Best Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Bodybuilding workouts coupled with matching diet form the basis of a well-honed and well-shaped body. Bodybuilding workout plan is the master plan that lays out the number of training sessions per week, the number and duration of rest periods per week, the type of exercises performed etc.

What is a good bodybuilding workout about?

A good bodybuilding workout is a well-rounded program that uniformly distributes sufficient resistance over the various body areas. As a result, this program affects all the muscle groups. It is made up of exercises rich in variety with emphasis on weight training and cardiovascular rotation.

It is obvious that there is no one magical bodybuilding workout solution that suits all the different human body types. Hence It is vitally important to find out the right bodybuilding program that fits your body type.

Devising a bodybuilding workout that suits you

Every human body is unique in its physical and mental makeup. So it is extremely important to take your current state of health into consideration to devise a body building workout that is absolutely right for you. The key parameters to determining your health condition are your body’s ability to recover from injuries, how injury prone your body can be and the physical limitations of your body.

If you are a beginner to bodybuilding, then you should choose a bodybuilding workout that is slow to start. Especially, in terms of intensity that your body can cope with. You can then gradually work your way through to higher levels of intense workouts.

Knowledge of human anatomy

Another important factor is a working knowledge of human anatomy. Indeed, its important to know the location of the different muscle groups in the human body. When you are aware of the muscle group you are targeting during a workout, you will be streets ahead of the rest. Especially, when it comes to working those muscles to their maximum capacity.

This knowledge will help you choose the right weights to target specific muscle groups to help tone and sculpt them to finer levels of perfection.

Planning an effective bodybuilding routine

Planning your bodybuilding routine in advance is the key to a successful bodybuilding program. To start with, you can embark on a workout that will be spread over four days of a week, namely Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Take a break on Wednesday and the weekend. At the beginning, it is important to have good periods of rest in between workouts to reduce injury problems.

An effective bodybuilding workout is one that focuses on various muscle groups in each part of the body. In addition, the workout should be strictly limited to one muscle group at a time. To this end, the workout can be summarized as follows:

Day-1: Monday – Back, Traps

Day-2: Tuesday – Legs, Forearms

Day-3: Wednesday – Rest

Day-4: Thursday – Deltoids, Triceps

Day-5: Friday – Biceps, Chest

Day-6: Saturday – Rest

Day-7: Sunday – Rest

The above routine ensures that only one muscle group in the body will be exercised on a given day ensuring adequate recovery time and better focus on growth of the muscle group subjected to resistance.

The good breaks in between intense workouts during the week allow the activity prone muscles to heal and relax. This is a crucial factor in any good bodybuilding workout plan.

Being methodical

It always pays off to be methodical in your approach to bodybuilding by noting down the exercises you are doing and keeping track of your progress on a day-to-day basis. This is very important as it makes you aware of your strength potential and helps you make changes (if necessary) along the way to achieving your desired goal with which you started off in the first place.

Although bodybuilding workouts vary from one individual to another, they are made up of the same building blocks to achieve the common end result of growing muscles and toning of bodies. The only variable here is the personal goal of each individual, which needs to be kept in mind by a person when framing his/her bodybuilding workout.