6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

The efficiency and effectiveness of providing a low-impact cardio workout make the rowing machine popular in gyms and fitness clubs. This equipment can build your endurance, power, and strength. It is much beneficial for pumping the heart and calorie-torching benefits. People of all ages and body sizes can use it to get full-body exercise. But, if you work out with all the wrong techniques, you will gain nothing. Rather you will hurt or injure yourself. Thus, we are presenting 6 common rowing machine mistakes along with the fixing tips.

How to Row With a Great Form

First, you should know how to properly row using a rowing machine. Profitnessgears comes with a huge rowing machine collection. You can select the best one as per your consideration. Now, let’s learn how to row with a great form.

The Catch

Start with a proper set-up and body position to start rowing. Keep the arms straight; neutrally positioned the head, and shoulders should be leveled. Lean forward the upper body from the hips, engage the core, and expand the legs fully. Shins should be placed vertically, and lift the heels as needed. This position will help you to push the machine with full power and initiate the drive phase to start the stroke.

The Drive

Once your back is vertical, and your legs are fully expanded, pull the handle towards your torso. Apply force through the legs, push the machine and hinge the hip backward about 45°. Look out for the proper order of body movements like legs, arms, shoulders, hips, and core.

The Finish

It is the resetting position that is the converse of the catch position. Don’t rest here for too long. Keep your legs expanded, leaning away the back and shoulders from the legs. Your hands should be gripping the handle, and elbows are tucked toward the torso.

The Recovery

At this stage, do the drive movements in reverse order so that you can return to the catch position. To bring the torso over the legs, just extend the arms and hinge forward the hips. After that, bend your knees.

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

rowing machine mistakes

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Here, we will provide 6 common mistakes of the rowing machine and their fixes.

1. Forgetting to Check the Damper Setting

Many people sit down without adjusting the damper setting of the rowing machine, which is the lever. The lever is placed on the air resistant flywheel’s side. With a higher-setting level, the machine will become more like a rowboat. That can exhaust your body muscle even before getting in a solid cardio workout.

The Fix: Before setting the sights higher, do practice your form. A higher damper setting will make it heavier on your body. If you are new to rowing, it will be best to start between three or five.

2. Rowing with Only Using Arms

Rowing using only the arms puts too much pressure on the arms, back, and shoulder. That can cause serious body injury.

The Fix: With a rowing machine, 60% power should be generated by pushing the legs. Another 40% comes from engaging the core and pulling the handle with your arms. So, you have to use the leg power for pushing the foot stretcher for each stroke.

3. Mixing up the Operation Order

Firing the legs and arms simultaneously may feel like the right process while rowing. But, by doing this, you will put unnecessary stress or strain on the upper body.

The Fix: for rowing stroke, follow these three processes. Push the foot stretcher with your leg first. Then, lean slightly back at the hips and pull the arms toward your chest. The accurate place to target your hands is below the ribs. Once pulling the handle, reverse back to the starting position. Repeat this every single time.

4. Hunching Your Back During the Stroke

During the stroke, many people bend or hunch their back rather than sitting up straight or tall.

The Fix: You should focus on sitting tall with a stacked posture. To do that, engage your core or turn on the abdominal muscles. Relax your shoulder and make a neutral position of the spine.

5. Banging the Butt Into Your Heels

If you take too fast strokes, your body will jerk forward uncontrollably. As the seat keeps slamming into the rower’s front side, the body starts jerking.

The Fix: Pay attention to the stroke timing to regain control. The ratio of the stroke should be a 1:2 count. At the time of the stroke’s second-half, your body should be relaxed and controlled. With a calm and collected recovery, you can easily prevent the seat from smashing.

6. Shooting the Butt Out and Jerk the Upper Body Back

When your legs push quickly and cause shoot out the rear ahead, your upper body will awkwardly catch up. If extra work leads your top half jerking, then the stroke will be less effective. Also, it can increase the risk of injury.

The Fix: Engage your abs and keep the hands or feet connected. The engaged core can smoothly connect the upper and lower body movement. For efficient rowing, your body should have a controlled and deliberate posture with activated muscles.

Final Verdict

With a rowing machine, you can effectively increase your strength and endurance and have a full-body workout. This machine utilizes not only your lower muscle but also all major muscle groups. By using this amazing equipment, you can maintain an active and fit lifestyle.

A rowing machine will be the ideal choice to burn the extra fat and have good cardio with low-impact. Having a proper form while rowing will decrease the risk of injury and fasten up your fitness journey.