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Chi Machine Reviews: Chi machines are in the same class of motor driven Do It Yourself (DIY) passive exercise machines like the  motor driven passive leg exerciser for seniors and the passive motor driven pedal exercisers. However, unlike these exercisers, chi machines are devices designed to stimulate the body's energy flow and promote relaxation. Furthermore, like these exercisers, chi machines also improve circulation.

In fact, chi machines create a dynamic wave of sideways motion travelling up and down the spine at a fixed or variable oscillation frequency. Now, the original purpose of creating this sideways oscillation was to stimulate an area that is three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel. Also, one of the chi machine benefits is stimulation of the autonomic nervous system located within the spinal column. As a result, breathing gets deeper demonstrating that the body is experiencing a stimulating form of exercise.

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Best Chi Machine Reviews

Our Picks

Top Pick: Surge of Chi Mark 4
Runner Up: Vitality Swing
Best Value: Swing Master USJ-201
Best for the Budget: AB-07 Healthy Swinger

Chi Machine Reviews

1. AB-07 Healthy Swinger

best chi machines

Cradle: Has ankle padding for comfort.

Duration of Programs: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minute programs.

Extras: Swivel disc.

Handle: Helps move the chi exerciser.

Motor: 20-watts

Sound: Quiet workout

Swing Speeds: The Healthy Swinger has 14 swing speeds ranging from 95 to 175 rotations or swings per minute..

Tethered Controller: The user friendly tethered controller has 1-touch buttons for auto-mode and pre-set programs.

Warranty: 1-year

What Buyers Liked:

84% of buyers liked –  Good for leg circulation – Improved circulation in varicose veins - Needed thick socks even though foot cradle was padded – Helped relax lower back muscles – Oxygenated cells (SpO2 jumped 94 to 100) – Type 2 diabetic saw sugar levels drop – Relieved mental stress – Relieved stress and pain – Good for sleep – Noticed reduction in thigh cellulite.

  • 6 timed programs ranging from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • 14 swing speeds ranging from 95 to 175 swings per minute.
  • No handle to move chi exerciser.
  • Only a 20-watts motor.

2. Vitality Swing - U.S. JACLEAN USJ-815

Best CHI machines

Duration of Programs: 15 minute timer.

Handle: Helps move the machine.

Motor: Heavy duty 40-watts motor.

Sound: 54 decibels.

Swing Speeds: The Vitality Swing has swing speeds up to 168 swings per minute.

Tethered Controller: The tethered controller makes it easy to adjust the swing speed.

What Buyers Liked:

89% of buyers liked –  Loosened up the lower back – Quiet, little heavy to move around – 79-year-old found aches and pains diminished noticeably – Flushed out lactic acid, which builds up with time, in the muscles – Gently shakes stiffness away in the morning, eases tightness in the evening – Relieves pain in the back – After 6 weeks, swelling in the lower legs/ankles went down, lost 7 pounds – Used it every night to relax before going to sleep – Outstanding customer service – Lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks – Cushioning for the ankles was great – Does not affect back issues, degeneration of low back, spondylosis, and arthritis; got the heart, lymph, and digestive system going – Used for lymphedema – Brought feeling back to damaged nerves in toes because of leukemia and chemo – Helped pop my knee and released the tension building up for years – Helped release tension and stored trauma in the lower back and sacral chakra portion of the body.

  • You can swing legs up to a maximum of 168 swings per minute.
  • Heavy-duty 40-watt motor.
  • No mention of warranty.

3. Swing Master Deluxe Model - U.S. JACLEAN USJ-201

Best chi machines

Cradle: Has vinyl ankle padding.

Duration of Programs: 15 minute timer.

Motor: 15-watts motor.

Sound: 58 decibels.

Swing Speeds: The Swing Master has swing speeds ranging from 120 to 140 swings or beats per minute.

Tethered Controller: The 4.8 foot long tethered controller makes it easy to tailor the swing speed for your size and weight.

Warranty: 1-year standard warranty.

What Buyers Liked:

82% of buyers liked –  Felt good while using it – Great for circulation and people with weak muscles – Loved that it automatically turns off after about 15 minutes – Felt this warm, relaxing wave of tranquility washing over the body – Felt completely relaxed and peaceful – Helped with anxiety, sore muscles and nervous system health – Helped with tight lower back – Got more energy, improved range of motion – Increased lymphatic drainage, slept better -  Relieved pain in hips and knees – Great to loosen tight hips and lower back – Felt energized while resting.

  • You can move legs from 120 to 140 swings per minute.
  • The 15-watts motor is not as powerful as the others reviewed here.
  • Also, it doesn't have a handle to help you lift the machine.

4. Surge of Chi Exerciser Mark 4

Best Chi Machines

Cradle: The cradle has the following features:

  • First, the cradle's angle can be adjusted to the user's height and weight.
  • Second, the cradle’s 1.75” side-to-side travel width has the greatest effect on the back.
  • Third, the well-padded leg cradles are covered with soft but hard-wearing leather.
  • Fourth, these cradles are more comfortable on the ankles than hard plastic cradles.
  • Fifth, far Infrared heating units, integral to the cradle, emit gentle yet penetrating therapeutic warmth to ease stiff lower leg muscles.
  • Next, the cradles also vibrate to give a massage. Moreover, you can select between 12 vibration frequencies.
  • Finally, the cradle has multiple speed settings ranging from 80 to 160 swings per minute. Furthermore, these settings are adjustable in increments of one swing per minute.

