10 Benefits of Foot Massager for Peripheral Neuropathy

We know how hard it is to lead a healthy life with peripheral neuropathy. One does everything to cure it, and massages do a great job alongside conventional medicines. A foot massager can't cure the numbness or weakness completely but can help accelerate the healing process.

This is considered as a part of the complementary and alternative medicine that you can take without any side effects. But not all of the devices you see on the market are beneficial for peripheral neuropathy. We researched and found some massagers that will improve your condition. Those are not just theories; let’s see some real-life benefits below.

1. Improved Blood Circulation

It is a fact that proper blood circulation cures a lot of diseases. So, if you can ensure adequate blood circulation to your feet, there will be a higher chance of healing the numbness in your feet. Proper blood circulation means that the nerves will work as they are supposed to work. As a result, you will have strength in your feet and can walk like a normal person. Meanwhile, improper blood circulation causes a lot of other problems. For example, the feet of those who walk a lot or wear uncomfortable shoes for a long time, don't get enough blood to function correctly. So, to cure all of these issues, you can get a foot massage every day for at least half an hour, and feel the changes for yourself.

2. Healing Pain

Pain, in the feet, happens for a lot of reasons, and they include stressed muscles, long-standing hours, tight shoes, lack of blood circulation, etc. The vibration of some machines as well as a foot massager will help your feet relax muscles. Moreover, pain in the feet may also cause headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, etc. because all the nerves are interlinked. So, relieving the pain in the feet and leg can help you recover from pain in different areas. Furthermore, if you get injured somehow and have pain in the ankle or foot, a foot massager will help you reduce it. With continuous massage sessions, it will completely go away, which is not a myth.

3. Solving Muscle Weakness

Muscles get weaker when other things don't work properly. It means that you won't improve weak muscles at first. After some other symptoms and causes, it will result in weak muscles. A foot massager gives your feet different types of massages, which makes sure that all of the problems are gone. These include improved blood circulation, relaxation, healing pain, etc. that we describe above. When your other issues are gone, you will realize that the muscles are getting stronger, and you are back on your feet again.

4. Healing Motor Nerves

Motor nerves are responsible for moving muscles. Meanwhile, peripheral neuropathy weakens these motor nerves. As a result, you feel pain, weakness, soreness, etc. and can't walk normally. So, it is vital to keep motor nerves active and in good working condition. There are several medications to ensure that, but you can do it also with good massage therapies. It might take a bit longer, but the recovery will have long-term benefits. A foot massager does some tapping, kneading, and other different types of massages to get the motor nerves in their previous condition.

5. Healing Sensory Nerves

Due to the problems of sensory nerves, you may feel numbness in your feet. Sensory nerves lets you feel temperature, pain, vibration, or touch. With peripheral neuropathy, you might lose these sensations and suffer a lot. Foot massage increases blood circulation in the affected areas, and the sensory nerves start to recover. Because blood carries nutrition to the cells and takes away toxic elements. As a result, your feet become healthy again, and your nerves get a chance to heal.

6. Improving Balance

Your balance of walking and standing still also depends on several different factors. Among them, the nervous system, muscle strength, and senses are some. If you have weak muscles, you won't be able to stand. With the help of a foot massager, the condition will improve, and the nerves will start working again. The patients of peripheral neuropathy suffer mostly from nerve problems and weak muscles. A massage therapist or a foot massager device will treat you without any drugs to heal. After some months of therapy, your balance will be back, and you will be able to walk like before.

7. Curing Heat Intolerance

When sensory nerves in your feet are disturbed, you will feel a burning sensation even when you are at room temperature. Heat intolerance is a continuous feeling, and people often get depressed. A foot massager improves conditions of your nervous system in the leg area. So, you will no longer have that kind of feeling in the end.

8. Helping to Relax and Sleep

Some people think that it is a marketing hoax to promote foot massagers as a relaxing device. They don't believe that it can relax your body, but if you think logically, you will know that it is true. A foot massager improves blood circulation and solves other foot-related problems that trouble you. Now, if you don't have any problem that you had in your feet, your mind will be sound, and you will have a relaxed sleep.

9. Fighting Depression

This is also not a hoax and a logical conclusion like the previous one. Studies show that better sleeping conditions and a sound mind helps fight depression. A healthy body results in a healthy mind, and our productivity increases. With more productive days and better financial conditions, depression will be kept at bay. So, a foot massager will help you more than just recovering your feet.

10. Cost-Effective Solution

The final benefit of having the best foot massager for peripheral neuropathy is that you are getting the most cost-effective massage session. Every session from professional therapists costs a lot of money that a lot of people can't afford. A foot massager can solve that problem and give you the massage at your favorable time. Even if you have the capability of going to a massage therapist, you might find it challenging to match the timing. In our busy life, foot massagers are the device for us all. Also, one massager will be enough for all members of the house.

Final Words

The technology used in electric massagers has vastly improved and they can perform almost as well as a professional therapist. A foot massager for peripheral neuropathy patients can only treat the specific disease. Other foot massagers may come with insufficient features and may be of poor quality. So, please read the reviews of our experts and choose accordingly.