5 Easy Couples Exercise Routines for Couples to Exercise Together

If you didn't manage to spend Valentine's Day with your loved one don't get discouraged! You will have another chance. In fact, you will have numerous other opportunities. And no, we're not talking about free hookup sites! Or, at least, not just yet! You can celebrate your love each day, and it's usually new activities such as home couples exercise routines that will surprise your partner the most.

Introducing the Couples Exercise Concept

This might come as a surprise, but you should know that you don't necessarily need to spend infinite hours together, training in the gym. Almost all physiotherapists agree that couples exercise at home is beneficial for one's health and an excellent form of therapy. When the couple exercises together, both partners can focus on common goals. The bond between the two will naturally become stronger. In the following article, we will go over 5 couples exercise routines that you can practice with your partner in the comfort of your home.

1. Let's Sit and Talk

This couples exercise challenge involves each partner bending and leaning against a fitness ball in what you could call a push-up pose. At the same time, both partners will be looking straight into each other's eyes. Here is an intriguing and engaging way to communicate with your loved one, all while working out your abs but without feeling any actual discomfort. The recommended time is from 2 to 5 minutes.

2. Catch Baby!

This next couples exercise can be quite demanding compared to the first entry in our list! At the same time, it's also highly effective, extremely fun, and enjoyable. All you have to do is flex your abs, squat, then push the fitness ball towards your partner, who will be at the opposite end, in the same position, and who will have to catch it. This is an exercise couples can do together for about 10 minutes.

3. Back-to-Back

This next couples exercise is ideal for the back muscles of your legs but also for your thighs, as well as your buttocks. You and your partner have to do squats together, and you can even hold their hand while at it. This type of exercise can create a very strong connection between the two partners, mainly because it requires perfect synchronization.

4. Pressing Partners

This fourth exercise in our list is also designed to strengthen your legs and buttocks. One of the partners will have to act as a counterweight, while the other will be lifting him. In terms of couple exercise expectation vs reality, this one will not only strengthen the muscles of the legs, but at the same time, the confidence in your partner, as it's basically a leap of faith: you will be on your back, hoping that your partner will support you.

5. Lean On

couples exercise

This is probably the oldest couples exercise in the book. The two of you must sit back-to-back, then you will need to press your arms against your partner's back and raise your body slowly until you will reach a perfect stretch. It's a very good exercise for the spine, as it prevents the vertebrae's compression, and it can also strengthen those paravertebral muscles.

Final Thought on Couples Exercise Routines

And that's a wrap on our top 5 recommended couples exercise routines! Don't ever hesitate to try new activities that can strengthen your relationship with your partner, increase the good mood between the two of you, and eliminate any sort of tension or stress. And if you happen to know another practical type of exercise couples can do together, please feel free to share them with us!

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