Handle: Helps move the machine.

Infrared Heating Unit: Far Infrared heating units, integral to the cradle, emit gentle yet penetrating therapeutic warmth to ease stiff lower leg muscles.

Massage: Cradles vibrate to give a leg massage. Moreover, the user can select between 12 vibration frequencies.

Motor: 45-watts heavy duty DC motor for long life and smooth ride, with advanced electronic programming.

Programs: This chi exerciser has three auto-mode programs. Each program has a 15-minute workout. Also, in each of the auto-mode programs, cradle speed changes gradually and automatically.

  • First, the Auto-mode 1 program changes both swing speed and vibration frequency at a rate of 12 times per minute. Moreover, the swing speed ranges from 83 to 119 swings per minute while the vibration frequency is selected from among 9 frequencies.
  • Second, the Auto-mode 2 program changes both swing speed and vibration frequency at a rate of 4 times per minute. Incidentally, Auto-mode 2 program is more relaxing than the Auto-mode 1 program.
  • Third, the Auto-mode 3 program has only cradle vibrations and infrared heat – the cradles do not swing side-to-side. Meanwhile, the vibration frequency changes at a rate of 4 times per minute.
  • Finally, manual mode uses any speed between 80 to 160 swings per minute with or without vibrations.

Swing Speeds: The cradle generates swing speeds ranging from 80 to 119 swings per minute, adjustable in units of one swing per minute.

Tethered Controller: The tethered controller makes it easy to: 

  • Adjust swing speeds.
  • Set a digital timer used to set workout duration.
  • See remaining workout duration.

Warranty: 2-year standard warranty as well as a 60-days money back guarantee. Moreover, the warranty can be, optionally, extended for up to two additional years.

What Buyers Liked:

100% of buyers liked –  Quiet, solid, smooth, easy to use – 3 month stiffness glitch in left lumbar/hip area went away in 3 days – No tossing and turning in bed after using machine – Sturdy for big people – Cushioned cradle – Helped lower back – Machine makes a subtle 8 type movement.

  • First, this chi exerciser has speeds ranging from 80 to 160 swings per minute, that can be changed in increments of one swing per minute.
  • Second, it uses a heavy duty 45-watts motor. Also, this long life motor generates smooth swings. Moreover, it has advanced electronic programming capabilities.
  • Third, the cradles can be adjusted to your height and weight.
  • Fourth, the cradles generate infrared heat to warm the lower legs.
  • Also, this chi exerciser can vibrate at a selectable 12 vibration frequencies to massage your legs.
  • In addition, it has three available auto programs.
  • Furthermore, for your convenience, it comes with a tethered controller to help you select auto programs, swing speed, vibration frequency, and infrared heat. Also, the controller is used to set workout duration and can be used to see workout time remaining.
  • Finally, it comes with a 2-year standard warranty and a 60-days money back guarantee.

Who will Benefit the most from these Chi Machines?

  • Anyone with a sedentary lifestyle. Chi machines can help improve circulation and alleviate muscle tension.
  • Those with limited mobility. In fact, the chi machine's gentle rocking motion can promote blood flow, relieve muscle stiffness, provide a sense of relaxation and well-being.
  • Anyone seeking stress relief and relaxation. The machine's rhythmic motion may stimulate release of endorphins, which are natural mood-enhancing chemicals in the body. Furthermore, it can be particularly beneficial for anyone experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or sleep disturbances.
  • Anyone with poor circulation. For example, those with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, or varicose veins may find the gentle movement of a chi machine helpful in promoting healthier circulation.
  • Lastly, athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking to warm up or cool down their muscles, promote relaxation after intense workouts, or help with post-workout recovery.

What to Look for when Selecting a Chi Machine?

  • Look for a chi machine that is well-built and made from sturdy materials.
  • Look for a machine that offers adjustable speed and intensity settings so you can customize the experience to your comfort level and needs.
  • The chi machine should have safety features like automatic shut-off timers to prevent overuse and protect against overheating. Also, make sure the machine has a stable and secure base to prevent accidents or tipping during use.
  • Look for a machine that is user-friendly and easy to use. Ensure that the controller has clear instructions for adjusting settings and turning the machine on and off.
  • Depending on your needs and available space, consider the size and portability of the chi machine. For example, does it have a handle to lift it with your hands.
  • Some chi machines can produce noise during Use. If noise is a concern, consider machines that are known for being quiet. This is especially important if you plan to use the machine in a quiet environment or during relaxation sessions.
  • Different chi machines offer varying types of motion. Some machines provide a side-to-side swaying motion, while others have a figure-eight or circular movement. Consider which type of motion feels most comfortable and effective for you. 
  • Lastly, ensure that the chi machine can support your leg weight. Most machines have weight capacity specifications, and it's crucial to choose one that can accommodate your leg weight without compromising safety or performance.

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