foot support for pain relief and improved circulation.


First, the Pep Step pillow is engineered to keep spine perfectly aligned while sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. Indeed, the zero-pressure memory foam pillow is infused with cooling gel that cools you when sleeping.  

Cover - Pillow

Second, the Pep step pillow has a cooling, natural, sustainable, hypoallergenic, super-soft lyocell premium fabric that is removable, and machine-washable.


Third, the Pep Step lumbar pillow for bed is 23.5 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and a loft that is 3 inches high at the highest point and 1.5 inches high at lowest point.


Finally, the Pep Step pillow can be fully replaced within one year at no cost.


First, cooling gel infused in the memory foam helps keep your head cool while sleeping.

Second, if defective, pillow is fully replaceable for up to one year.

4. PRETTY SEE Pillow

PRETTY SEE Lumbar Support Pillow

First and foremost, the PRETTY SEE pillow’s curved design is ideal for the spine. Indeed, it fits well with the hips, back, and waist without straining the spine. Meanwhile, when sleeping on the side, curves around the waist and lower back are well supported by the pillow without pushing on the body, thereby protecting the spinal cord and muscle from injury. Also, when sleeping on the back, the pillow fills the gap between the lower back and the bed to support and relax lower back muscles.


First, the 100% high-density low-elasticity bamboo charcoal memory foam eliminates odors, absorbs moisture, provides flexibility and elasticity.  Also, the memory foam rebounds in 5 seconds. Moreover, the moderate softness makes the pillow sag slowly, absorbing and distributing pressure to support the lower back. Lastly, the pillow does not flatten over time and provides optimal support and spinal alignment.

Second, the breathable soft lining cover over the memory foam prevents the wedge-shaped pillow from overheating.

Cover - Pillow

Third, the removable hypoallergenic outer cover using soft material is skin-friendly, comfortable to touch, and is machine washable. Also, the outer cover is germ-proof and mildew-proof.


Fourth, the lumbar pillow for bed is 18.5 inches long, 9.84 inches wide, and 5.1 inches high at each end while 3.15 inches high in the middle.


Fifth, the pillow can also be used under the knees, legs, and feet for leg elevation to relieve swelling and promote blood circulation.


First, the pillow’s concave and convex curves makes it more flexible in how it is used.

Second, the pillow’s curves make it fit more naturally to the body’s curves.

Third, the pillow can be used under the knees, legs, and feet for leg elevation to relieve swelling and promote blood circulation.


First, the pillow comes with the standard Amazon return policy.

Also, it is not a natural fit for a stomach sleeper.

5. Restcloud Lumbar Support Pillow

First and foremost, the lumbar support pillow keeps a 26 degrees spine curvature when sleeping on it.


First, the pillow has a removable pad that is used to adjust the mid-point height from 1.38” to 2.56”. Also, the pillow uses pressure relief CE certified new bamboo memory foam.


Second, use zipper to remove the breathable pillowcase. Incidentally, the pillowcase prevents overheating and is machine washable.


Third, the pillow is 23.62 inches long, 11.81 inches wide, and 4.33 inches high on the sides while 1.38” high in the middle. Meanwhile, the base layer is 11.81 inches long, 5.9 inches wide and 1.18 inches high. So, with the base, the height in the middle is 2.56 inches.


Fourth, use without the base for sleeping, while use the base to stretch the spine. However, limit stretching to only 30 minutes daily.

Incidentally, the 23.6” pillow width allows sleeping on your back, side, or stomach.


First, the pillow height is adjustable so you can use it for sleeping or stretching the spine.

Also, the pillow maintains the spine at a 26 degree angle with respect to the bed.


However, the pillow only comes with the standard Amazon return policy.

Also, it only uses a breathable pillowcase to keep the memory foam cool.

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