Bench Press Your Fitness Partner

In the global world who doesn’t like fitness? Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. You can visit gym and see many people practicing different forms of bench press exercises to work on their chest. It is becoming very popular exercise now days because bench press increases muscle mass. If somebody wants to get fit, improve their body shape and increase the stamina of body then bench press is the best exercise, as it helps in increasing muscle mass and maintaining the shape and fitness of their body without overlooking.

Benefits of Bench press

Bench press is becoming one of the most effective and popular exercises among people visiting gyms and fitness clubs every day. It has many benefits that are elaborated below.

Bench press enhances pressing power

Triceps are affected by bench press and the result is increase in pressing power. This exercise tends to work on triceps and increases the muscle mass to make them strong. As triceps hold up the weight and press it against the chest, so increase in their strength increases the ability of pressing weights against chest.

Boosts up body strength

Increase in the pressing power helps you to increase the upper body strength because pressing weight on chest makes it stronger.

Calories cut down

Most of the people aim to lose weight through exercise. Along with fitness and reshaping the body, bench press decreases the weight by burning calories. Though walking, sprinting, jumping, and skipping rope aid in weight loss, bench press also helps you in losing weight. As bench press includes lifting up heavy weights so it helps in more muscle moments hence, burning extra fats.

Muscle mass enhancer 

It is a kind of charm in young as well as middle age people, they want to increase their muscle mass to look attractive. They try lifting dumbbells and begin doing bench press that increases muscle mass. It adds mass to triceps; delts and back that make your body look fantastic. Bench press is the best exercise to target many muscles of upper body at a time and maintains shape of your core as well. It is not exclusive for chest only; it also helps in losing extra belly fats.

Simple to do

Many exercises are complicated and they need a specific trainer to perform them. Bench press is the easiest exercise to do and it is straight forward, you don’t have to learn specific position for your body. You just lay on a support and press the weight against your chest. Everyone can take part in it and you can manage it without the help of a professional trainer.

Different variations in bench press

There are lots of variations that you can do, with this exercise, that increases muscle mass. It is fun to do; you can do barbell press, smith machine press, hex ball press, incline press and much more.

Changes in body

Bench pressing increases muscles mass. It offers resistance training that helps in making the bones stronger by increasing their density. The result is harder and tougher bones. It provides resistance against bone dissolving diseases like osteoporosis and brittle bone diseases.

The exercise aids in improving the cartilage strength and elasticity that strengthens tendons and ligaments, as a result you get harder and stiffened joints. It also helps to overcome the pains that come with the onset of old age.

The hormonal changes that you experience through this exercise include the increased level of metabolic and anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, that increases your body mass and maintains the posture.

Bench press increases muscle mass and strengthens your core like other exercises such as sit ups, pushups and leg raises etc. Also, it stabilizes your body.

Overall look

Bigger arms and fit body attract people. Your pecs can make you look great just like celebrities and your shirts suit more on you this way. Your overall looks and personality seems groomed and it helps you to gain more confidence.

Bench press helps you to gain a fit body by reducing your extra weight. It also increases the pressing power of your chest and helps to make it stronger.

You should try this exercise to increase the muscle mass and experience its profit.