Best Chi Machines

First and foremost, chi machines are in the same class of motor driven Do It Yourself (DIY) passive exercise machines like the  motor driven passive leg exerciser for seniors and the passive motor driven pedal exercisers. So, go ahead and read the chi machine reviews below to find the one that's best for you.

Review of Best Chi Machines

Most of all, chi machines create a dynamic wave of sideways motion travelling up and down the spine at a fixed or variable oscillation frequency. Now, the original purpose of creating this sideways oscillation was to stimulate an area that is three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.

Moreover, one of the chi machine benefits is stimulation of the autonomic nervous system located within the spinal column. As a result, breathing gets deeper demonstrating that the body is experiencing a stimulating form of exercise with the chi machine. 

Comparison of Best Chi Machines

Swings per minute

Healthy Swinger - 95 - 175

Vitality Swing - 120 - 168

Swing Master - 120 - 140

Surge of Chi - 80 - 160

Carry Handle

Healthy Swinger - Yes

Vitality Swing - Yes

Swing Master - No

Surge of Chi - Yes

Motor (watts)

Healthy Swinger - 20

Vitality Swing - 40

Swing Master - 15

Surge of Chi - 45

Features (unique)

Surge of Chi - Infrared heat, 12 vibration frequencies; 3 auto modes


Healthy Swinger - 1-year

Vitality Swing - 

Swing Master - 1-year

Surge of Chi - 2-years, 60-day return

1. Healthy Swinger

AB-07 Healthy Swinger

best chi machines


First, it has a user friendly remote with 1-touch buttons for auto-mode and pre-set programs. As a result, it is easy to control the healthy swinger from a prone position.

Second, the chi machine reviews of the Healthy Swinger indicate that it has 14 swing speeds ranging from 95 to 175 rotations or swings per minute.

Third, the Healthy Swinger has auto-timed programs of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes.

Next, it has a quiet operation.

Also, it has a 20-watts motor.

In addition, the handle helps you move it.

Furthermore, the AB-07 swinger comes with a swivel disc.

Meanwhile, it has padding for the ankle for more comfort.

Finally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


First, it has 6 timer programs so you can get workout sessions from 5 to 30 minutes.

Second, it has 14 swing speeds ranging from 95 to 175 swings per minute.


Only has a 20-watt motor.

2. Vitality Swing

Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Swing Machine, Deluxe Passive Aerobic Exerciser, Circulation Qi Machine Vitality Swing - U.S. JACLEAN USJ-815

Best CHI machines


First, the chi machine reviews of this super deluxe vitality swing indicates that it creates a wave-like motion that travels from the ankles, moving up the legs and spine.

Second, the healthy swing machine comes with variable speed up to 168 swings per minute, that is adjusted with a wired remote controller.

Third, the power cord is seven feet long.

Also, this machine is relatively quiet generating only 54 dB sound.

In addition, it has a heavy duty 40-watts motor.

Finally, the healthy swing machine has a 15-minute timer.


First, the user can swing legs up to a maximum of 168 swings per minute.

Also, it has a heavy-duty 40-watt motor.


However, there is no mention of warranty.

3. Swing Master

Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Machine - Passive Aerobic Exerciser - Circulation Qi Machine - Swing Master Deluxe Model - U.S. JACLEAN USJ-201

Best chi machines


First, the swing master comes with padded vinyl ankle cradles.

Next, the chi machine reviews of the chi exerciser indicates that it has speeds from 120 to 140 swings or beats per minute. Consequently, you can tailor the speed to your size and weight

Next, the swing master creates a wave-like motion that travels from the ankles up the legs and spine.

Also, this chi exerciser comes with a 4.8 foot long tethered remote controller for adjusting speed of the swings.

In addition, for your safety, it has a 15-minute timer.

Furthermore, this chi exerciser is relatively quiet generating only 58 dB sound.

Meanwhile, it uses a 15-watts motor.

Finally, it comes with a 1-year standard warranty.


First, this chi exerciser has speeds ranging from 120 to 140 swings per minute.


However, the 15-watt motor is not as powerful as the ones in other machines reviewed here.

Also, it doesn't have a handle to help you lift the machine.

4. Surge of Chi

Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 4

Best Chi Machines

Features - Cradle

First, for maximum comfort, the Mark 4 comes with well-padded leg cradles. Moreover, the cradles are covered with soft but hard-wearing leather. Also, these cradles are more comfortable on the ankles than hard plastic cradles.

Second, the cradles can be adjusted for any body size.

Also, the cradle's angle can be adjusted to the user's height & weight.

Incidentally, the cradle’s 1.75” side-to-side travel width has the greatest effect on the back.

Next, far Infrared heating units, integral to the cradle, emit gentle yet penetrating therapeutic warmth to ease stiff lower leg muscles.

Also, the cradles move smoothly.

Furthermore, it has a 45 watts heavy duty DC motor for long life and smooth ride, with advanced electronic programming.

Incidentally, the cradles also vibrate to give a massage. Meanwhile, the user can select between 12 vibration frequencies.

Finally, the cradle has multiple speed settings ranging from 80 to 160 swings or beats per minute. Also, these settings are adjustable in increments of one.

Other Features

First, the cradle's swinging speed is changed with the tethered remote controller.

Second, the remote controller has a digital timer that is used to set workout time. In addition, the remote controller has a LCD display showing remaining workout duration.

Next, this chi exerciser has three auto-modes, each with pre-programmed 15-minute workouts. Also, in each of the auto-mode workouts, cradle speed changes gradually and automatically.

Firstly, auto-mode 1 changes both swing speed and vibration frequency at a rate of 12 times per minute. Indeed, the swing speed ranges from 83 to 119 swings per minute while the vibration frequency is selected from among 9 values.

Secondly, auto-mode 2 changes both swing speed and vibration frequency at a rate of 4 times per minute, and is more relaxing than auto-mode 1.

Thirdly, auto-mode 3 has only cradle vibrations and infrared heat – the cradles do not swing side-to-side. Meanwhile, the vibration frequency changes at a rate of 4 times per minute.

Lastly, manual mode uses any speed between 80 to 160 swings per minute with or without vibrations.

Finally, the Mark 4 comes with a 2-year standard warranty as well as a 60-day money back guarantee. Moreover, the warranty can be, optionally, extended for up to two additional years.


First, this chi exerciser has speeds ranging from 80 to 160 swings per minute, that can be changed in increments of one.

Second, it has a heavy duty 45-watts motor. Also, this long life motor generates smooth swings. Moreover, it has advanced electronic programming capabilities.

Third, the cradles can be adjusted to your height and weight.

Fourth, the cradles generate infrared heat to warm the lower legs.

Also, this chi exerciser can vibrate at 12 vibration frequencies, which you can select.

In addition, it has three available auto programs.

Furthermore, for your convenience, it comes with a tethered remote controller to help you select auto programs, swing speed, vibration frequency, and infrared heat. Also, the controller is used to set workout duration and can be used to see workout time remaining.

Chi Machine Buyers Guide

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